21 Best Racing Games


It usually happens that amidst the high-tech genre of action and adventure, we tend to leave out on some of the most entertaining games. Hence I decided to pick out some of the best racing games and put them together to create a section of fun and light-hearted games.

Racing games are actually not restricted to a similar type of genre and you can definitely find great versatility in them. Some are typical racing games and some are more inclined towards a futuristic theme and mixed themes. You can discover more about these best racing games for PC and other consoles right below.

21 Best Racing Games

I didn’t want to make you people feel bored with similar types of best racing games and hence I decided to pick those ones which are different from each other in terms of gameplay. So, I have put together these 21 games which makes some of the finest games under this category. Check out their details through the list given below.

1. Forza Horizon 3

Website: https://forzamotorsport.net/en-US/games/fh3

The genre of racing mixed with open world environment is a great combination and Forza Horizon 3 seems to prove it really well too. This is a the first pick as one of the best racing games here which also provides cross-platform play feature too.

This is the 9th installment in Forza series and features a fictional Australia in its plot. The game also has some expansion packs too.

You can find the gaming world divided between various zones and areas and you can explore them all and can also compete in a variety of challenges too. Player needs to earn experience points which are further used for upgrades and purchases. For a start, player can choose his car from given 350 choices.

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2. Shift 2: Unleashed

Website: https://store.steampowered.com/app/47920/Shift_2_Unleashed/

Shift 2: UnleashedShift 2 is basically a part of Need for Speed racing video game series and was released as its 17th installment. The game serves as one of the most popular and best racing games and also keeps up with the level of iconic Need for Speed series.

This installment brings the choice of 145 cars from 37 different manufacturers and a variety of car classes. There are total 36 types of tracks where players can compete in various races.

Everything has been set according to the real world and hence the effect of simulation comes very impactful and lively. From crash physics to driving and real-world racing projection, they have focuses on every tiny detail of the game very well.

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3. Dirt Rally

Website: https://www.dirtgame.com/

Dirt RallyAs the name says it all, this mention in the list of best racing games mainly focuses on rallying. It also exhibits the characteristics of typical racing simulation games too and can be played in both single-player and multiplayer gaming modes.

Events are timely staged where players need to compete with each other in variety of weather conditions and terrains.

The game has come a long way since its launch and currently features a variety of cars from 16 manufacturers. There are 36 stages which range from 4 to 16km each and also based on real-world locations too. The major attraction in the game is that it features cars from vintage era too.

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4. F1 2017

Website: https://store.steampowered.com/app/515220/F1_2017/

F1 2017F1 2017 does not need any formal proof to be called one of the best PC racing games. This is the 9th installment of Formula One racing game series and the superb level of the game sets it above from any ordinary racing game for sure.

It features all the 20 circuits of the Formula One Season where twenty drivers and ten teams are competing against each other.

Adding to the versatility of the game, there is a special mode called Team Management mode where the player gains more control over research and development of car parts. However, player is restricted to the number of parts replacement and exceeding it results in grid penalties of different types.

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5. Driver: San Francisco

Website: http://driver-thegame.ubi.com/driver-san-francisco/

Driver: San FranciscoDriver: San Francisco is a type of racing game which comes with the genre of action and adventure too. It is the 5th installment in Driver series featuring both single player and multiplayer gaming modes. Rest of the objectives of the game remains same as the previous installments.

However, it features a special edition which is called Shift where players can teleport themselves from one car to another without discontinuing the mission.

These are the little things which make it different from the rest of the best racing games. The game features very large driving environments and it runs on a very fast pace too. Split screen and online multiplayer mode further makes the game more accomplished.

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6. Asphalt 8: Airborne

Website: https://www.microsoft.com/store/apps/9wzdncrfj26j

Taking some cues from the earlier installments, Asphalt 8 gives a very improved and developed image of the game series. Apart from the single-player mode, you have the option of online multiplayer gaming mode too.

What makes it a part of best racing games is the fact that it has various versatilities and little things which keeps up the level of excitement high.

A player is mainly given four control options which goes for the entire racing. Each race is judged on a five-star rating system and apart from just completing races, there are some secondary objectives involved too. Though racing is important, but as the name airborne suggests, the game also focuses on jumping too.

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7. Mario Kart 8

Website: http://mariokart8.nintendo.com/

Mario Kart 8Mario Kart 8 sets itself apart from the rest of the best racing games mainly because it belongs to the theme of kart racing and not car racing. Here players get to control the characters from Mario Franchise who participates against each other in kart racing on a variety of tracks.

Players can use various items to hinder opponents in order to gain advantage in the game. However, game mechanics largely remain same as the earlier installments.

The main highlight of the game is the anti-gravity sections where players can ride their karts on the wall and ceilings. They can also bump into one another for a short time boost. Apart from usual single player mode, you can also enjoy the game in online multiplayer mode too.

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8. Project Cars 2

Website: http://www.projectcarsgame.com/

Project Cars 2If you want to know about best racing simulator games then Project Cars 2 makes a perfect pick for it. This is a type of motorsport racing simulation game and available to be played in both single-player and multiplayer gaming modes.

As compared to its previous game, this one is way more developed and possess more options in terms of racing cars and their classes.

You can find 182 car choices belonging to various car classes. There is a huge track roster which contains 46 tracks in 121 layouts. No matter what, you can never get tired of playing this game for sure. Apart from it, there is an online system too where you can compete in online championships.

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9. Burnout Paradise

Website: http://www.ea.com/burnout-paradise

Burnout: ParadiseSo, after much wait, we are back to the combination of open-world gaming environment and high-speed racing genre again. The plot of the game is set in the fictional world of Paradise City where players are supposed to compete in various types of races.

Unlike most of the best racing games here, you get additional advantage of online gaming which provides a lot more versatility related to gaming modes.

Keep up with the free game updates as they bring in new features. The open world feature makes the game quite expanded and hence it is not restricted under a set gaming framework. So, players can proceed with their own pace and enjoy the game in whichever way they want.

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10. Real Racing 3

Website: https://www.ea.com/games/real-racing/real-racing-3

Real Racing 3 follows the concept of freemium business model where the basic download is totally free. You can further set the game by making in-app purchases. This inclusion in the list of best racing games features a gameplay which was largely praised.

Real Racing 3 features 209 officially licensed cars from 33 manufactures. Talking about the tracks then there are 19 real world tracks and a 22 car grid too.

If you want to maintain the condition of your vehicle then you would be needing in-game cash for it which is earned by your performance. The car given for the start is quite basic and you can further upgrade through the fame points earned throughout the game.

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11. Trials Fusion

Website: https://www.ubisoft.com/en-us/game/trials-fusion

Trials Fusion is the next pick amongst the best racing games and it is a type of platform racing game. It is the 5th installment in Trials game series and lived up to the expectations of the earlier game in this series. It was even critically praised for its levels, graphics and futuristic settings.

Trials Fusion mainly belongs to arcade style racing which belongs to real life sport a lot. The player is supposed to control a rider on a physics based motorcycle and faces a number of obstacles too.

Although Trials Fusion uses a 2D plane but the graphics are 3D and the rider can move backwards also. It all depends upon the balance of the weight of the rider which decides forward and backward moment.

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12. Gran Turismo Sport

Website: http://www.gran-turismo.com/

Gran Turismo Sport is the 13th installment in Gran Turismo series and obviously a fun racing game too. It won’t be wrong to include it in the category of arcade racing games because of the fact that it features two gaming modes i.e. Sports Mode and Arcade Mode.

The cherry on the cake about this game is that it also features a separate online racing mode too. However, the game lacks on dynamic weather system and day-night cycle.

Gran Turismo Sport features 177 cars option belonging to 27 configurations and 19 locations too. There are a variety of other elements in the game like online championship, Tag Heuer Partnership which keeps it versatile and fun.

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13. Grid Autosport

Website: http://www.gridgame.com/

Grid Autosport is the 9th installment of TOCA game series. Despite being a modern game of the same series, it brought back the essence of more typical and authentic racing games. This is the thing about this game which sets it apart from other best racing games enlisted here.

The player takes control of the character of a racing driver who can initially enjoy the game in single player career mode where he needs to find opportunities to make a great racing career.

Apart from it, the player can also compete with fellow players through the online multiplayer gaming mode. Customization options are also provided where you can choose desired car, race type, circuit, difficulty level etc.

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14. Wipeout Omega Collection

Website: http://www.cleverbeans.co.uk/

This is the time to focus on such best racing games which are based on futuristic themes and Wiepout Omega Collection makes a perfect pick for it. This is the 10th title in Wipeout series and presents itself as a remaster version of earlier two titles in the series.

Players are supposed to control high-tech ships which are loaded with anti-gravity technology too. Each ship has different characteristics and you need to choose one wisely.

Along with focusing on winning the race, you need to save the ship from being collided to other ships as it lowers down the energy shield level. If the shield runs out then the ship will be automatically exploded and then will be eliminated from the game.

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15. Colin McRae: Dirt

Website: https://www.mobygames.com/game/dirt

The next addition in the list of best racing games is Colin McRae: Dirt which is the 6th installment of Colin McRae Rally series. This is entirely different from the earlier installments because it has better graphics, new vehicles, amazing audio and new physics engine too.

You can also find a variety of racing categories here including World Rally Championship style events too. You can enjoy the game in both single player and multiplayer gaming modes.

There are further options available to play in these modes too like career mode, rally world, championship modes etc. which have tiers individually. There are points system for each of the action performed which then helps in deciding the ultimate Champion of Champions.

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16. Trackmania Turbo

Website: https://www.ubisoft.com/en-GB/game/trackmania-turbo/

Trackmania Turbo or TMT is one of its kind of racing game which also supports the feature of virtual reality. Major gameplay remains similar to the earlier installments of the game only that you can witness a few more developments and improvements in here.

The players are provided over 200 racing tracks which are spread in four different locations in the gaming universe.

More than on racing, you are judged over the stunts you perform. This means you need to stick to the fast paced system even from the starting of the game. There are special modes like campaign mode, double driver mode etc. which makes it a part of the fun driving games category too.

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17. Driveclub

Website: https://www.playstation.com/en-in/games/driveclub-ps4/

Driveclub is a type of racing game where the players get involved in racing events around the globe which are arranged in different manner. Players can also participate in form of clubs with opponents which helps them to unlock new stuffs in the game.

The gameplay is quite different from the rest of the best racing games where player has various options of game modes to pick.

The major focus remains on tours but you have the option of campaign mode, time trials, standard races, championship tournaments etc. Apart from this steady thing, player can also customize their cars, driver, clubs etc. and can also complete side-challenges too. To maintain the authenticity, a weather system and day-night cycle is also included.

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18. Assetto Corsa

Website: http://www.assettocorsa.net/

Assetto Corsa is an Italian term for Racing Setup and this game belongs to the genre of simulation based racing. They have tried to bring the effect of realistic racing in the game along with the elements of customization and moddability.

Along with the use of detailed physics, they have provided great versatility in road and racing cars. You can also utilize the application of mouse, keyboard, gamepads and triple displays in this game.

However, comparatively it is more complex than other best racing games mentioned here but after a few chances, you will start liking it for sure. Everything is adjustable in the game and can be controlled by the player.

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19. MotoGP 14

Website: https://www.mobygames.com/game/motogp-14

It won’t be wrong to call this game a perfect replica of the original 2014 MotoGP motorcycle racing season. The game features exact details and features of in form of World Championship and also features three classes which are Moto3, Moto2 and MotoGP.

These types of best racing games are popular for their powerful technology. The physics, graphics, and brand new audio of the game are its main highlight.

There are a variety of single player and multiplayer gaming modes in MotoGP 14 like Grand Prix, Time Attack, Career, Championship. There is a special scenario mode where player needs to face variety of situations based on previous MotoGP events. Virtual fans and social media interactions, bike upgrades are further an important part of the game.

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20. Fast RMX

Website: http://fast.shinen.com/rmx/

Fast RMX is counted amongst the best car games which runs on a really fast pace. The game is basically an expanded version of the game Fast Racing Neo which was created for Wii U. The game has all the tracks from the original game including some upgrades too.

As there are 6 new courses added, it makes a total 30 courses in this game. If you want to keep up with the new releases regarding the game then you can download the timely upgrades.

The game also features full control over the Nintendo Switch mechanics. For better accessing, they have provided the option to switch from handheld to console mode anytime the player wants.

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21. Need for Speed

Website: http://www.needforspeed.com/

Need for Speed requires no introduction and this one is undeniably the king of the best racing games ever. It features the characteristics of online open-world racing game and this is the 22nd installment of the popular Need for Speed game series.

You can call it a full reboot of the franchise which puts the series on a completely different place and features amazing improvisations too.

It even has a fully featured customization section and action camera which shows footage from five different angles. In fact, you have five gameplay modes too i.e. crew, speed, build, style and outlaw. The game takes place in the fictional city of Ventura Bay where player needs to earn points and get engaged in various storylines.

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Racing games are quite like fighting games where the ultimate goal is to defeat the opponents and win the game anyhow. You have further options of choosing the gaming mode which adds further versatility to these types of racing games.

These best racing games are all about skills and expertise and of course control too. From making real-time decisions to maintaining the constant speed, it is all really important when you are playing these racing games. I am sure you will have a great time playing the above listed games with your friends.

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