10 Best Sites like LiveLeak

Liveleak is a very popular platform for sharing and posting videos. To be true, this is the site which is the source of all kind of viral content. For users, who are searching for more such sites like LiveLeak, I have some amazing stuffs to offer to them.

10 Best Sites like LiveLeak

Here in this list I have compiled all such websites which are the ultimate source of finding the videos related to genres like reality, war, funny, politics, world events and many more. The amazing source of general journalism and citizens’ support makes them biggest platforms ever for video sharing and posting.

1. CrazyShit

Website: http://www.crazyshit.com/

CrazyShitCrazyShit comes under such video sites like LiveLeak which are more oriented towards adult and sexual content and hence you can even find softporn videos here too. This is what makes it more popular than YouTube because of its no bar policy for adult content.

It is absolutely free to create an account on CrazyShit and also to create your own channel too. In fact, CrazyShit also has some sister sites too like WTF People, Kaotic, FapChat and many more.

So, after you are done registering on it, you have a huge library of videos organized on this platform according to the time of their uploading. You can also check out categories like fights, funny, sluts, WTF, fail, bizarre and many more. The site also hosts pictures on its platform too.

As the site is content curated, you can also submit your post on it too. Rating and commenting on a video is also allowed here and many other features are also similar to the other sites like LiveLeak. The site is mainly preferred for watching crazy adult content, Gore Videos, Crime Scenes and etc.

2. Xfinity Video

Website: https://my.xfinity.com/video

Xfinity VideoThe reason of listing Xfinity on the number one spot of the list sites like LiveLeak is because of its versatility. Be it adult content or funny, you can find any types of videos on Xfinity easily. However, there are some restrictions related to Xfinity Video and the first one is that it charges a certain amount for the services.

To enjoy both internet and TV services on Xfinity Video you would have to pay $49.99 per month which I think is pretty decent when you are getting 10 channels. The amount varies with different packages.

With Xfinity you get a complete dashboard by yourself which includes various services and customization options. Talking about the content of the site then you can get videos related to topics like news, entertainment, lifestyle, TV, finance, sports etc.

You also get to watch the videos related to various popular platforms and media houses by their own channels. When you get on the homepage, you get witnessed to the latest popular videos on the site itself. Apart from it, the interface is smooth and I am sure you will enjoy watching videos on Xfinity.

3. Metacafe

Website: http://www.metacafe.com/

MetacafeAmongst all the LiveLeak similar sites, Metacafe comes under the most popular video hosting and sharing sites. It has a very clean and simple platform having all types of videos belonging to various categories and that too in very good quality.

You just need to simply start from creating an account for yourself on Metacafe and the rest is just history then.

Metacafe is absolutely free to use and you can watch as many videos as you want without even worrying about any time limit. Apart from the general categorization of latest, popular and trending videos, you can check out other categories too like comedy, sports, science, video games, art animation and many more.

Video hosting and sharing sites like LiveLeak are a great tool to keep up with the things trending around the world and Metacafe makes an excellent example of it. You can also create your channels on this platform and subscribe to other popular ones too which is a quite similar approach like YouTube. You can also search for whichever videos you want in the search bar given.

4. YouTube

Website: https://www.youtube.com/

YouTubeIt would be totally stupid to not list YouTube under this category of sites like LiveLeak. This American video sharing platform is the most popular source of watching videos and viral content from around the world. Currently operating in form of one of the Google’s subsidiaries, YouTube is the largest video oriented site ever.

YouTube features a lot of services on its platforms like video upload, channel creation, rate, share, channel subscription, music videos and even full-length video hosting etc.

YouTube also features some paid options too in form of watching latest content. This is the biggest platform ever to see a variety of videos although the adult content is strictly blocked on this site and hence users have to move to other video hosting sites for this.

YouTube also hosts contents like short documentaries, movie trailers, live streams, video blogging and many more. The platform also avails Google AdSense to allow earning revenue from advertising. You can also earn from the platform by creating your own channel and earning a certain amount on the basis of views you get on it.

5. Break

Website: http://www.break.com/

BreakI can totally understand if you have not heard of Break before but trust me, the site is as popular as YouTube itself. Being an excellent option under the list of sites like LiveLeak, Break.com is mainly preferred for watching all the funny contents in the world.

From videos to images you can find it all on Break with really good quality too. You can get to know about the most popular videos through the views on them and in this way you can only watch the best content.

While talking about the funny category, the site also hosts some sub-categories too like animals, prank and fails, weird, geeky, sports, entertainment, saucy and many more. Like other websites, you can upload your own content on this site as well which is quite like running your channel on it.

The break also features an archive option too where you can watch videos from the previous years enlisted too. Break is not only about funny videos but it also hosts amazing viral content on its platform too. You can create your account for free on Break and start watching videos right away that too in great quality.

6. MyVidster

Website: http://www.myvidster.com/

MyVidsterAmongst all the alternatives to LiveLeak, MyVidster is quite different as it is basically a social video sharing and bookmarking service. The site allows you to explore and collect videos from various sources on the web and then bring them together for you under the same roof.

The services offered by this site are totally free but if you are irritated with the ads and wants to improve to better features then there is a pro version too.

Once you have successfully created account on MyVidster, you can follow other people and invite others to follow you as well. In fact, you can also use it on the go too with the help of its app for iOS users. However, the site lacks the categorization of videos but you can surely watch them through lists like popular, recent and on shuffle too.

When it comes to entertainment, MyVidster surely makes a perfect choice for the list of sites like LiveLeak. MyVidster is also available as browser extension too through which you can collect all your videos together on one single platform.

7. Dailymotion

Website: http://www.dailymotion.com/

DailymotionStarted in 2005, Dailymotion is now a platform of more than 300 million users. This video sharing and hosting platform is quite vast through which users can explore various premium videos from various sources. The platform is one of the biggest in the world and serves worldwide in more than 18 languages.

Known to be quite versatile in the approach, Dailymotion allows the users to upload, access and share media which is organized through auto-tags and channels.

You can compare Dailymotion to YouTube in its approach and scale and hence it is one of the most renowned sites like LiveLeak. Once you have created an account on it, you can start getting recommendations according to your taste of videos watched on it.

You can follow channels here to get timely updates of popular videos and these are going to show in your feed too. Apart from supporting high-quality videos on its platform Dailymotion also uses fingerprinting system to recognize copyrights. In fact, it also features a kids channel too which is governed by parental control completely.

8. Veoh

Website: http://www.veoh.com/

VeohVeoh is basically an internet television platform but that does not make it any different to not called as LiveLeak alternative. Veoh is popular mainly because it caters such things to audience which are usually not available on other platform no matter how popular they are.

From major works of popular studios to independent approach towards entertainment, Veoh gives priority to everything on equal grounds.

Veoh serves as the subsidiary of Qlipso and it is a completely free platform which functions the way most of the sites like LiveLeak mentioned here do. You can find various videos here belonging to categories like educational, music, cartoon, animals, people, sports, TV shows, channels and many more.

It is mandatory to first create an account on this site and then move further as the site starts to provide you recommendations according to your taste too. Apart from videos, Veoh has a great collection of music and movies too.

9. Vimeo

Website: https://vimeo.com/

VimeoVimeo is much of a high quality platform when compared to other sites like LiveLeak. Of course, it falls into the section of video hosting and sharing but as it is a premium service, Vimeo offers some paid services too.

Apart from the free plan called Vimeo Basic, you can choose from other subscriptions too. These are Vimeo Plus for $7 per month, Vimeo Pro for $20 per month and Vimeo Business for $50 per month. These plans differ from each other on account of the storage space that comes with them.

Apart from the staff picked and recommendations you can explore a huge library of videos available on Vimeo that too in amazing quality. You can also sell your videos here and earn some bucks too. With options like short films, series, staff picks, best videos, popular etc. you can get to know about the best stuffs on the site.

Vimeo is quite popular for its premium services an am sure you would love to explore it too.

10. Kill Some Time

Website: www.killsometime.com

Kill Some TimeAlthough not that popular but still Kill Some Time makes an excellent inclusion for the category of sites similar to LiveLeak. When compared to the other sites, the platform might not be that vast but I really liked that fact that how they have kept everything well-organized and approachable on their site.

One thing which you are going to like the most about this site is that you need not to sign up on it. Although it lacks the recommendation feature too but also removes the hassle of registration too.

Now, talking about the major categories on this site then it runs quite like other sites like LiveLeak. Some of these categories are funny videos, pictures, fails, jokes, games, fight videos, most popular and many more. There are also some channels on this site which can be followed for interesting stuff.

I also loved the other things available on Kill Some Time too. You can play some flash games here or check out their picture gallery too. There are also separate sections for jokes and funny videos too.

Post that can help you find unlimed videos, movies, tv shows:


The thing about these video hosting sites like LiveLeak is that they show you the reality you are often remain deprived from. The media houses and other Television platforms sell content which are worth being shown and the original truth remains covered.

However, if you will check out these websites then you will come to know about the full-length footage related to various categories. I am sure you will come across some shocking content too but once you will get addicted to these platforms I am sure you would forget using other ones.