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For the people who find their best friend in books, this is a must that they go through books like Gone Girl at least once in their life. This is so rare to discover the excellent pieces of literature like these books which are a rare combination of suspense and drama.

You may call it mystery, you may call it planning or may this be suspense, Gone Girl is a book which has everything. In fact, it has been transformed into an excellent movie adaptation too.

Top 10 Books like Gone Girl

If you want to read more such alternative books like Gone Girl then the list which I have prepared for our readers might help you out in this.

1). Before I Go to Sleep: A Novel by S. J. Watson

The first mention in books like Gone Girl is Before I Go to Sleep which also happens to be the first novel by S. J. Watson. It was published in the year 2011 and it is consisted of 368 amazingly written pages of thrill and mystery altogether.

Suspense was the thing that made Gone Girl a hit of all time and this is the same element which made this novel Sunday Times and New York Times Best Sellers and translated into more than 40 languages too.

Before I Go to Sleep is a type of psychological thriller whose plot focuses on the story of a woman, Christine Lucas who is suffering from Anterograde Amnesia. Every day this woman wakes up and she completely forgets about her identity. Every day she tries to recollect her memories by a journal she is keeping.

The book is considered a Literature Marvel by many of the authors and critics around the world. There are all praises for this book which made it a huge success even after being a debut novel only.

2). Dark Places by Gillian Flynn

Another book having a mystery theme is Dark Places which is based on an issue way serious than rest of the books like Gone Girl in this list. It was published in 2009 and consists of about 349 pages. The plot of this book is set in the year 1980s.

Dark Places is a book which shows the class issues, intense poverty and other social issues which stroke in Rural American in 1980s.

Dark Places is narrated from the point of view of protagonist Libby Day. She is the only survivor of a massacre which took place in the fictional town of Kinnakke in Kansas. She witnessed the murder of her mother and two sisters under Satanic cult ritual and succeeded in ran away from there.

The story then leads to a point where Libby faces past memories and present realities at the same time making it an intense novel for the readers. This book turned out to be New York Times Best Seller and if you liked this novel then you can discover more such books like Gone Girl on Amazon.

3). A Great Reckoning (Chief Inspector Armand Gamache) by Louis Penny

A Great Reckoning is a book by popular author Louis Penny which was published in the year 2016. The novel is remarked as the spellbinding piece of literature with amazing blend of brilliance and emotional upheaval in it. The book is worth every word to be included in the list of books like Gone Girl.

A Great Reckoning is every bit a new mystery arising. The book shows the emerging powerful truth and also known as Chief Inspector Armand Gamache who is also the main character of this novel too.

This is the first day of Chief Inspector Armand on his new job and he is given a secret map as the gift on this day. This leads him to discover some shattering secrets and make him do the things he was afraid to do. The book also mentions another important character of Amelia Choquet who is a cadet.

The book indicates the right time of reckoning for both Armand and Amelia and the secrets which are too dark to be revealed. The novel is a suspense marvel and extremely engaging too.

4). The Good Widow by Liz Fenton and Lisa Steinke

There are so many alternative books like Gone Girl on Amazon available right now and one such book is The Good Widow sharing the similar theme and genre. The book is a marvel by the collaboration of bestselling authors Liz Fenton and Lisa Steinke and The Good Widow is their debut novel in the genre of mystery and suspense.

This is 300 pages of fiction is a story of a widow named Jacqueline Morales or Jacks who sets out on a mission to find the truth about her husband’s death.

Jacks never had the perfect marriage but one day two police officers tell her about the death of her Husband in a car accident in Hawaii. It’s been eight years of her marriage and her husband should have been on a business trip in Kansas but his death in Hawaii along with a woman clears the doubts for Jacks.

However, devastated, Jacks and Nick (the woman’s fiancé) sets out on a mission to find the truth and discovers that nothing is true what is presented to them and here the suspense starts. This is one of the most thrilling books like Gone Girl and also won great response too.

5). We Were Liars by E. Lockhart

We Were Liars is basically a young adult novel which was published in the year 2014 but that does not mean it is not having the essence of mystery and suspense in it. Being a perfect addition to the list of books like Gone Girl, the novel has received amazing critical acclaim and awards too.

So, the elements that you are going to see in this book are self-acceptance, deadly consequences and family morals.

This is the story of a girl Cadence Sinclair who is narrating it and remembering her past. It was about her 15th summer on the private island of her grandparents when an accident happens with Cadence and she suffers migraine ever since.

The book is about Cadence remembering what actually happened that night and what her family is hiding from her.

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6). The Couple Next Door by Shari Lapena

Another one for the category of alternative books like Gone Girl is The Couple Next Door which is a novel by Shari Lapena and published in 2017 only. Being so new and refreshing it is hard to say anything about its critical acclaim but as far as the essence of mystery is concerned, the book really tops it.

This book is about a couple May and Nico who seems like any other loving couple and also have a baby together Cora.

One night they goes to attend a small party next door, watching every half an hour on Cora. But when they get back home, they find her missing without even a trace. And now the real story starts where May and Nico are hiding a lot of things creating a huge suspense in this novel.

The novel is as thrilling and exciting like other books like Gone Girl and perfectly matches the category too.

7). Into the Water by Paula Hawkins

Who does not know about Paula Hawkins? She is not only a New York Times Bestseller but also a global sensation too. Her works are always admired and adored and one such work is Into the Water which was published in May 2017. This is a 400 pages book which is consisted of murder mystery theme.

Into the Water is quite an addictive psychological thriller which is full of suspense that is enough to keep you bounded to the novel till the end.

Into the Water is the story of a girl whose single mother suddenly turns up dead in the bottom of the river. Now, she is under the custody of her mother’s sister. But there is something about her that this girl fear of and she never wanted to go to her too.

The novel then leads towards the mystery of murders making it perfect for the category of books like Gone Girl.

8). And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie

There is probably no end to the list of books like Gone Girl on Amazon and one fine pick that I made out of it is And then There Were None which is a mystery novel by Agatha Christie. This book is considered as one of the most difficult books she has ever written and known as the masterpiece.

The plot is set in 1930s where 8 people arrive on an island who are lured here by Mr. Ulick Norman Owen and his wife Mrs. Una Nancy Owen.

The story then moves with the death of these people one after the other and no one still knows the identity of their hosts. The books sold more than 100 million copies and considered as the most successful novels of all time.

If you really want to explore books like Gone Girl which are full of drama and Mystery and this book can be a perfect choice for it.

9). The Girl Before by JP Delaney

I would rather call this book a talking masterpiece with words rather than simply a book. JP Delaney wrote this 448 pages of fiction and mystery novel with utmost care that no readers should feel detached with the story at any point of the time. The Girl Before was published in the year 2016 and got accolade with rave reviews.

This masterpiece has every quality of being include in the list of books like Gone Girl and the story starts with the struggle of two girls finding a house named Emma and Jane. Finally Emma finds a house but the condition is that she has to list out all the possessions essential in her life. She also cannot change anything about this house.

Jane, whose story followed later grabs the same house and goes through with everything same to the previous tenants and finds herself in the middle of a huge secretive plan which is followed by the terror all the previous tenants went through.

10). Luckiest Girl Alive by Jessica Knoll

The last mention in this list of alternative books like Gone Girl on Amazon is Luckiest Girl Alive which was published in the year 2015. This is a mystery novel by American author Jessica Knoll. Despite being her debut work, the novel turned out to be New York Times Best Seller in the category of mystery novels.

The story is based on the life of a 28 years old Ani and she is an editor and happily engaged too. Her life appears to be perfect at a glance but there is more than what seems.

Ani went through an emotional and horrifying events when she was young which includes a school shooting too. The ghost of her past haunts her till date and this is what she wants to get rid of. Ani was also gang-raped when she was just 14 and her dark past is changing everything about her thinking process in the present world.

Luckiest Girl Alive is one of the best debut work which I included in this list of books like Gone Girl and must be read by every girl once.

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These books like Gone Girl has the power to make you spell bound in them. There is no way that you would be able to think about something else throughout the time you would be going through this piece of marvel. I am sure these books which are based on the similar things would be give you same sleepless nights.

Those books are phenomenal who have the power to transport you into a totally different world and I personally believe that these books mentioned above are totally just like those ones. So, get these books from Amazon and lost inside the phenomenal world created by them.

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