Top 10 Sites like Amazon


Sites like Amazon has always been ruling over shopaholic people. They provide such an ease of shopping that people can chill and relax over their couch while shopping.

Amazon is not a new name in the industry of selling and buying goods and different other items. From fashion to electronics, Amazon has got your back in almost every single thing that consumers need. But you know, people always want something more and more.

Top 10 Sites like Amazon

So, here are some Amazon alternatives which are going to make your life a bit easier than ever. I hope you would have a great experience shopping out here.

1. Walmart


The first pick out here for the list of sites like Amazon is the very well-known Wal-Mart. There is no doubt in the fact that this is one of the most go to destination for people looking to buy household stuff, clothes, and various other products. Now, you can save your fuel and invest your mobile data in doing something worthy.

Walmart has a shopping website too which means the ease of accessing every single product has increase twice than before. There is no introduction required that what it sells.

You can buy numerous stuff on such sites like Amazon without even thinking about prices at all. Walmart is one of the leading company in buying selling industry and it offers quality products at a really low price.

There is no need to head to the supermarket chains of Walmart for some shopping. You can directly order things at your door step without even moving a bit from your lousy chair. They even offer free grocery pick up. I don’t think you would look any further in this list after it.

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2. eBay


There are obviously some slight difference between eBay and Amazon. Like Amazon eBay does not sell its own product but rather works as the business platform between buyers and sellers. But like most of the sites like Amazon, eBay is surely one huge hub of shopping.

You can even check out its cool app for iOS and Android for even better accessing. Don’t worry if you are running a bit tight on your budget because eBay can help you to buy used products at very cheaper prices and good condition.

The best part of eBay which is not even available on Amazon is that each day eBay puts lots of stock on discount. This eBay Deals section offer products with no shipping charges but on limited stock which means you would have to hurry for it. These are the deals which are worth looking at.

However, as eBay is a third-party buying and selling platform, it is more prone to scams and money issues. This means you need to take care of the fact of shopping with only registered sellers only.

3. Newegg


Newegg is a platform many people have not heard of in recent times but it used to be really popular in old times. This is a place which can be actually called as one of the sites like Amazon. It has every single stuff just like Amazon to offer to the customers.

What attracts the most to the consumers is its electronics items. They have some really nice electronics range like laptops, desktops, electronic accessories, headphones, video games etc. But that does not mean that Newegg is not updated in other types of products. The list is really long actually.

Newegg also keeps a great stock of clothing line for men, women, kids, sports equipment, office products, car accessories etc.

You cannot deny the fact that Amazon is surely one of the leading shopping platforms but these sites like Amazon are no less than it. You can totally rely on Newegg for some amazing electronics accessories. It even has a good return policy and customer support too.

This means you can shop at Newegg without any worries or doubts. In fact, you are going to discover some amazing items at a really low price here.

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4. QVC


QVC is an acronym used for Quality, Value and Convenience. The values and virtues of QVC is totally dedicated to its customers and they leave no stone unturned to make the shopping experience best for their consumers.

No doubt, QVC is a great option to be used when searching for sites like Amazon. This is one of the largest Television shopping network in the world and avail various products.

Hailing from its television and broadcasting background, now it is becoming huge in the sector of e-commerce too. And you can assure that by seeing the list of products they offer on their site.

However, this may not be cost effective for you to shop from QVC. The reason is that they offer stuff which are branded only and which means their prices are a bit higher than other products. But when it comes to quality, nothing can replace that ever.

5. BestBuy


The name of this site was enough to include it in the list of sites like Amazon. This is an American company which offers stuff to buy which are mostly electronics. If you want to buy some quality products in electronics sector then you must head to this site without even wasting much time.

They offer multiple electronics like laptops, desktops, video games, televisions and other small and big electronic appliances. As the name says, the price is really good and affordable too.

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You know what is the icing on the cake? BestBuy is one of those few sites like Amazon which offers stuff on no shipping charges. This means you can save a lot of money on buying products without even moving yourself.

They operate offline stores too which means you can reserve items on site and then can buy it from your nearby BestBuy store easily. The best part is that they have a really flexible and great return policy and you are not even supposed to pay the return charges too.

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6. Overstock


Overstock is an American online retailer and running strong from 1999. Yes, you heard that right it has been running from so long and still not that much people know about it. Overstock started from a really slow pace by selling goods on below retail pricing but now it is a huge name in online shopping industry.

Overstock is appealing because it is not stuck on something particular. This means, you are fortunate enough to find various diversified stuff on this site and that too on a really good price.

Overstock is a great example in sites like Amazon and it offers things like apparels, accessories, electronics and other stuff on its website.

What makes overstock different from other sites of its competition, that it even offers cars, insurance and travel through its site. This means there is no need to look somewhere else for commodities like these. Like other websites listed here, it also offer reward points on every purchase.

You can use these rewards points on your next purchase to avail some discount on them. You can compare its prices from Amazon and can decide what is better for you.

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7. Zappos


Zappos is another name in the e-commerce sector which is great to be included in the list of sites like Amazon. It is no less lagging behind in providing everything what a customer needs. Zappos provide a great range of items like clothing, shoes and other accessories for customers of every age group.

Now like most of the websites Zappos avail some facilities to its customers. With every purchase you can earn some Zappos points which work as the discount for future purchases. You can also go for fast delivery system if you wish to order a product early.

There are lot and lots of cases where you get free shipping and free returns too. Zappos is also famous for its customer support which tries to make the customers as comfortable as possible.

It has been 17 years that Zappos is running so great and you would be glad to know that it is a subsidiary of only. This means no compromise in quality and trust of the customers no matter what happens.

8. Rakuten


I know you have not even heard of Rakuten yet but let me tell you Rakuten is actually and Rakuten bought buy in 2010. This is a great site but it is sad that after the fall of people never really heard about it.

Rakuten is not so famous yet one of the great sites like Amazon and giving a really strong competition to it. There are various shopping sites which comes under Rakuten which means it has a very large shopping empire in form of different sites in Europe and North America.

You would not even believe it but Rakuten sells more than 17 million products on its site and that too on some really good prices.

The process of buying stuff from Rakuten does not go in vain at all. You think you are giving off your money but actually you are earning super points for the items qualifying under this program. You can use these super points later on other purchases to avail some great discount offers. Isn’t it like the best outcome of your money invested?

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9. Target


Target is a lot like Walmart because they also came in online shopping business after opening their offline store. This interconnection is really helpful for the customers to avail lots and lots of facilities. Target is that shopping platform which needs no introduction.

Target is one amazing instance in the category of sites like Amazon and also running strong from quite some time. It has various products to offer the customers at a really good price.

The highlight of this site is about books. If you would compare the prices of books from Amazon and Target then you will find the books at least 30% cheaper on Target. Target is basically a retail market which usually offer stuff at really low prices just like Walmart.

Sites like Amazon are really giving some great competition to Amazon and proving to be some really great alternatives to the customers. It has been 17 years and Target has established itself as second largest retail market after Walmart in US. Not only stores but its e-commerce business is running equally awesome too.

10. Etsy


Etsy is one amazing name in the list of sites like Amazon. Etsy is a bit different as compared to the other sites listed out here. Usually other sites are more concerned upon selling modern and recent trends to the customers, Etsy is seems to be making a different path.

Etsy is famous for selling vintage and handmade items. Be it clothing, accessories or anything else, they prefer to sell classy handmade stuff than the other ones.

Etsy tries to avail those items to the customers which are hard to get elsewhere. This means it is your perfect go to destination if you are looking forward to buy some vintage stuff at least 20 years old. The items that you can get here are furniture, accessories, jewelry and so on.

You can even check out the beautiful and unique collection of home décor as it is going to give a superb make over to your home. You can also buy some really great stuff which are just perfect to gift to your close ones.

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There is no end to the list of websites like Amazon but we would have to stop at least somewhere. Other sites like Amazon may be a bit different in processing but there is no denying in the fact that they are surely best.

I wish you a great time shopping on this shopping sites like Amazon. You can buy, sell or just go for window shopping out here on such sites like Amazon. This will not only help you to compare the prices but you will also have a great shopping experience too.

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