10 Best Games like Total War


When the genres of action and strategy making come together the results are just mind blowing and you can experience the same with these games like Total War. This will be always not enough even if I praise the entire Total War series for like million times.

10 Best Games like Total War

The combination of turn based mechanics and of course the struggle of making smart plans and strategies in real time is something which not only makes the gameplay difficult but also fun. However, if you are someone who is just done with Total War series then you can try out these games mentioned here based on similar genre but features different theme and gameplay.

1. Warcraft 3: Region of Chaos

Website: http://us.blizzard.com/

World of WarcraftA high fantasy real time strategy game which is a match made in heaven for the list of games like Total War. There are so many games in Total War series and all of them have the strategy element in common and so is this game called Region of Chaos of Warcraft gaming series.

It is developed and published by Blizzard Entertainment and was released in 2002. Region of Chaos can be played in both single player and multiplayer modes.

Taking exploration the prime element of the game, it features a map in campaign mode which is initially covered in black mask. As soon as you start exploring areas these ones start getting cleared from the map. The game further moves with collecting resources, fighting against enemies and training units to explore as much as possible.

It is important to keep on collecting gold, lumber and food in order to construct buildings and units and to feed them respectively. The enemies are controlled by computer which are also called creeps.

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2. Mount and Blade: Warband

Website: https://www.taleworlds.com/

Mount and Blade: WarbandAlthough different from other games similar to Total War, Mount and Blade: Warband is still worthy enough to be in this list. It is a stand along expansion pack which belongs to the genre of action role playing but that does not mean it is not comprised of the elements of strategy and planning in it.

It is developed and published by TaleWorlds Entertainment and was released in 2010 and available in both single player and multiplayer modes of gaming.

The game is more strategical rather than action filled and involves elements like political options, starting own faction etc. In fact, the multiplayer mode was highly praised for this game. Rather than field combat, it focus on horse-mounted combat mode and also involves giving commands to unit members.

Warband also introduces a sixth faction to the overworld map called Sarranid Sultanate. The game focuses on tasks like influencing lords, marrying ladies, developing own territory etc. All of this makes it a highly strategical based number just like other games like Total War.

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3. Civilization V

Website: http://www.civilization5.com/

Civilization-VIQuite refreshing and different from the earlier installments of the Civilization series, this one features hexagonal tiles and 4X features which are totally new. The game is based on the theme of turn based strategy and developed by Fireaxis Games and was released in 2010.

This addition in the list of games like Total War is grandest of all where the player leads a civilization of prehistoric times to the futuristic approach with the help of a map.

The main element in the game remains exploration, kingdom expansion, research, resource collection, economic progress, military conquests etc. The player assumes the role of the leader of a certain nation/civilization who must keep an eye on its growth.

The progress of the game proceeds through thousands of years of growth. The highest scoring civilization wins at the end or the one which fulfills other winning conditions too. The game has so much to do so basically you will never get tired of playing it.

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4. Europa Universalis II: For the Glory

Website: https://www.paradoxplaza.com/

Europa Universalis II: For the GloryThe second installment of Europa Universalis, For the Glory is a type of grand strategy game gracing the list of games like Total War Warhammer. It is developed by Crystal Empire Games and was released in 2009. It features both single player and multiplayer modes.

The plot of this game is quite similar to Civilization V where the player needs to choose one from over 190 nations in order to grow and develop it from the year 1399 to 1819.

Talking about the scale, than it is way grand and diverse than the former game in the list of games like Total War. In fact, it features over 10,000 historically accurate events and rulers in it too. The player can control the real time function of game where he can speed up/slow down or even pause the game too.

However, the game does not lay much importance on military management and its prime focus always remains on developing the chosen one nation over the aspects of political alliances, exploration, colonization, scientific development etc.

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5. Ultimate General: Civil War

Website: http://www.ultimategeneral.com/

Ultimate General: Civil WarAlong with being a real time strategy game, Civil War is one of those few games in this list of games like Total War which features the element of turn based strategy in it too. In fact, you will also get to see role playing simulation in it as well.

Developed by Game-Labs LLC, it was released in 2014 and it is the second title in the Ultimate General gaming series.

The game runs in form of a campaigning system covering the time span of 1861-1865 featuring American Civil War. It also includes historical battles, events and even units too which makes it more realistic to play. The player can participate in more than 50 battles ranging from minor engagements to major wars.

Apart from the historic battles, there are custom battles too like Battle of Washington, Battle of Spotsylvania Courthouse etc. adding versatility to the game. So, basically the major element remains combat throughout the game.

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6. Stronghold

Website: http://www.mobygames.com/

StrongholdAlthough there are no Total War browser games enlisted here but you can play some of the paid ones on sites like Steam, Mobygame etc. and Stronghold is one of them. This one is a historic real time strategy game developed by Firefly Studios and was released in 2001.

Throughout the process, the game keeps a balance between exploration and conquests with the help of military pursuits.

Another secondary tasks involves economic strategy making and development, making military campaigns etc. The plot takes place in Medieval Britain around 1066. The game goes on for hundreds of year later this time where the player takes up the role of a Lord in a kingdom.

The main objective of the game is to stable and growing economy and making a strong military unit in order to defend the kingdom. Such aspects makes it a perfect example of games like Total War where development and combat are in equal focus.

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7. King Arthur: The Roleplaying Wargame

Website: https://www.mobygames.com/

King Arthur: The Roleplaying WargameA great combination of elements like tactical role playing and real time strategy making, this Wargame version of King Arthur series makes a unique entry in the list of games like Total War. Developed by Neocore Games, it was released in 2009 and also features turn based strategies too.

This is the most versatile game in this list having support for so many genres and elements. In fact, the icing on the cake is the grand strategy mode which is played on really large map of Britannia.

The game keeps on switching between various modes of gaming, for example when the battle kicks off, the mode gets converted to real time strategy from action. The RPG is also triggered then which allows the protagonist to perform magical or non-magical moves depending on the character.

Hero also controls the army and can also motivate them to keep the morale high. This element also influences the army when the leader is captured. There is a campaign mode too which is for single player gaming.

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8. Age of Empires II

Website: http://www.ageofempires.com/

Age of Empires IIThis is the second installment of Age of Empire series and the next one in the list of Total War like games. Just like any other game in this category, it also lay high emphasis on making real time strategies and set in the theme of middle ages.

Age of Empires II is developed by Ensemble Studios and was released in 1999 where player is allowed to play even in multiplayer mode too.

With inducing slight element of role playing in it, Age of Empires II offers 13 playable civilizations to the player where he can choose either of them before the game starts. The basic aims of the game are to collect resources, create units and then through these defeat the enemies.

When playing in single player mode, this game allows to choose between five different historically based campaigns which is the highest versatility offered by any other games like Total War here.

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9. Knights of Honor

Website: https://www.mobygames.com/

Knights of HonorDeveloped by Black Sea Studios, Knights of Honor is a type of Real Time Strategy game which was released in 2004. This next option for the list of games like Total War belongs to a plot which focuses on Medieval Europe at the time of early centuries of second millennium.

For a starting, player has the option to choose between 100 kingdoms given to start playing from one of them. The game is led by a map given along.

The map id divided amongst various provinces which are governed by specific cities. Each of the provinces has some rural areas too so the player needs to start constructing and taking decisions in such a way that it yields maximum profit and advantages. It is important to recruit units in order to protect certain buildings too.

Throughout the process, the player must keep in mind that he needs to become the emperor of Europe. Although the game allows the player to freely take his decisions too which can be different from the ultimate goal.

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10. The King’s Crusade

Website: http://www.thekingscrusade.com/

The King’s CrusadeThe final option in this list of games like Total War is The King’s Crusade. Just like other ones, it is also a real time strategy making game which also includes the elements of role playing in it and can be played in both single player and multiplayer modes.

It was released in 2010 and has two different game modes called Campaign and Multiplayer modes. For more fun I think multiplayer mode is better for the gamers.

However, talking about the basic plot of the game then it revolve around the objective to conquer the middle earth and merge it under the player’s territory. For this taking political decisions, fighting battles, combating enemies etc. are the basic tasks to be done.

Here, the player takes up the role of Richard the Lionheart and controls this army too. Whereas, in multiplayer mode there are two further modes called Domination for taking upper hand on enemies and Protection and Attack for simulating attack. These elements makes it resemble to games like Rome Total War which are highly based on reign and kingdom expansion.

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There have been various installments of Total War series but to be true my personal favorites are Rome and Medieval and also the Napoleon too. If you get tired of playing these games like Total War mentioned here then I think you should try out these installments of Total War series for sure.

I had to skip a lot of games and search through a lot more. But there are no online games in the similar genre and type. However, you can play them on Steam and other gaming platforms easily. Do not forget to share your experience and spread the words amongst your friends too and till then Happy Gaming!

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