10 Best Books like Milk and Honey


Milk and Honey is a book which is comprised of the collection of various poetry and prose divided into four chapters. Books like Milk and Honey always touch reader’s heart and soul and the relatable instances compel them to think about their own experiences and memories.

10 Best Books like Milk and Honey

So, it’s time to let your inner feelings get expressed through these amazing alternative books like Milk and Honey in this section here. This books give a very common and beautiful message that no matter how bitter experiences you go through, there is always positivity and sweetness in everything around you

1. I Wrote This for You by Iain S. Thomas and Jon Ellis


Once in a while you come across such work of literature which compels you to think that whether every emotion you have felt till date even belongs to you or not. I Wrote This for You is written by Iain S. Thomas under the pen name PleaseFindThis and this book got published in the year 2011.

I Wrote This for You is a collection of various poems and pros which are so touching and emotional that you can actually yourself crying inside after this.

I would recommend you to do not read it from Kindle and buy a hardback copy of it and read it slowly. The poems are written in such a way that it addresses everyone reading it in a really touching way. You can literally feel the urgency under which the poem is written and of course it all comes out perfectly at the end.

The book makes a terrific choice in the list of books like Milk and Honey and surely leaves you asking several questions at the end. I am sure it will take a while for you to understand this so read it twice or even thrice.

2. The Princess Saves Herself in This One by Amanda Lovelace and Ladybookmad


The Princess Saves Herself in This One is the next choice of mind for this list of books like Milk and Honey which is a heavy dose of feminism that strikes hard on your head. Well it is going to sound even heavier when you are an arrogant guy reading it in distress. The book is a collection of amazingly strong poems divided into several parts.

The four parts of this book are The Princess, The Damsel, The Queen and You. Well, dividing it worked like a magic on the readers and the book won Goodreads Choice 2016.

The first three parts The Princess, Damsel and Queen are hard and raw and talks about the life of author till date. With the elements of grief, emotional upheaval, inspirations, and empowerment, the author played her triumph card in these three parts.

The last part You comes as a note to the reader and other people to face the reality no matter how hard hitting it is. You can find more such books like Milk and Honey on Amazon on really great prices.

3. Teaching My Mother How to Give Birth by Warsan Shire


You can relate the concept of Teaching My Mother How to Give Birth to that of The Princess Saves Herself This Time very clearly. Well, at least don’t read them one after the read or else you will be high with feminism and women empowerment chants.

What makes this book so powerful and striking is that all that happens in a woman’s life which often left unsaid is described her and that too with utmost beauty and simplicity.

Warsan Shire has strongly and without even having any second thoughts described her that what it was like to be a woman in the earlier times. And how sensuality made its way under the dominance of Islam on women.

The book makes a strong way into the category of books like Milk and Honey and proves to be a very empowering collection of poetry. The book got published in 2011 and despite being Warsan’s debut work it got great praise and applauds from audience and critics around the world. A must for all the women across the globe.

4. No Matter the Wreckage by Sarah Kay


After her debut poem “B” got critical acclaim, Sarah Kay came up with this beautiful compilation of her poems and it turned out her debut book called No Matter the Wreckage. The book fits the criteria of alternative books like Milk and Honey and the work by Sarah Kay is totally applauding.

The book presents the work of Sarah from the first decade of her career and indirectly invites audience to engage with her story and free flow of life.

She has mentioned even the minute details of everyday life like toothbrush, bicycle tire in a way that you would instantly think of the time when the same happened with you too. In this book, the author celebrates little things of her life like history, journey, travel, love, family and everything else.

The concept and flow is quite similar to that of other alternative books Milk and Honey and the author has expressed it all in the simplest way possible. There are no fancy words and too much sophistication but a simple approach of letting others join in with her on this self-discovery journey.

5. Bone by Yrsa Daley-Ward


Bone is a very recent work by Yrsa Daley Ward published in September 2017. Every word of this book deserved to be in this list of books like Milk and Honey.

The author wrote it in a straightforward way and talking about everything that hurts and that is worth talking about. It tells the story of a woman dying under the expectations of society and competing worlds of religion.

It talks about the author talking about the growing up of first generation of Black British woman and her experiences of abuse and dependence. From falling in love to falling in depression, the poem talks about everything the author has ever went with.

Consider it a gem of poetry, or a really hard hitting of world, the poem shows the reality of life and people through the clearest lens ever.

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6. Nejma by Nayirrah Waheed


You can find endless options for the books like Milk and Honey on Amazon and the one that stands out is the second book by author Nayirrah Waheed which is Nejma. The book might not have got as great reviews as the first poetry collection of Waheed, Salt but it is still worth reading for sure.

Nejma is a 178 pages book containing various poems which got published in the year 2014. The essence of Nejma remains the same as Salt but in a mild way.

If not comparing then Nejma stands out for sure amongst all the books like Milk and Honey mentioned here. There are some lines in this book which talks about self-love and keeping your head high. The book not only urges people to listen to it but also to do something about it too.

If you have read Salt before then I would advise you to do not compare the books with each other and take them as they are. The uniqueness of each poem in this collection shows the versatility of the author and the structure of the poems are quite resembling to those of Salt.

7. Mouthful of Forevers by Clementine von Radics


The next one in this list of books like Milk and Honey is Mouthful of Forevers which is a book comprised of the collection of beautiful poems in it. This is a compilation by Clementine von Radics and got published in the year 2015. The journey of this book started by the single poem of this young poet and eventually got converted into this 112 pages book.

The author talks about everything that has the power to melt your heart in just some seconds. From pain, agony, loss to the feelings of love and beauty, the book has it all in it.

Some of the poems in this book are based on the real-life experiences of this young poetess herself. In fact, it is written in such a way that it not only approach young audience but everyone who has ever been young. The powerful words are going to force you to rethink about your own experiences all over again.

With the balance of empowerment and talking about your weaknesses, the book has everything in just perfect amount in it.

8. Salt by Nayirrah Waheed


Salt is the debut work of Nayirrah Waheed and probably the most powerful and amazing option in this list of alternative books like Milk and Honey too. The book got published in 2013 and comprised of 251 pages with great poetry and amazing experience shared by the author.

Salt got rave reviews and even more popularity than the second book of Waheed, Nejma. The poems share a rare but true combination of light and dark and everything else that author has felt by now.

Everyone who read this book find it extremely moving and strong. People loved it and found it the best poetry compilation they have read till now because it is so relatable. The explanations of pain, self, celebration, love, languages, multiple identities and everything else is so on point.

The book not only speaks to people but actually asks them questions which are straight and worth spinning your head on. Being an extremely popular work by Waheed, the book deserves every single reason to be on this list of books like Milk and Honey.

9. Stuff I’ve been Feeling Lately by Alicia Cook


Stuff I’ve been Feeling Lately is the second poetic collection by Alicia Cook. The theme is quite different based on mixtape and instead of index there is a track list.

The book is divided into two parts instead of chapters which are Side A and Side B. This is a stuff which you get to read very rarely and hence I got this listed here in the category of books like Milk and Honey here.

Side A of the book talks about various human life aspects like life, death, moving on, love, pain, trauma, growing up, family, affairs and break ups etc. Whereas, Side B is the remix of these poems and present them in totally different way.

Alicia Cook has created this book herself and trust me it is worth reading for like a thousand times because you don’t get to read such pieces every day.

10. Love Her Wild by Atticus


The last one in this section of alternative books Milk and Honey is Love Her Wild by Atticus. It is his first collection of poetry which got published in July, 2017.

The book has collection of everything new and old from this Instagram sensation and it all turned out very strongly and beautifully as a whole. The book is just like the title, which is raw and has its own ups and downs at the same time.

Amongst various books like Milk and Honey on Amazon Love Her Wild leaves its own unique impression on the readers across the world. The excerpts of the poetries talk about self-experiences of the author like new love in Paris, skinny dipping, drinking whiskey, watching the rising sun and a lot more.

It has every essence like romance, honesty, poignancy which makes it a full package.

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You rarely come across such books like Milk and Honey which are not only beautiful compilation but also portray heart touching emotions too. These books do not create the world of fiction and fantasy but talks about things which are real and shared commonly by every one of us.

Of course, these books not only melt your heart but break it too but everything happens for good only. And what remains at the end is something which is pure and which is all yours without any grief and guilt. It’s time to engross yourself in the best form of literature and in the best way possible through the books mentioned above.

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