10 Most Played Game in the World


The easiest way to compile a list of most played game in the world is to take a look at the best-selling games, and I did the same. There are various similar names, and it is kind of good news for the chain gamers here. Well, for all those who are looking for some interesting stuff to deal with, this section is absolutely for them.

All the games ever made till now has something unique in them (except for the blatant copy-cats). Well, of course, you cannot go through each of them and ultimately get bored of all. So, I curated all the popular games for you under this list.

10 Most Played Game in the World

I am presenting you the 10 most played game in the world ever on the basis of the copies they sold till now and trust me there are some serious surprises in here too. Well, of course, you could not take this list longer than the count of 10 because let’s admit it, everyone gets bored past then. So, check them out, who knows that you have played all of them already.

1. Tetris

Website: http://www.tetris.com/

TetrisI am 100% sure that at any given point of your life, you must have played this game to kill your boredom. It is undoubtedly the most popular game in the world and available on almost all types of consoles. As you know it well, that it is a tile-matching puzzle video game and was released in 1984.

Tetris has been on the top of the best-selling position for a long time, and the count of 170 million copies sold till now is totally unbeatable.

What I like the most about Tetris is that it is available on every single platform in the form of variants. Whether it is about single player gaming or multiplayer, you can play Tetris to kill the time alone or with friends.

The process of this most played game in the world is pretty simple where random block shapes fall from the top each having 4 blocks. You need to form a horizontal line in order to vanish it, and the game goes on like this.

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2. Minecraft

Website: https://www.minecraft.net/

MinecraftThe next pick amongst the most played game in the world is Minecraft. It has been sold 144 million times which makes it to the 2nd position of this list. It is a sandbox game where the player enjoys the game in a 3D procedurally generated world.

The player is supposed to build and craft different things in the world with the help of cubes. Other elements of the game are exploration, mining, combat, crafting and resource gathering, etc.

The game supports both the single player and multiplayer gaming modes and has been achieved critical acclaim and plenty of awards too. As the game is open world, there are no specific goals, and hence player has great opportunity to explore around.

Furthermore, you can enjoy the 3D environment and great freedom of playing. The game is controlled from first person or third person perspective and runs on achievement basis depending upon task completion.

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3. Grand Theft Auto V

Website: http://www.rockstargames.com/V/

Grand Theft Auto IVWho can forget this crazy exploration based game called Grand Theft Auto or GTA. It definitely deserved to be amongst the most played video games as it has sold over 90 million copies till date. And the GTA V is a really major and important installment of this series.

Released in 2013, this game is based in the fictional state of San Andreas where the player has the opportunity to roam around in open world environment.

The game exhibits both single players, and multiplayer gaming modes and gameplay can be controlled from either first person or third person perspective. The player can roam around on foot or through vehicles too. In the single-player mode, the player needs to control three protagonists.

Most of the missions in the game involve shooting and driving sequences. What makes it fun is that there are no specific objectives and this is why it is one of the most played game in the world.

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4. Wii Sports

Website: http://wiisports.nintendo.com/

Wii Sports ResortWii Sports is a game entirely based on the sports theme and made especially for Wii console. What made it to the most played game in the world is that it amazingly uses the applications of Wii remote because of the motion sensing capabilities required in the games.

There is total 5 sports simulation involved in this package where the player gets to play games like boxing, tennis, bowling, baseball, and golf.

The game has sold more than 82 million copies to date, and the number is rising yet. It is so interesting to enjoy all these games with your friends as the game supports both single and multiplayer gaming modes. For every game, you need to swing the Wii remote as if you are playing in real life.

After a game is done, the player is given skill points on the basis of the entire gameplay carried out. Once you gain 1000 points in a game, you reach the Pro level of that game.

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5. Super Mario Bros.

Website: https://www.nintendo.co.jp/n02/dmg/ahyj/index.html

Super Mario Bros.I don’t think there is a single 90s kid who is not aware about such most popular games. Super Mario Bros. which was released in 1985 has sold over 40 million copies of the game till now. After this game, there have been many more versions released of this game.

Super Mario Bros. focuses on the adventure of Mario in single player mode and Mario and his brother Luigi in multiplayer mode.

Both of them travel in the Mushroom Kingdom in order to save Princess Toadstool from the villain Bowser. The game proceeds in the side-scrolling manner where you need to save yourself from timely hazards and enemies.

Timely coins and power-ups are given to increase the life of the player and to reward him with additional abilities. However, the game is restricted in certain time frame which must be followed. Super Mario Bros. is the most played game in the world, and if you haven’t played it now, then you should try it now.

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6. Overwatch

Website: https://playoverwatch.com/

OverwatchOver the time the choices of gamers have evolved, and Overwatch makes a perfect example of this. It has sold over 35 million copies, and it is technically way advanced than the most played game in the world mentioned just above.

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This is a first-person multiplayer game based on the theme of shooting. The game follows team-based combat modes along with the element of role-playing too.

Each team consists of 6 players and each character given for choice has different skills and abilities. There are four character types which are for support, offense, defense, and tank and everyone has different duties and objectives.

What I like about Overwatch is their guiding system where they already indicated a team if they do not have balanced players in it. In fact, players can switch between various characters throughout the game which is a major move in order to avoid boredom and linearity.

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7. Pokemon Red and Blue

Website: http://www.pokemon.com/

Pokemon Red and BluePokemon Red Version and Blue Version are versions of the Pokemon game and owing to the current trend; it surely comes under the world’s most popular game. They have sold more than 31 million copies till date and many more still counting.

They are role-playing games featuring both the single player and multiplayer gaming modes. These versions are the 1st installment in Pokemon series.

The gameplay is controlled from an overhead perspective where the player is supposed to explore the fiction Kano region in order to master Pokemon Battling. The main objective of the game is to become champion by defeating 8 gym leaders and then top 4 Pokemon trainers.

There are many more further variations provided in the game to make it more versatile and interesting. You also need to complete in-game encyclopedia called Pokedex by obtaining 150 Pokemons. Overall, the game is fun and perfect to be called as the most played game in the world.

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8. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Website: http://www.elderscrolls.com/skyrim

The Elder Scrolls V: SkyrimSkyrim is the 5th installment of The Elder Scrolls game series and has sold around 30 million copies till now. This is a type of open-world role-playing video game featuring only single player gaming mode. The main objective of the game is to defeat a dragon called Alduin and save the world from it.

The gameplay can be controlled from either first person or third person perspective. Before the game starts, a player is given the variety of choices to create his character.

The main focus remains on the open world environment, and hence you need to explore the gaming world a lot which includes dungeons, towns, fortresses, wilderness, villages, etc. Player also has the option of faster traveling system by riding on horses.

The game is a visual treat and currently the love of various gamers too. Skyrim is surely one of the most played game in the world and gaining more popularity day by day.

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9. Diablo III

Website: http://blizzard.com/diablo3/

Diablo-III-Reaper-of-SoulsThe count of the copies sold by Diablo III is similar to another most played game of all time which is Skyrim. This game is a type of action RPG but with the element of dungeon crawling. It was released in 2012.

There are huge character class choices given at the beginning of the game. You can choose from 7 character classes where each one has distinct abilities, and they serve to different purposes too.

However, the ultimate task is to defeat the Lord of Terror, Diablo. The player is given a variety of weapon choices to carry out the combat and necessary fighting in the game. Whatever action you perform in the game, it incurs some bonus and additional points for you.

Diablo III was the best-selling game in 2012 and also turned out to be the fastest selling game in that year too. And now it is time that you enjoy this most played game in the world as well.

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10. Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds

Website: http://playbattlegrounds.com/

Player Unknown’s BattlegroundsAnd on the 10th position of most played game in the world, we have Player Unknown’s Battleground which has sold around 29 million copies of the game till now. This is an online battle Royale game which can be played in multiplayer gaming mode only.

The game mainly focuses on Player vs. Player gaming rather than Player vs. Environment because of the online involvement of the players.

It allows 100 players to fight with each other in a battle Royale mode which is a type of last man standing deathmatch. Player has the option to either fight solo, or he can team up with up to 4 players too, but still a single player is considered the winner.

The player is not given any weapons at the start of the game, and they need to search buildings in order to find one for themselves.

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For a brief scenario, let me tell you that these games have sold millions of copies till date and you cannot even scale the popularity at all. In fact, I remember myself playing Mario all the time and even till date it is my favorite.

There are certain games you cannot get over of, and these most played game in the world are the perfect example of that. There is this game called Skyrim which is no less than a rage amongst the gamers because trust me it actually strikes so real. So, do not wait any longer and start enjoying them right now.

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