21 Best Zombie Games of All Time


After bringing some amazing racing and tower defense games for you, I am going to talk about best zombie games in this section. If you think the only category they fit into is horror then you are absolutely wrong. I am sure the games given below are going to clear it all for you.

This list is showcasing these zombie games fitting into genres like first-person shooting, horror, survival, action-adventure and many more others. And just like always, I tried to pick games which are available for various operating systems so a large number of audience can play them.

Top 21 Zombie Games

I am not going to let you feel bored and hence I hand-picked a list of 21 best zombie games only which are quite different from each other on the basis of their gameplay and storyline. These games are definitely an amazing creation of technology and creativity coming together. In order to discover more about them, you need to go through the details which I have mentioned below.

1. Deadlight

Website: http://www.deadlightgame.com/

DeadlightI chose Deadlight as the 1st one amongst the best zombie games. It is as intriguing as its name and exhibit the characteristics of a sidescrolling cinematic platforming survival horror video game. The game runs in a throwback story and showcase the classic sidescrolling genre amazingly.

It can be played in single player gaming mode only and features 2.5D environment where the player takes control of the character of Randall Wayne.

The game is quite linear where the player can only move from left to right and vice versa but cannot enter any other environment. The player can perform a variety of actions like jump, walk, run, roll, sprint etc. in order to survive in the game.

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2. Dying Light: The Following

Website: http://dyinglightgame.com/

Dying LightDying Light: The Following is an expansion pack of the original Dying Light game which is based on the genre of first person survival horror game. The game features an open world environment where the infected people/zombies become more aggressive at night time as compared to daytime.

The storyline and gameplay remains the same as the main game where player’s character is supposed to survive amongst the zombies.

However, this expansion pack is way more advanced and improved in terms of game map, weapons, story campaign, game mechanics etc. Parkour movements are allowed for the player to save himself from zombies. This inclusion in the category of best zombie games is amazing and also quite impressive in terms of graphics.

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3. Dead Island

Website: http://deadisland.deepsilver.com/

Dead IslandThe next pick in the list of best zombie games is Dead Island which is a type of survival horror game mixed with the genre of action role-playing. It features an open world environment which is infested with zombies and with emphasis on melee combat, you need to fight with them.

The gameplay is controlled from first person perspective and the plot focuses on four playable survivors trying to survive and escape from a fictional island.

You can opt for either single player or multiplayer gaming mode where the main focus lies on completing variety of quests. Players need to gain experience points which can further used for investing into skills from a skill tree.

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4. Project Zomboid

Website: http://www.projectzomboid.com/

Project ZomboidThinking about playing open world zombie game, you can try out your hands on Project Zomboid. The plot of this game is set in a post-apocalyptic world where the world is infested from zombies all over. Player is supposed to survive in this world for as long as he can before dying inevitably.

The death is permanent, it just depends upon you that how long you can survive in the game on the basis of your skills and weapons.

The plot revolves around the area called Knox county which is entirely zombie infested. While doing so, player also need to focus on elements like pain, tiredness, mental stability, hunger etc. in order to stay alive.

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5. Organ Trail

Website: https://store.steampowered.com/

Organ TrailIf you are tired of playing mainstream best zombie games then I think you should try Organ Trail. It is a retro styled zombie game based on the genre of survival. This game parodies the popular educational game The Oregon Trail and hence you can find certain resemblance too.

The major objective given to the player here is to cross a post-apocalyptic US to reach a sanctuary free of zombies.

To carry out this, the player is given an old station wagon and a lot of challenges like limited resources, food scarcity, fuel etc. are imposed on player to increase the level of difficulty. The game runs in a simulation kind of manner where you can play in only single player mode.

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6. DayZ

Website: https://dayz.com/

DayZThe next pick I made for the category of best zombie games is DayZ. This is an open world survival game which can be played in multiplayer gaming mode only. You can control the gameplay through either first person or third person perspective while shooting also remains an important element of the game.

The game’s plot takes place in fictional post-apocalyptic Republic of Chemarus where a mysterious condition has led the public to turn into zombies.

Now, the player needs to survive in this world and apart from defending himself against zombies, he needs to search for food, weapons, water, medicine etc. too. You can also play in cooperation with other players which helps in killing the zombies.

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7. ZombiU

Website: http://www.zombiu.com/

ZombiU fits perfectly into the genre of survival horror which is the same as the rest of the best zombie games mentioned here. The gameplay is controlled from first person perspective where the player assumes the role of a survivor amidst a 2012 zombie apocalypse.

The game features a permadeath system which was quite praises along with its scary and suspensive atmosphere too.

The game plot is set in London where the game features both single player and multiplayer gaming modes. Player needs to use things from atmosphere to hit zombies with like firearms, cricket bat, land mines etc. The type of weapons also depends upon the type of zombies too which are killed by different methods.

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8. The Walking Dead

Website: http://www.telltalegames.com/

The Walking DeadThe Walking is counted amongst the best zombie video games of all time especially because of their amazing graphical adventure representation. This game actually runs according to different episodes and this is also called Season One of the game.

So, according to the plot which is similar to the comics, the game takes place in Georgia and showcase the time of a zombie apocalypse out there.

It features single player gaming mode which is controlled from third person perspective. The player takes the role of the protagonist Lee Everett whose ultimate goal is to stay alive amongst these zombies. It is important to keep on interacting with the environment in order to collect resources and other items.

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9. How to Survive

Website: http://howtosurvivethegame.com/

How to SurviveAlong with the essence of survival horror you are also going to see the element of action and adventure in this game. How to Survive follows the pattern of most of the best zombie games enlisted here where the ultimate goal is to survive from the zombies.

The gameplay is controlled from top down perspective and there are two major gaming modes which are Story and Challenge.

Both the modes can be played with up to 2 players whereas both features very different game settings as well as objectives. Apart from this cooperative multiplayer mode, you can also play in single player gaming mode too.

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10. Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare

Website: http://www.rockstargames.com/

Red Dead RedemptionRed Dead Redemption Undead Nightmare is an expansion pack available for the original game. It has quite a versatility as compared to the original game where you can play in single player mode and two multiplayer modes too.

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Being one of the best zombie games, Undead Nightmare features the theme of zombie horror where you can enjoy it along with the elements of action and adventure.

The game features an open world western themed environment where the player takes charge of the character John Marston who is a former outlaw. The task is to hand over his former gang members to govt. in exchange of his family. With the similar plot, they have put the storyline of zombie apocalypse which is quite engaging.

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11. Left 4 Dead 2

Website: http://www.l4d.com/

Left 4 DeadThe next pick for the category of best zombie games is Left 4 Dead 2. The game is based on the theme of cooperative first person shooting and features both single player and multiplayer. Keeping alive the aura of survival horror games, you can witness the game setting after an apocalypse, pandemic.

The zombies are called infected in this game who are quite aggressive. As a player, you need to find your way out of this chaos and your objectives goes through five campaigns.

To represent the check points in this campaigns they have features safe houses strategically. The goal is to pass through the finales of these campaigns and try to survive till the end of the game.

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12. Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

Website: http://residentevil7.com/

Resident Evil 7As we all know it so well that Resident Evil is a game series which is popular for featuring best zombie PC games since a long time. With the arrival of Resident Evil 7, the series returns back to their prime game elements which is exploration.

Maintaining the theme of survival horror, you can play the game in single player mode where the player plays the character of Ethan Winters.

The player is tasked to search for his wife in the game in such areas which are occupied of cannibal family. The game proceeds with puzzle solving, exploration, a bit of fighting etc. You can control the gameplay from first-person perspective and can use a variety of weapons to fight off the zombies.

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13. They are Billions

Website: http://www.numantiangames.com/

Where other best zombie games are focusing on the genre of survival horror more, you are going to find the emphasis of real-time strategy making more in They are Billions. The game features a post-apocalyptic environment and the player have only single player mode to play the game into.

The game plot revolves around a randomly generation steampunk themed zombie-infested world. Here the player’s goal is to build a base and defense himself anyhow.

For this, he can make strategies, plan layouts, explore the map and collect the resources in order to fight with the zombies. There are total eight resources which needs to be managed in a balanced way to survive in the game.

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14. No More Room in Hell

Website: http://www.nomoreroominhell.com/

Another interesting pick for the category of best zombie games is No More Room in Hell. This is a survival horror game which is governed from first-person perspective and also includes the element of shooting in it. You can enjoy it in only cooperative multiplayer gaming mode.

The game plot features a zombie apocalypse where player takes the role of one of the eight survivors in the game.

You have the choice to play the game in either objective or in survival mode. Objective mode focuses on following the instructions given by the game whereas Survival Mode focuses on saving certain sectors of game by incoming zombie waves. Both games have their own game settings and visuals.

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15. Fortnite

Website: https://www.epicgames.com/

Fornite is a love of millions of gamers out there and this inclusion for the series of best zombie games really stands out of all. This one is a co-op sandbox survival game featuring both single player and multiplayer gaming modes.

It featured paid-for-product model where you get to access two modes which are Fortnite Battle Royale and the co-op PvE Save the World mode.

Where the battle royale is all about surviving as long as you can, there are some other elements involved in the PvE mode. You get to witness elements like exploration, resource hunting, fighting waves of zombies, weapons crafting, building structures and much more. It has so much more versatility added in the Meta-Game version too.

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16. Killing Floor 2

Website: http://www.killingfloor2.com/

Killing Floor 2 is a type of first person shooter game and unlike other best zombie games PC, their main focus is not on survival horror element but you will get to experience it timely though. You can play Killing Floor 2 in both single player and multiplayer gaming modes.

The multiplayer mode features cooperative gaming which allows up to 6 players. The plot featured outbreak of infested people which have collapsed the government and communication system too.

The game witness timely waves of zombies in it and with each passing of wave, types of enemies start growing which ultimately prepares you for the final wave. The final wave is a boss fight and the boss character is determined randomly.

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17. Dead Nation

Website: http://uk.playstation.com/

Dead Nation is a game which is quite different from the rest of the best zombie games. Well, the main reason here is the genre which is shoot ‘em up. Also, it is controlled from top-down perspective which is generally not seen in zombie games.

The game takes place in a world which is infected by zombie apocalypse. The player has the option to play as a male or female player and then needs to fight with different types of zombies.

When zombies are killed, player is given money or scores which can further used for upgrading or buying weapons at checkpoints. You need to take care of the Health stats throughout as each time you are hit, it is decreased.

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18. 7 Days to Die

Website: http://7daystodie.com/

The next inclusion for the list of best zombie games is 7 Days to Die which is a typical survival horror game. It features an open world environment and can be played in both single player and multiplayer gaming modes.

The game plot featured randomly generated world of Arizona, where the only objective for the player is to survive for as long as he can while fighting against zombie hordes.

To make the game more realistic where the player needs to keep up with the need of food and water timely and also save himself from injuries and illness.

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19. The House of the Dead: Overkill

Website: http://www.sega.com/

The House of the Dead: Overkill is different from other best zombie games mainly because of its theme. It belongs to the genre of rail shooter gun game which is controlled from first-person perspective.

According to the mechanics of the game, it pre-determines the movements of the character which is quite a help. For shooting, you can use the Wii remote. The player can also control camera angles.

You can enjoy the game either in solo mode or with another human player too. There is scoring system for killing mutants, performing head-shots, saving civilians etc. and all this brings you additional bonus scores in the game. As the game is divided between various levels, final scores are given for each level.

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20. Dead Rising 2

Website: http://deadrising-2.com/

Adding a feather to the category of best zombie survival games, our next game here is Dead Rising 2. The game brings together the genre of survival horror and beat ‘em up. It also features an open world environment and brings various improvements as compared to its previous installment.

The player controls the character of Chuck Greene who is caught up amidst a zombie outbreak in Nevada and now he needs to find the truth behind it.

Surviving in this condition is not the only task of the player but hunting for resources and weapons and rescuing civilians are also an important part of the game.

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21. State of Decay

Website: http://stateofdecay.com/

State of Decay makes the final cut into the list of best zombie games which revolves around the theme of action-adventure and survival horror mixed with the element of stealth. Featuring only single player gaming mode, the main highlight of the game is the leadership skills of the player.

There are a variety of conditions aroused in the game like zombie extermination, survival resources being diminished, group morale, base defense etc. And the action taken by the player in these situations shapes the way the game can go.

Apart from stealth, you also get to enjoy the elements of shooting, strategy making, role playing, exploration, fighting etc. in the game.

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Zombie games are not that horror if you ask me. However, there are some examples of these games which have created a gem and their graphics are actually quite hilarious. So, before you start playing them, keep a strong heart because there are lots and lots of surprises waiting for you.

Apart from that, I am sure you are going to enjoy playing these best zombie games mentioned above. They are just phenomenal on the basis of their visuals, graphics, and gameplay. To find more versatility, you can also consider playing their sequels or prequels too.

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