Top 18 Sites like Primewire | Primewire Alternatives


The popularity of Primewire can be concluded with the fact that there are various sites like Primewire which are loosely or fully inspired by this.

Primewire is an amazing platform to watch free movies online, and you can even download them. Following the same track, I have tried to compile a list of Primewire alternatives. 

These websites like Primewire are as capable as the former one and have maintained their websites very well. To every day more than thousands of users watch the latest movies and TV Shows with these listed sites.

Best Sites like Primewire |  Primewire Alternatives

The reason for listing these alternatives on the Primewire site is to provide the facility viewers with some other options with them and, in some cases, users looking for any specific movies that users didn’t find on then Primewire. In this case, Primewire alternative sites can help users.

  • PopCornFlix


The movies and TV episodes available on Popcornflix, a website that streams them for free online, are constantly changing. Founded in 2011, Screen Media Ventures, LLC is the site’s only owner.

It may be accessed from any computer with an internet connection and through iOS, Android, and Amazon Fire TV-compatible mobile apps.

So that you can quickly locate what you’re looking for, the movies are sorted into categories like “action,” “comedy,” “drama,” “family/kids,” and “horror.” Popcornflix also provides a wide variety of international films in languages other than English.

Popcornflix has an extensive collection of movies from decades past. Still, it also has original content that can only be found on its platform, such as documentaries about musical icons like Bob Dylan and Jeff Buckley and full-length comedies starring stand-up comics like Amy Schumer and Jim Gaffigan.

Popular shows like “Bill Nye the Science Man” and “The Kids in the Hall” are now available, so subscribers may indulge in a binge session of their choice whenever they choose.

They also offer hundreds of indie films from filmmakers worldwide, many of which have won free awards.

In conclusion, Popcornflix is a great option for people who want to watch online movies and TV shows without paying a monthly cost. Thanks to the service’s extensive range of genres and original programming, there’s something here for movie buffs of all stripes.

  • Vumoo



Vumoo is one the best sites, like PrimeWire to watch free movies and TV series online without popups interference. Just so you know, registration is not required. Its interface is neat & clean. However, it could be more organized as compared to PrimeWire.

It offers a better streaming experience to its users. Most of the free movie sites are filled with ads and popups. In such cases, Vumoo is the best choice for watching movies and TV series online.

It offers a search bar to find any specific movie or TV series. No other filters are available here, like IMDB rating, genre, year, country, etc. Still, you will love this website due to its fantastic streaming experience.

  • YesMovies



YesMovies is a very popular, most used, and liked platform among movie buffs. YesMovies allows you to watch free movies online and TV shows in 720P high-definition quality without getting registered.

Here you can stream 13+ country movies. Movies can be sorted using genres like action, comedy, drama, romance, sport, Xmas, etc.

The movie request option is also there, so if the movie that you are looking for is not available here, you can write them, and they will be happy to add this to their database.

YesMovies’ interface is clean and well-organized. Finding any movie is easy, like a child playing a game. If we talk about movies collection, it is never-ending.

On the homepage, you can see the latest requested movies. Just hovering your cursor on the movie image, you can get details about the film like movie IMDM rating, genre, actor, and movie plot.

Another best thing about YesMovies is that it has 4+ streaming servers. If you cannot play movies with one streaming server, you can watch with another with no worry.

  • MoviesJoy


MoviesJoy is one of my favorite movie sites for watching TV series and movies online with no signup. If you use an adblocker extension in your browser, you will not face any redirection or popups.

Its interface is well-categorized with zero ads, and you can easily find any movie in no time.

Movies are categorized under Top IMDB, Country, Genre, Most Like, Most Popular, and Latest.

Furthermore, it offers an advanced filter option that allows you to choose movies based on quality, release year, genre, and country.

This movie website has been offering a quality streaming from one year. I must say it is a valid alternative to PrimeWire.

  • WatchFree


WatchFree is another excellent choice after Vumoo and MoviesJoy for streaming movies and TV series without downloading and registration.

It is working fine for a long time. Certainly, you’ll be able to rely on it.

For a good experience, use an adblocker extension in your browser and enjoy streaming without any advertisement interference.

The main movie sections are popular movies, Latest movies, HD movies, Top 100, Genres, and TV series.

Like other Primewire alternatives, it also provides a bar to search for a particular movie or TV series.

All important details about movies like the cast, IMDB rating, director, and synopsis are available.

  • CMovies


CMovies is another famous name in the list of sites like PrimeWire for watching free movies online in HD without registration. When you use the scroll bar, it keeps opening a new tab which you need to close and return to the main window.

It offers you a wide range of filters (genre, country, Top IMDB, etc.) to choose your movie choice. Its interface is similar to 123movies and Solarmovies most popular free movie streaming sites.

You have 4+ streaming links to stream films online. This movie site is filled with ads and popups so I highly recommend using an adblocker extension only.

  • CineBloom


I found CineBloom recently while searching for a great working free movie site. So if the above sites are not working at your end, then you can try CineBloom.

Right now, it is working superbly. Registration is optional here. No annoying popups and third-party redirection. The movie will start streaming with one click.

It offers you several choices to play movies or TV series. I suggest you use the uStream Direct option for the best experience. I am sure you will love this free movie site.

  • LookMovie


A well-organized movie streaming site to watch free movies online without registration and downloading. Its layout contains some ads (don’t bother much). Provides info on IMDB rating, genre, cast, director, and movie synopsis.

It even offers an advanced filter option to choose movies or TV series.

I don’t like this because you need to disable the adblocker extension to watch movies here.

It can be a great addition to the list of best movie sites like PrimeWire for streaming films online.

  • Bmovies


A great alternative to 123movies. Bmovies has an organized layout and a massive collection of movies and TV series, making it a good choice for movie freaks. Registration is optional like above mentioned free movies sites.

It tells you everything about the movie with one click on the movie thumbnail. And also gives you recommendations of movies to watch online. It also contains some advertisements which you can avoid using adblocker.

You can easily find your choice movie as it gives you a wide range of filters.

  • Putlocker


Putlocker is a familiar name in the list of Primewire alternatives. The reason is so apparent, this has a amazing collection. While it offers so much, people often get glued to its site while searching for more amazing movies and TV shows here.

The reason is simple: they maintain an enormous database and the HD quality of the videos.

Putlocker surely deserves to be on the top of the list of sites like Primewire. You need clarification while opening up the place? Don’t waste your time; instead, check out the categories, which are the genre available for movies and TV shows.

The site comes out exceptionally clean, and you would not find anything placed on display. They want you to search for things on your own instead of being influenced by others. You can also request a movie you want to watch in the future that is not available on their site.

If you are still perplexed, then go to the section on how to watch a movie, and it will all be sorted without wasting any second.

  • Viooz


Viooz is the next pick in the list of alternative sites Primewire. You would have to be disappointed here because this is one of those Primewire alternatives that does not host any kind of TV shows or TV series on its site.

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Well, do not feel sad because the good news is that the site is still very versatile. You are just supposed to create an account on this site that is free to access all its features. The great thing is that they add some unique and iconic movies to their site every day.

No matter how old or recent, these movies are the Jewels of Cinema. The site serves worldwide, so you get to see the movies in more than 25 types of languages. Isn’t it just very thoughtful of this site?

You get to filter your searches from features like year, countries, genres, etc. This is something you are going to love out here. You should also know that they do not host any of the videos, and all are derived from a third party.

  • MegaShare


Megashare is one of those sites like Primewire whose primary focus is on TV shows rather than movies. But you would still find movies out here. The maintenance and home page are wholly sorted and well-organized for users’ convenience.

What might excite you more about this site is that you can even find the oldest movies here. Megashare is named so because this gives you the opportunity of sharing your file on this.

Another exciting thing you will find on such sites as Primewire is its superb collection of series movies. They are well categorized based on genres like action, comedy, Manga, and classics action, comedy, Manga, classics, etc. You are fully acknowledged for their different seasons, which means now you can complete your unwatched series.

You must know that, like most of the sites, they do not provide any of the media files on their own server. They are a medium for the users to link to the different streams to watch movies online.

  • SolarMovie


Don’t get confused because Solarmovie has other websites, too, but you will find this one better and authenticated. Solarmovie is famous and renowned for the online browsing of movies and TV shows, and there is no doubt that it is one of the best choices for sites like Primewire.

I will describe the site by the kind of genres it provides for both movies and TV shows. You can choose from genres like action, Sci-Fi, Japanese, Romantic, and Thriller, which comprise more than 30 types.

Of course, the site is rich in content, which does not disappoint its quality. You should also know that Solarmovie does not contain any file on its server and derive it from a third-party server.

Although registration on this site is optional, I would prefer you to go for it for a better access experience. From animated to classic old movies, you will find everything on this site worth watching.

  • Movie25


The drool-worthy, incredibly vast collection of movies on Movie25 will make every movie buff drop his jaw in wonder. However, they do not serve any TV shows or TV series on their site, but you would still be wondering how a place can host such an extensive collection focusing on movies only.

The home page of the site is interesting and attractive too. You are good to choose from the genres which are given on the right-hand side of the site.

You are given choices like crime, drama, history, Sci-Fi, documentary, comedy, etc. Various animation movies are listed here to entertain movie buffs thoroughly. You are also lucky enough to find movies as old as belonging to the 90s, which is quite rare in other sites like Primewire.

The registration is optional, but it is good to go for it to get acknowledged with the timely updates of the site. You can search for any movie if you cannot find it in different sections.

  • PandaMovie


Don’t take its name too seriously, it may be super cute, but PandaMovie is competent enough to provide you with movies and TV shows in whichever genre you want. PandaMovie is an excellent source of watching movies online with good quality streaming and significantly fewer ads.

When you go through the home page of PandaMovie, you will find various options on the top corner of the site. These are the options for movies, genres, TV shows, features, etc.

This is one of the most amazing picks in the category of sites like Primewire, which focuses on movies and TV shows. There is a section named Adult too, where you can watch movies for adults only. This means this site keeps up with every viewer of every age.

Browse through the Years section, and you will know that they even host movies as old as 1996. You can go through the different sections and find your favorite movies out there quickly. I guess this is the complete package all of you have been waiting for.

  • HubMovie


This is the time to get happy again because HubMovie is one of those sites like Primewire that keeps up with movies and TV shows. Yes, you heard me right. This is the time to finish all your work and get stuck on this site.

You can browse movies based on alphabetically, popularity, rating, release date etc. This means all the commands are going to be in your hand only.

There is a section named XXX/18+ which is about adult movies and you can browse it if you are an adult. You can also request them to upload your desired movies or TV shows. There is a section called Schedule through which you will come to know which movie/TV shows are going to be uploaded when.

This is like your complete entertainment directory, which should be checked out daily for unlimited fun and entertainment.

  • Movieflixter


Although the sign-up is not necessary on MovieFlixter, you should go for it if you want to browse all the movies in HD. Registration is totally free on this site.

The good news on such sites like Primewire is that you are good at watching popular TV shows here. They not only woo their users with explicit movie databases but also deal in some great TV shows. This means all the fun now gets doubled up.

The genres are various like Reality TV, war, game-show, fantasy, history, comedy etc. You can go in the Coming Soon section to watch the shows, which will be uploaded soon here.

You are totally going to love Movieflixter for its HD content and perfectly running links for each movie. It is one of those sites like Primewire that charges no fee in return of providing nonstop entertainment to the users.

  • MyDownloadTube


The last pick in this section of sites like Primewire is MyDownloadTube. Let me tell you that this is a site that is made just for the comfort of users only. You can browse it in different languages too.

I would not keep you in the dark, and let me tell you that they do not have any collection of TV shows on their site. This site is all about movies only, and what you get additional is lots and lots of games too. The site is good and attractive and perfect for easy browsing.

If you want to upload movie on it then you would have to get registered yourself first on it. You can browse any of the movies with the help of genres. No other filtering options are available apart from it. You even get to choose games based on the genre too.

The site serves movies like Hollywood, Bollywood, Japanese, Korean, Russian, and Arabic too. You can also browse stuff from animation movies too.

  • MovieZion


MovieZion is no less than a pro in providing the best of movies to the viewers. Well, you would have to be disappointed in TV shows out here too. But when it comes to watching movies, you will get super happy here because the site claims to have about 32872 movies collection.

Well, you need 4-5 additional lifetimes to complete that goal, but for now, you can focus on what is new. The great deal on MovieZion is that they update their site on a daily basis and hence one of the best choices in sites like Primewire.

The site is free to use, and you need not sign up for it. This saves a lot of your time and money too. Once you start watching movies out here, the site recognizes your choice and hence gives you good recommendations over it.

This is one of the most sorted and smartest sites like Primewire in this list. With multiple categorizations and Genre choices, you will be super happy browsing it.


The list of websites like Primewire has no end. You can easily get other sites like Primewire, but what matters is the content and its quality. I have tried my best to mention only good sites that have the answer to all your movie-searching queries.

That is the reason I have listed the best ones in this list. I hope you will have a great time binge-watching all the movies on this site without worrying about downloading them.

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