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Craigslist is America’s topmost classified company and operates in form of site and apps. But, there are more apps like Craigslist which can help you to find jobs and can provide you the services of buying and selling as well. If you are not satisfied with Craigslist manually reviews then you can try out these apps for a change.

If you want to open up towards more and better sources of exposure and opportunities then it would be wise to use alternative apps Craigslist.

Top 10 Apps like Craigslist

Before you explore this list, let me remind you that I have nothing against Craigslist, I just want my readers to get acknowledged with more such apps for more opportunities. You can check out these apps below –

1). Recycler

Download App: iOS

In the list of apps like Craigslist, the first which is decided to pick is Recycler. By the name Recycler it means that you can buy and sell anything on this platform disregarding the fact that whether they are used, second hand, refurbished or not.

Unfortunately, Recycler does not have any app to offer to the android users so they would have to be happy with the other apps which are listed below.

Now, talking about the process on this app then Recycler is a type of free to use app and when you will register on it, it will start to function properly. Rather than using its website, I would recommend people to use the app provided by it as it is easier to access.

Recycler is an app which supports multiple functions like buying/selling, jobs, rentals, services, cars/automobiles, real estate, local places and other things. For a person who is newly shifting to a new city, Recycler can be a big help to them.

User-friendly interface and additional features like calling, texting between directly buyer and seller will make the process much simpler for the users.

2). Letgo

Download App: Android, iOS

What would you prefer more between roaming around in the market in the scorching heat or buying the exact same things just by sitting on your couch? Well, most sane people would choose the later one and to help you out more in it, Letgo has come up with its great services for local buying and selling.

Letgo is one of the most used and most preferred apps like Craigslist which works a mobile marketplace to buy and sell the items locally.

By locally, I mean that Letgo analyzes your location and shows you the option which is within your reach and hence you are sorted with every issue while using this app. You are going to see millions of buyer and sellers on this platform with their ads.

You just need to talk to these people and seal the deal if you want. Letgo is amongst the most utilized selling apps like Craigslist whose well-categorized platform will give you the ease of choosing the right item from right place every damn time.

3). eBay

Download App: Android, iOS

Along with being an excelling e-commerce platform eBay is an excellent place to buy and sell second hand, refurbished and new products too. I think being a platform it helps more people than any other apps like Craigslist to find out potential buyers for the second-hand stuff.

eBay is an unconditional and fully functional platform which works for free, without consuming any commissions and other charges for this buying/selling scheme.

From buying new clothes to looking for used cars, eBay is an app which would not disappoint you in any of such areas. With the most simple platform and amazingly organized categories, there are no issues reported regarding the accessibility of this app.

Just discover items, bid for them and finally talk to the seller for the ultimate price on them. eBay works in areas like fashion items, jewelry, home and garden, used cars, gadgets etc. eBay does not offer any deals in sectors like rentals and real estate, but offers some of the best deals on other stuff for sure.

4). 5Miles

Download App: Android, iOS

If you want to access more apps like Craigslist which are better in functioning than the former one then you can try out 5Miles this time. The app is created with the purpose of making local shopping easier for the customers around the world.

The name of this app showcase its prime feature which is to discover, list out and trade within an area of 5 miles around you.

Through the GPS trackers, 5Miles records your real-time location and shows you the buyers/sellers in the 5 miles of area around you. You get to access all this for free of cost for which you just need to be registered on this app and that’s it.

5Miles save a lot of time of the customers and offers variety of features too. Some of these features are online payment, user reviews, phone number verification, confidential information, security, best deals through offers, chatting, sharing etc. 5Miles is one of the most trusted sites like Craigslist and now its app is also providing better option to the users.

5). VarageSale

Download App: Android, iOS

By VarageSale, they mean Virtual Garage Sale which is excellent for buying and selling purposes. The app collaborates with Facebook and hence guarantees 100% real identity users on it. This ensures a great deal of security when it comes to verification of the users on this app.

This feature makes VarageSale to be one of the most reliable apps like Craigslist in this section. Every user manually reviews before they are approved to do trade on this app.

VarageSale works like a local marketplace like the most of the apps in this list. It provides a listing of local classified on its feed so that users can easily access them to find out their desired stuff from it. You are also going to see various categories on this app too.

Some of these classifications are regarding jewelry, clothes, shoes, electronics, furniture, household stuff, baby gear and many others. In fact, posting an ad on this platform is also quite simple. You just need to click its photo and post it along with some description of it. Interested people will automatically contact you for this.

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6). Locanto

Download App: Android, iOS

Another local marketplace which provides relief to people from discovering desired items in the local shops is Locanto. This app is an app which makes sure that your apartment does not acquire space from the things you no longer use and hence give you a space to sell them off.

Locanto comes in the category of leading apps like Craigslist and ensures that every user on it have the best experience of buying and selling.

The areas in which Locanto works are vehicles, pet supplies, electronics, job openings, classes, real estate, personals, services etc. This means it is just like Craigslist in terms of the abundancy of categories available on it and hence makes a promising app in this category.

Being one of the primary selling apps like Craigslist, Locanto offers various features under its app. These are sharing your ad on social media, easy ad postings, own profile, live chat, push notifications, local sellers in your neighborhood etc. This app ensures a comfortable experience of buying and selling and also being successful in it too.

7). Depop

Download App: Android, iOS

This is the time to move to a more creative platform rather than those boring and dull ones and the choice you can make for such apps like Craigslist is Depop. This is a mobile marketplace where you can discover various products and sell your items too.

Depop is slightly different than the rest of the apps listed here and the reason is, because of its orientation towards the fashion stuff.

You are more likely to find fashion related stuff and ideas on Depop than other types of products. Some of the categories here clothing, vintage fashion, books, art, jewelry, movies, music and many others. If you wish to buy slightly used clothes cheaper than other platforms then you can use Depop for this.

Depop is one of the unique choices you can make for alternative apps like Craigslist and I am sure you would love it.

8). Carousell

Download App: Android, iOS

If you want to explore such a site which is a mix and match of various categories altogether then Carousell can be the perfect choice for it. You are likely to find great items here for as low as $10 only. This means you can save really big when you are buying or selling on this app.

The app is free to use and install and you just need to create an account to get started with it. However, there are in-app purchases which can be made to boost your post.

The categories in which Carousell works in are books, art, furniture, bikes, antiques, fashion, beauty products, cars, fashion, clothes etc. You can clean your closet, garage, and other areas by selling the items which you no longer use in any way.

Carousell is one such apps like Craigslist which is so simple to use and it takes less than a minute to create the perfect ad for your stuff on this app.

9). SocialSell

Download App: Android, iOS

Next one in this list of apps like Craigslist is SocialSell. The app is designed in such a way that it reflects out to be a clear alternative to Craigslist. The main motto of this app is to provide a more secure platform to the users who wish to buy and sell used items on it.

SocialSell helps you to connect with local buyer and sellers so that you people can eventually trade in real for the stuff you wish to have from each other.

You can get started with this app for free of cost just by creating a simple account along with your basic information in it. Once you have chosen the product to buy then you can contact the seller through various options like texting, calling, email, direct in-app messaging etc.

The great part is that you can even follow your favorite buyer and seller too so that you always know that what is new that they have to offer. However, according to some reviews, the app creates some issues while creating an account which makes it less functional as compared to other Craigslist alternatives.

10). Oodle

Download App: Android

The last option in this list of apps like Craigslist is Oodle. This apps might not be as popular as the other ones but its site is surely one of the prime leaders in the marketplace of online buying and selling. The reason of listing out this app is solely and firmly its simplicity only.

Oodle witnesses various ads in different categories each day so that its users have something new to explore every single day.

The reason of launching this app was to provide a better experience for its users and increasing the popularity of Being one of the leading Craigslist alternatives, Oodle has already gained quite popularity and hence its app works like a normal browser only and does not collect information in it.

However, there are still some features of this app that you would surely like to know. These are a favorite list, texting and calling to buyer/seller, results sorting etc. Areas of working of Oodle are jobs, real estate, services, buying/selling/trading, rentals etc. However, still the app lacks a lot of things which are already provided by other apps in this list.

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You know it so well that Craigslist is not only buying and selling online market but also about seeking jobs too. So, keeping that in mind I have mentioned multi-purpose apps only. give will keep your interaction higher and giving you more options in this era.

I am sure you would have a great time using these apps like Craigslist for sure. To know more about them, just install them and start using right away.

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