Top 10 Apps like Popcorn Time


There is no denial in the fact that Popcorn Time and other apps like Popcorn Time as the sole reason for our entertainment in this time. In fact, you would not be able to find better apps to stream various movies and TV shows on a single platform.

Top 10 Apps like Popcorn Time

But, if you are feeling bored with Popcorn Time then you have the option to try out some amazingly cool best movie apps which are as good as Popcorn Time itself. In fact, you are going to find them better than Popcorn Time in various aspects. Here is a compiled list of such apps which I have handpicked for our users here.

1). Crackle

Download App: Android, iOS

The first one in this list of apps like Popcorn Time is Crackle. This is a very popular app and I hope on some point or the other you must have used it too. This is the time to reconsider it as they have literally changed a lot of things about it through regular updates in it.

Crackle makes the perfect destination to watch movies, TV shows, and various other videos. What you are gonna like the most are the Crackle original shows on this platform.

Crackle works in such a way that it brings out the best of the media for the users. What I personally liked about this app is the fact that they do not charge anything for such a large library of ultimate movies and TV shows. This means you just need to install the app and create an account for access it further and that’s it.

You are going to find various in-app features which makes the accessing even simpler like genre listing, What’s on now section, watch later list etc. I think Crackle is totally redefining the entertainment world with its no subscription policy.

2). iflix

Download App: Android, iOS

The next one and another popular option for the apps like Popcorn Time is iflix. Do not confuse it to be some sister app of Netflix because they both are completely different. Well, let me tell you that iflix has about 5 million downloads which shows the fame of this app amongst the users worldwide.

The motive of iflix is to provide unlimited entertainment to the users around the world with a huge library which takes care of its database in the most organized way ever.

Popcorn Time alternative like iflix is perfect to not only stream but to also download the media too. Yes, that allows you to watch movies, TV shows, Korean dramas, iflix originals offline too. This ensures a huge saving in the aspect of your data spending.

Sadly, iflix provides only one month accessing for free and then charges the subscription rates for accessing it further. With iflix you get advantages like no commercials, no contracts, subscription cancellation anytime, TV connectivity etc. With its humongous content, you are never gonna run out of videos to watch on this platform.

3). HD Movies Now

Download App: Android

HD Movies Now disappoints slightly here as it is not available for iOS users but apart from it the fact that it has more than 1 million registered users assures us that the app has something promising to offer us. Hence, I decided to list it out here in the category of apps like Popcorn Time.

This app is really amazing and contains a huge collection of various types of movies in multiple languages and belonging to different movie industries.

You can even watch dubbed Hollywood movies here and that too for free. HD Movies Now does not charge anything for letting its users watch and stream their favorite content on their app. As the name of this app says a lot of about this, it does offer the movies in HD and 3GP formats.

When it comes to watching TV shows then you are provided a TV schedule for the same. This means you do not have to check out the app again and again to see the updates regarding the uploading time of the new episode of your favorite show.

4). Hulu

Download App: Android, iOS

Hulu needs no introduction and description to let people know that how useful and amazing app it is to stream movies and TV shows online. Let me tell you that you can use Hulu for multiple things like watching movies, TV shows, bold originals just like any other apps like Popcorn Time.

Hulu has some really fantastic features but as everything comes with a price, Hulu too charges a certain amount to avail these services to its users but I personally think that it is worth paying.

There are basically three subscription plans offered by Hulu which are up for $7.99/month with limited commercial, $11.99/Month for no commercial and for live TV you would have to pay $39.99/month. With all the subscription you get great features and amazing services.

Some of the features provided by Hulu are recording live TV, creating 6 profiles with same account with different watchlist in each, huge streaming library, recommendations for watching etc. Hulu is one of the most preferred Popcorn Time like apps which is used for hassle-free movie streaming.

5). Viewster

Download App: Android, iOS

The next one is another popular option for the series of apps like Popcorn Time is Viewster. Viewster is a content-rich app which is comprised of various media files in different categories to entertain the users thoroughly. Viewster is basically a fandom spectrum which means it is curated with the content demanded by users on it.

Thankfully, Viewster is a completely free to use platform which also does not involve the hassle of signing up on it. This means you just need to install it and you are ready to use it then.

Viewster is basically preferred for watching anime shows and it has about 5 millions of users on it. You are also going to find HD content on it too. Things which can be watched on Viewster are movies, TV shows, throwback movies, documentaries with great versatilities.

The interface of the app is really simple and the content is going to be displayed in the form of newsfeed. The content which is recently uploaded is seen on the top side of this feed. You can also use features like channels and watch later to make most of this app.

6). Tubi TV

Download App: Android, iOS

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Tubi TV is my next pick for this list of apps like Popcorn Time. The app contains every single feature which makes it perfect enough to be included in this list. In fact, Tubi TV has more than 10 million downloads till date. This clearly shows that how amazingly popular this app actually is.

This Popcorn Time alternative allows you to watch movies, TV shows, documentaries, Korean dramas, anime, and many other types of media files online on this platform.

The best part is yet to be revealed about this app. Tubi TV does not charge any subscription free for all these features. This means you have the advantage to browse whatever you want without even paying a single penny for it on Tubi TV.

When you are browsing Tubi TV, I would like to recommend to check out their Not On Netflix section to check out the videos and movies which are not available to watch on Netflix itself. This tells that you have the privilege to watch such media for free which are not even on most popular platforms.

7). Viki

Download App: Android, iOS

If you are someone who is always interested in watching movies belonging to different countries and languages then you are on a perfect place ever. Viki is one such apps like Popcorn Time which provides movies hailing from different industries like Korea, Japan, Thailand, China, etc.

Viki is one of the most user-friendly media streaming app right now with the capability to translate shows into more than 150 languages.

To get access to Viki, firstly you would have to purchase the Viki Pass which is a kind of subscription where you get first month free to use. Afterwards, you are charged $4.99 per month for Viki pass Standard and $9.99 per month for Viki Pass Plus.

The features you get with Viki are genres, sharing tool, movie reviews, movies and TV shows streaming in great quality etc. You can cancel the subscription in trial period otherwise you will be charged for it once the trial period ends.

8). Free Full Movie Tube

Download App: Android

The next one in this section of apps like Popcorn Time is Free Full Movie Tube or just Movie Tube only. This is a popular app having great number of downloads and even greater media library to be accessed by its users.

Movie Tube allows you to access movies provided in high quality which are sorted in various categories and classes to keep the listing organized enough.

There are various genres available here to watch movies in like horror, comedy, sports, mystery, drama, adventure, romance, action etc. The best part about Movie Tube is that it is a completely free to use app and hence there are no in-app purchases and further subscription plans in it.

The interface of this app is also quite simple and easy to use with great quality videos uploaded on it. The app also supports full-screen mode too and serves as an above average Popcorn Time alternative for sure.

9). Watch Free Movies HD

Download App: Android

The next one in this section of apps like Popcorn Time is Watch Free Movies HD app. The name of this app is enough to tell you about its basic features which are all about watching your favorite movies online and that too in HD quality.

This app does not charge anything to create an account on it. In fact, there are not even any subscription charges further to access the rest of the features on this app as well.

The app is perfectly appropriate to let you watch various movies on it like action, drama, comedy, adventure, horror etc. In fact, you can find the content higher than any best movie sites. The features which can be accessed on Watch Free Movies HD are full-screen mode, category wise listing, movie search, timely uploads and app updates etc.

Unfortunately, this app does not support contents other than movies like TV shows or documentaries so you would have to check out other apps for that.

10). Watch MegaBox Online

Download App: Android

The last mention in this is Watch MegaBox Online which is completing the list of apps like Popcorn Time. This is a simple app used for watch movies easily and also faster than other sources. However, there are less downloads of this app as compared to other ones so I mentioned it on the last position.

Although the app is completely free to use, still there are some issues with it like it has only movies content and nothing else.

Gladly, Watch MegaBox Online does not require you to get registered on this app and you can directly browse it for free. The movies available on this platform are in HQ and HD quality and involves almost no buffering issues.

You can discover the movies on this Popcorn Time alternative through the genres which are animation, comedy, crime, action, drama, foreign etc. The app is an average option as compared to other apps listed here.

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Entertainment seeks no boundary and to keep this alive, I have compiled this amazing list which will keep you going in boring flights and long travels. Apps like Popcorn Time are no less than a much needed life support for the soap opera and movie fans in the entire world.

Not only Popcorn Time but apps like Showbox are also great enough to give you wonderful hours of entertainment and vast cinema. You can download for free from the links given along with each app’s description. Install these apps and have a great time streaming your favorite movies.

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