Top 10 Apps like OfferUp


Technology has move a level higher and apps like OfferUp are setting an example of it. I mean can you even imagine a complete market in your hand where you can buy and sell whatever you want by seeing and negotiating with common people just like you.

OfferUp does not work in some of the countries and hence if you want a solution then I have more selling apps like OfferUp to present in front of you.

Top 10 Apps like OfferUp

All you need to do is to go through the list given below and check out more such apps which can make your life simpler than ever.

1). Close5

Download App: Android, iOS

Close5 is a local online marketplace which is powered by eBay. So this implies that Close5 is a service offered by eBay in different areas of world. You can use this app to buy and sell things you like locally. Through Close5, you can save a lot of money which you would have been investing in classifieds till date.

This is next to impossible to approach every single person in your neighborhood to ask for what they are having to sell or what they wish to buy.

So, Close5 makes the process simple for you and provides you exclusive details about such products in your local area which is surely within your reach. You have various categories like fashion, home stuff, baby gear, kids items, furniture etc. to find products in.

Close5 is the perfect option you want under the category of apps like OfferUp. Different features of Close5 are bookmarking favorite items, private messages, charges free advertisements, safe and secure platform etc. Close5 is a reputed platform to buy and sell and I can assure you that you won’t be disappointed while using it.

2). Wish Local

Download App: Android, iOS

I would already request the readers to do not misunderstand this app to be the e-commerce platform Wish as both of them are totally different from each other. Wish Local is a great local marketplace which offers services online and that too in the area which is within your reach.

The working of wish is just like the rest of the apps like OfferUp and hence it uses your GPS trackers to analyze your location and hence shows you the results accordingly.

You can find various stuff to buy and sell on Wish Local like furniture, jewelry, electronics, clothes and many other kinds of stuff which you do not use anymore. This is a great way to make that much needed extra space in your home by giving up things which you do not use anymore.

Wish Local is an absolutely free to use tool and hence can be easily classified in the category of apps like OfferUp and LetGo. These apps are totally redefining the way you have ever utilized your used stuff.

3). LetGo

Download App: Android, iOS

LetGo is hands down the best option you can explore in the category of apps like OfferUp. The app perfectly makes that source through which you can buy and sell around you easily. It has totally eased up the process of letting go of things that you do not use anymore along with buying the used stuff too.

LetGo is way smarter than your imagination and hence uses latest technology to aid its users. It tracks your current location and then set it on default to provide you option around your locality.

This is so simple to post your ad on LetGo. You just need to take a picture of the stuff you want to sell along with its expected price and some basic description and you are just good to go. It won’t even take a minute to do so.

When it comes to browsing ads posted by other people then you have lots of categories for that one too. There are categories like jobs, fashion, home décor, electronics, real estate etc. This states that LetGo is an app which is well organized as well as of great use for you.

4). Mercari

Download App: Android, iOS

Mercari is a bit of different app as compared to the rest of the apps like OfferUp mentioned in this list. It mainly deals in fashion stuff and if you want to receive great price of your fashion accessories then Mercari can promise you to get that.

Be it the handbags you are bored of, shoes you don’t wear anymore and your impulse-shopping boots, you can sell them all on Mercari.

Now, let me tell you a bit more about this app called Mercari. It has features like brands discovery, quick uploads, instant updating, marking favorite, buyer protection guarantee, create own shipping label, in-app messaging and transactions etc.

You can also call this to be one of the apps like Craigslist too, only that it focuses on fashion instead of anything else. You just need to put up your show on Mercari by posting an ad of your own comprising of picture, description and expected price and you are just done. Get easily discovered by the people who can actually buy your items.

5). VarageSale

Download App: Android, iOS

Next one in the list of apps like OfferUp is VarageSale. You might be finding the name hard to understand so let me tell you that it means virtual Garage Sale. If you want a platform which can guarantee you to browse safely and do not let you come across fake users then VarageSale can be the perfect choice for it.

VarageSale asks you and all the other users to combine their account with Facebook profile. This means every time you will come across verified buyer along with their basic information and picture too.

This sounds quite promising and avoids spams 100%. Coming to the point of working of this app then like the rest of the apps, it is also an online local marketplace where you are going to find the used items with their current pictures and expected price.

You can also browse categories like clothes, electronics, household items, baby products, jewelry, furniture, shoes etc. Selling is also simple, you just need to post the ad which hardly takes 30-40 seconds and then interested people will contact you immediately.

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6). Listia

Download App: Android, iOS

This is the time that you should definitely join the rest of the millions of registered users on Listia to get rid of the things they don’t like anymore and welcome the things which are very much affordable. Listia is a great destination to buy and sell locally with a great reliability factor too.

So, being so handy, I decided to put Listia here in the category of apps like OfferUp. The platform is huge and reliable and have been traded over 100 million items till date.

This mobile marketplace works in categories like clothing, books, electronics, jewelry, toys, gift cards, gadgets, games, coin collections etc. You are getting to browse all such categories for absolutely nothing on Listia.

Listia helps in putting the things up which are available in your locality. This prevents you from going somewhere else for the exactly same thing. Some of the exclusive features on such alternative apps like offerUp are credit points, Listia Reward Store, simple interface, free etc. Listia is a simple app to find the things you love on a much lower price than market.

7). Selio

Download App: Android, iOS

As the app claims, it has been awarded as the best buying and selling app of 2017 so I decided to mention it here in the list of apps like OfferUp. The app is available by the name of Adoos on iTunes so do not get confused as both are just the same app and by the same company.

You can find different products on bargain prices which can be easily bought from the people living in your area. This reduces the unnecessary time that you waste in bargaining with the local shopkeeper.

This is a super simple app which won’t cause you any kind of trouble while operating it. You just need to post your ad along with price, description and you are good to go then. When a person is interested in buying your stuff then you can easily talk to them in private messages.

You can also share your ads with your friends and neighbors and you can receive their ads too. This is an open approach towards buying and selling which will be surely loved by you.

8). Shopock

Download App: Android, iOS

With having more than 10 million of registered users on it, Shopock is one amazing solution of buying and selling locally like the rest of the apps like OfferUp. Along with being classified app, it is also a boot sale and flea market app too.

You can find great deals on Shopock which are usually very hard to find on other apps and this in turns yield you some easy money.

Shopock not only saves a lot of time of yours but also saves a lot of money too as the deals are really catchy. Shopock easily avails stuffs like vintage, used and even fresh and new on its platform so the users out here has a huge variety to choose things from.

Shopock is a totally free to access platform and popularly known as SHop in your POCKet.

9). Poshmark

Download App: Android, iOS

If you have gone through the description of Mercari then you are going to find Poshmark quite similar to it. This is a leading buying and selling platform which exclusively deals in fashion only. You finally have an app which can turn your closet pretty updated comprising of only the things that you actually wear.

You never knew that you can actually sell out the items off your wardrobe and earn a good cash in return of them.

Being different from other apps like OfferUp, I personally think that Poshmark is quite a refreshing idea. Can you even imagine selling off your own wedding dress for some really good bucks? Well, you can do it all on Poshmark easily.

Apart from getting mildly used clothes, you can also shop completely new fashion items from Poshmark too. This clearly states that it is the fashion destination that you always wanted to have. Poshmark removes the requirement of moving on other apps to shop for your daily fashion need and hence saves a lot of your time too.

10). Fastsell

Download App: Android

The last one in this list of apps like OfferUp is Fastsell. The app is just like its name and that is why helps you to sell your used items easily on its platform. Fastsell is a completely free to use app which is basically counted as the online local marketplace.

Fastsell allows you to make easy money which you could not even have imagined before. Your used stuff can really bring you some great pocket money.

All you need to do is just post an ad which would hardly take 30 seconds and then the potential buyers in your area would automatically contact if they would be interested in it. Make sure that you put a clear picture of your item along with true description.

Fastsell is an average kind of OfferUp alternative apps which can allow you to trade in categories like motors, fashion, sports, movies, electronics, home décor, kids items etc. This is just like having a flea market in your phone.

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You never know what internet holds for you on the next page you click on. You just need to discover more and more and you can come across various such tools and apps which can add a lot to your comfort of life.

These apps like OfferUp are just a mere example of such apps which you surely need in your day-to-day life. I am sure you would have surely liked the piece of information I just shared above. I real look forward that it might help you in one way or another.

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