Top 10 Sites like Fiverr


Fiverr is a huge marketplace for the people looking for hiring freelancers. There are other sites like Fiverr which are lesser known but are as efficient as Fiverr itself.

With the lack of publicity, they could not become as popular as Fiverr but trust me you are going to find really great options on them as well.

Here in this list given below, are some of the best Fiverr alternatives for the people who wants to have better options with them. You never know when a site can break down.

Top 10 Sites like Fiverr

In such condition, it is always good to have a back-up with you. These websites like Fiverr are a great option for you to browse freelance work.

1. 99Designs


The first one in this list of sites like Fiverr is 99Designs. The site is just like its name and specifically dedicated for those people who are interested in any kind of graphics designing work. On the basis of the competition, the best one is picked from thousands and millions.

There are various modes and categories of designing available on this site like Logo designing, T-Shirt designing, website designing, packaging designing, book cover, business cards etc.

So, by now you must have understood that the site is there to provide you endless opportunities as a freelancer. To be a part of its community, simply register with them to get started. There are different pricing plans for different designer belonging to different levels.

You can surely earn a great amount if you reach to the platinum level of designing. There is probably no limit to the options for sites like Fiverr, but 99Designs emerging is one of the best amongst them.

In fact, the site is very safe to use for job seekers as well as people offering jobs. There are fully secured transactions and money back guarantee too.

2. UpWork


UpWork is a huge and highly recommended platform for browsing some great opportunities of work from home. This is a great place for the professionals to collaborate on something together. This California based outsourcing platform has about 12 million registered freelancers on it.

There are various and most probably every possible category for freelancers to work upon. Some of them are web development, virtual assistant, writer, designers, customer service agents, accountants, programming job etc.

With so much of opportunities and about five million registered clients on it, UpWork is truly one of the best sites like Fiverr and a great rival of it too.

You just need to get yourself registered on it and you are good to go without even paying any charges. No matter whether you are a job seeker or a client, you are going to get the best and authentic options for each and everything.

This makes UpWork highly reliable and trustworthy platform by everyone. UpWork provides various features like review, browse and chat with people to let the clients completely make sure that they are going in a right direction. This is the reason that a really large number of people are registered with this site.

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3. Freelancer


Despite being an Australian company, Freelancer is actively providing jobs to people in various countries including USA too. To be more precise, Freelancer is connecting people of about 247 countries together to fulfill the needs of freelancers as well as clients.

Freelancer follows a unique system of bidding which makes it different from the rest of the sites like Fiverr. You are supposed to bid on the projects that you want to work on to finally get short listed for it.

The types of job categories and then subcategories are just endless on this site. To name a few are local jobs, product sourcing, engineering and science, sales, marketing, data entry, writing, design etc. You will find the categories highly similar to just like that of UpWork.

The best part about Freelancer is that just like most of the Fiverr alternatives, it is absolutely free to use, post projects, browse jobs etc. However, when a project is completed, an amount of 3% is charged by the site for the transactions and rewards.

4. Envato Studio


envantostudioEnvato Studio is a place which is especially dedicated to all the creative minds in the world. You are more likely to find designing and developing jobs on this site. Its super large community works worldwide to connect the best talents across the entire globe.

Amongst all the alternative sites Fiverr, you can consider Envato Studio to be one of the smartest working site. It displays you the trending services on its site so you know what kind of job you are more likely to get.

The popular categories that you can browse on Envato Studio are design and graphics, WordPress, logo designing, video and animation, programming, online marketing etc. You will notice that most of the jobs require your creative self to come forward.

You can not only browse freelance jobs from this site but can also post jobs to hire the best freelancers from across the globe. You just need to create an account and you are ready to rock. The simplest type of interface and easy navigations will simplify the process of hiring and being hired for you.

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5. Toptal


If you want to check out such kind of alternatives sites Fiverr, which gives place to the best services then Toptal is one of them. The site claims that the top 3% of freelancers are being hired on this site only. This means, if you want to maintain the quality of work then you know Toptal is one destination you can head to.

Just like most of the sites like Fiverr, it allows you to hire people and apply as a freelancer too. The categories of the jobs on the site are really diverse and abundant on this site.

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In fact, the site is a trusted destination of renowned companies like J.P. Morgan, Airbnb, Hewlett Packard etc. The kind of jobs which are mostly available through Toptal are designing, developing and financial experts.

While creating an account, you would have to make sure that you try to keep your profile stand out amongst others. You can also attach your previous work if you want. In this way, the chances of your being hired increases a lot.

6. Konker


Konker is a platform which is also made for the freelancers but works differently as compared to the other sites like Fiverr. Its concept remains the same, and you can also make money through this just by sitting at home and operating your device but in a different way.

Where in other sites, you were supposed to work for people as a freelancer, on Konker, you are supposed to buy and sell services.

The interface and process of every site is different from one another but that does not mean that they are not useful enough. To get started on this site, this is essential to create an account and that you can do for free too.

There are various categories on this site like marketing, SEO, programming, tech, audio, videos etc. You would love the site once you will start using it. This is one of the most trusted site to buy and sell services in the categories written above. It is necessary to have a PayPal account for using Konker.

7. College Recruiter


By the time you must have made up some assumptions from its name that what kind of site College Recruiter is. Well, the site does matches the criteria of sites like Fiverr but its major target is College students who wants to make a living while studying.

So, the jobs offered on this site are posted by keeping in mind the schedule and capabilities of college students. The site is a huge helping hand for the people looking for some part-time work.

College Recruiter not only focuses upon freelance work but also targets part-time jobs, seasonal work, entry-level career opportunities, internships etc. This site is a great support for the recent graduates and students to find amazing work opportunities according to their caliber.

This is one of the most unique as well as most useful addition in the list of sites like Fiverr. There are some unique features of the site like salary calculator, resume critique etc. All these things makes this site a great place to find suitable jobs for the students.

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8. Design Crowd


The next one in this list is Design Crowd. You can easily understand from its name that it is entirely and mostly dedicated to the people having a love for designing and creativity. If you think there is very less scope with designing then Design Crowd will compel you to think twice over it.

The categories of work offered on this site is just endless. Some of them are web designing, icon designing, T-Shirt designing, banner, blogs, app designing etc.

Somewhere, you can compare the site to Envato Studio because the basic foundation of both the sites are dedicated to designing work only. This designing marketplace may not be as large as Envato Studio but it does feature about 25-100 new jobs on daily basis.

This updating makes it one of the most trusted site in the category of Fiverr alternative. Just simply, create an account on it and start working.

9. Mircoworkers


Microwokers is a platform which is highly recommended by my side in the category of sites like Fiverr. The reason is really simple for this. Mircroworkers is a place which is too simple to use and probably the best one to not only earn but to also offer jobs to people.

The word micro is used because the work is that of a small scale and like all the other options in this list, the site supports work from home culture.

The reason of picking Mircoworkers over other sites is because you are not supposed to start from scratch on this site. The site utilized templates for various categories so that you can get most of your work done on this site only.

The various categories of templates that you get on this site are technical, evaluation, research, ads, survey, image tagging, analysis etc. The site is quite different from other sites like Fiverr, but surely one of the most amazing and simple site to use for small scale jobs.

10. GigBucks


The last one of the section of sites like Fiverr is GigBucks. You cannot even imagine how diversified site GigBucks actually is. Although not so popular as the other sites in this list but you can consider the site a reliable option for browsing freelance jobs whenever you want.

The site has so much of opportunities and categories that you will get confused what to pick. Some of these categories are advertising, music and audio, technology, translation services, business, video, art etc.

This is a free to use platform where you can find jobs ranging from $5 to $50. Sky is the limit once you get acquainted with its system and becomes a prominent freelancer with GigBucks. The best part about the site is that being a recruiter you get endless posts. This means you can post as many jobs you want.

The process is really simple. You just need to post authentic and fair jobs, set fair prices and in return hire the quality freelancers for you. You must know that GigBucks is really safe and your security of information is prime concern of this site.

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Sky is the limit when it comes to finding the jobs in this 21st century. Work from home one such thing which comes with great personal space along with the professional build up too. There are like multiple options for choosing the favorite criteria in freelance works.

Freelance sites like Fiverr are a great option for all those people who are looking for something worth doing from home. Along with money, you are getting great experience too. So, pick one site and start hunting right now.

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