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  • Accurate information of people for normal uses
  • Check your own background through this site
  • Easy and affordable
  • Customized search
  • Accurate report on Tax liens, court judgments etc


  • Not completely true or accurate
  • Incomplete report
  • Constant threat of phone number being leaked
  • Average option of background check

This section is dedicated to the information regarding Been Verified review. Okay, so I am gonna start it with some basic information about the website first.

Been Verified is a type of Background Check company which was established in March 2007. It operated from New York and founded by Josh Levy and Ross Cohen. Currently, there have been a huge hype regarding the services offered by Been Verified and this section is going to do a check on them.

The information given below is going to make you acknowledged with the reality behind the services of Been Verified as well as I have also tried to review Been Verified in complete details.

Table of content:

What is Been Verified?

Starting from the Been Verified Website review, you must know what kind of site it is and what kind of areas it covers? For this you can visit them on their Official Website Here.

Interestingly, a well organized and easy to use site will appear in front of your eyes. You will find it very simple with navigations and uses and by creating an account on this site you can access all of its features easily.

However, the site works for the States of U.S. only and for no other countries. Still, the site can conduct one of the best background check as they claim.

Well, moving ahead with Been Verified review, you have the facility of finding out people, phone, email and even latest address through this site in U.S. only. Been Verified is more like a marketing tool which allows you to check the background of different people for different purposes.

The website claims to be one of the most reliable sources of browsing public information in the most ethical way possible. But the big question is how reliable Been Verified is?


Features and Plans

Before I actually head towards claiming that whether the site is true or a Scam, it is important that I unveil every feature of it. So, here are the features of one of the best background check service

  • Affordable and easy to access the website.
  • Privacy friendly public record and information.
  • One easy report dictating all the important information about someone.
  • Easy to customize.
  • Billions of records on its platform.
  • With minimum amount charges, unlimited search options.
  • Customizable dashboard feature.

It was all about the features offered by this website. Now, it is the time that we talk about the pricing plans of Been Verified. Yes, the site is not completely free and charges some amount for its services.

According to been verified site, They offer two basic plan, one for one month and second for 3 months. You can select any one plan according to your required.

Choose the plan that seems favorable for you and get billed accordingly.

Availability and Customer Support

This fact is surely commendable that Been Verified has opened up it gates to almost all the platforms in the world. The Been Verified review regarding its availability is absolutely positive. There are various types of platforms on which you can access Been Verified.

Some of these platforms are Android, iOS, windows etc. This proves that the company has not left any stone unturned to increase the ease of accessibility of its services and features for the users.

Now talking about the customer support of this background check service then Been Verified review regarding it is quite positive as I got to know through different users.

Been Verified review adds another feather on its cap because of its superb Customer Support. If you are having any issues with this website then you can contact their Customer support service through the options like email and toll-free calls.

However, the only thing not included in their customer help service is they lack the feature of Live Chat. But still their customer support is very quick and helpful too.

Claims and Hype Regarding Been Verified

Whatever product or services that we explore, we must know that what the possible outcomes of it are. It is important to analyze the information being achieved by it. So, we must also know that what kind of information can be achieved by Been Verified too.

Here is a list of possible information which can be achieved with the help of Been Verified easily. This clears your doubt more towards the approach of Been Verified review.

You must also keep in mind the fact that these feature may or may not cost you some extra bucks. Some of them works as paid add-ons in your profile.

a). Criminal Records

However, there are still some justifications left on this topic that whether or whether not Been Verified should be trusted to find out the criminal records of a person. But, still at some limit, Been Verified really works to find out the background of a person.

This piece of information is really important if you are living with a serious offender. It is a great point to be considered in the Been Verified review.

b). Bankruptcies

This feature of Been Verified works as life saver when you are involving in a financial relationship with someone not so known to you. This can be your new roommates etc.

This background check can be done by Been Verified just by entering his/her name and other required information. This shows the current status of the debt not paid by them currently or in the past through the possible public information.

c). Relatives or Associates

When it comes to background check, you must confirm the facts stated by the person. So, Been Verified allows you to do the same. It creates a database of the person regarding his/her relatives and whereabouts.

This information helps you to cross check the information provided by the person. It will instantly clear your doubt that whether the person is lying or not. It helps you especially in the cases of making new friends and workmates. Been Verified review every possible relative of the person being searched.

d). Social Media Profiles

Now, this is the most reliable and important information which can be achieved with the help of Been Verified. When you enter the name of a person then all the social media profiles related to them appear in front of you like Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc.

This is really important for a person who is searching some old friend and not able to find them anywhere. I guess, this is the most useful point to be included in Been Verified background check review.

e). Location/ Address

This is a customizable feature or a basis of conducting a search in Been Verified. You can conduct a search of a person on the basis of their location to gain more favorable results about them.

But when it comes to finding out the exact address of a person then Been Verified can be really helpful in it. Through various information available of a person online, Been Verified can actually tell you about the address of a person. Isn’t it quite astonishing Been Verified review?

f). Age

Actually, this is more like a customizable feature of Been Verified. You can search a person on the basis of their age easily. But this works vice versa too.

You can search a person from his/her name or other features and then get to know about their age too. This happens because Been Verified extract information through their social media accounts which shows the information regarding their age which is quite efficient too.

g). Property Information

At some point, it might be possible that you may come to know about the properties that a person owns. Been Verified tries to avail you all the possible data ethically from the different sources on the internet.

And this is one excellent example of it. To check the financial background of a person Been Verified review is quite positive in this context.

h). Court Judgements

This is another important information which is shown in a report when you conduct a search for some person on Been Verified.

This shows that whether a person is involved in some kind of offenses or not. It also shows the judgment of court on it. So, now you know that whether the person is involved in some kind of civil disputes with people or not.

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This is a lot to know about someone you have never met before and starting new terms with.

i). Tax Liens

According to the results received by Been Verified, through a detailed report or paid add-ons you can see the tax liens of person. This means that it shows the earlier taxes imposed by government on that person which are still due. This shows the financial condition of a person.

This is very important information for those who are going to involve in some financial deals with that person. This add another important fact for Been Verified review.

Where does Been Verified lie?

If you think Been Verified is a site which is unique on its own then you are completely wrong about this fact. Actually, there are various other background check sites too which helps in the background check of a person. Some of them even work for locations outside the USA too.

So to make my point even sure about Been Verified review, I Googles the term “Background Check Website” and I got the results for Been Verified on first page.

But sadly, it was in some of the last options on that page. So that clearly states that Been Verified has some real tough competition with respect to other sites. However, each of the platforms works differently and there are still some of the features which make this site different from the rest but still average only.

The Reality behind Been Verified (Do’s and Don’ts)

This is the section which is going to work as the real eye opener for all the people who have numerous doubts about Been Verified. And this is not a Been Verified review by some people or organization but the words of the company itself.

Just go to this link Here and you are going to know everything about the features of this site. Let me take some of the information out for you to understand it better.

1). Don’ts of Been Verified (Prohibited Uses)

These are the strictly prohibited uses of Been Verified. Doing so can cause you to land up in some serious trouble too. It is completely forbidden in their Terms and Conditions to use such information of a person. The don’ts given below will clear your doubts more regarding Been Verified review.

  • You cannot use Been Verified for screening or evaluation a person for employment or promotion work.
  • Been Verified is not a basis to check the background of your nannies or domestic help.
  • You cannot checkout the financial status or background of your potential tenants through Been Verified.
  • Determining the educational qualification of a person through Been Verified is also prohibited.
  • Been Verified cannot be a basis of issuing a credit card or insurance to someone.
  • You are prohibited to use Been Verified to check the account of a customer for future business transactions.
  • You are not allowed to find out someone’s contact information and then contacting them against their will through Been Verified.
  • It is strictly prohibited to check the whereabouts of a person through Been Verified to stalk them.
  • You cannot steal someone’s identity through this platform.

2). Do’s of Been Verified (Permitted Uses)

The information and points given below are the legal uses of Been Verified. To know more about Been Verified review, you can go through the points given below.

  • You can access the public records available on Been Verified to find out the long lost love of your life. You can also share your story on their site.
  • You can find out the information regarding your potential roommate. It is always good to be safe than sorry.
  • Went on a date for the first time with someone? Check out their information before going on the date.
  • Been Verified is a very trusted platform to find out the current address of someone.
  • You can also check out the information regarding yourself too. It is not silly but important to know that what information is posted about you on what site.
  • You can verify online buyers and sellers through Been Verified.
  • You can retried the public court records through Been Verified.

How Been Varified Works?

Now, another big questions that pops up into the mind of users that how the site functions? I mean from where it derives its information database and how we can extract out information from it? This is really important to dig deep into the functioning of this site for complete Been Verified review.

So, the steps followed by Been Verified are actually very simple but with very less fraction of time involved, it seems like a high tech processing to the users.

Whenever someone conducts a search regarding the information of another person, the site immediately start checking all the sources of public information. This can be social media, commercial sites etc. The site then merges all the information together and present it to the user who demanded it.

There are still some issues reported regarding the privacy of the information on Been Verified. This can be said because the person whose search is being conducted is not notified about it at all.

Well, this can be a big trouble when it comes to the word “Ethical”. There are still some of the facts regarding the working of Been Verified that you will uncover in the next sections of Been Verified review.

Step by step process for been verified search:

As a demo search I am using a random name like “Maria John“. first I need to put first name or last name in the available text field on the page then need to select “Select State”  you can leave this section blank if you don’t know about him then hit “enter“.

They seem to have updated their interface and made it a bit more user-friendly since we last update this piece. Now, once the name and address is entered, a list of record databases is shown:

BeenVerified review

We need to select exactly which database it is we’re trying to access/get information from. The available options include Criminal Records, Contact information, Vehicle details, Properties, Court Records and even Property records among other data. Simply make your choice.

The next page would display the Do(s) and Don’t(s) of Been Verified (as explained in the earlier section). Tick the box if you understand the terms and click on Continue.

BeenVerified review

The next screen would show the search progress. Note that it may take a bit of time depending on the number of databases you’ve selected.

BeenVerified review

Once the search is completed, you’re asked to enter your First and Last Name, followed by an E-mail. This is mandatory. Do enter the information and click on “Access and Continue“.

BeenVerified review

And then finally you’re asked to subscribe to a membership, it can either be the monthly membership or the one for 3-months.

BeenVerified review

No data is displayed, neither is available for downloading without this paid membership. But that’s about it. Once a membership is selected and paid for, the data is presented  to the users.

Final Verdict:

My final verdict regarding Been Verified review is that it is an average background check facility for the people living in USA only. I mean as you have seen, there are various better options available for the same kind of services.

Been Verified cannot be considered as the basis of picking people in interviews, tenants, household work etc. This is a service which is helpful in your personal life only like finding an address of someone, background check of roommate etc.

This service cannot be considered complete or fully reliable but also cannot be called completely false too. I would suggest this site for normal background checks only. In the world of professional checks and business world, Been Verified cannot be a basis to rely upon.

On final note, I would summarize Been Verified review to be an average background check site when you are using it for your personal use only.

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