10 Best Games like Viva Pinata


If you are a fan of life simulation or any other types of simulation genre then I am sure you would love to play these games like Viva Pinata. Those who are already familiar with the concept of this game, they know that it is a wonderful combination of life and farming simulation theme.

10 Best Games like Viva Pinata

There are more games which comes under this category and I hope you would surely want to explore them. So, for such users, here is a list of all such games based on the wonderful theme of simulation mixed with other elements of gaming too.

1. Slime Rancher

Website: http://www.slimerancher.com/

Slime RancherSlime Rancher is amongst the most popular simulation games like Viva Pinata in this list. It is based on the theme of life simulation and adventure too and developed by Monomi Park. This is an open world and first person perspective game which was released in August, 2017.

Being an open world game, Slime Rancher is quite about exploration too. The player assumes the role of Beatrix LeBeau giving this game an element of role playing too.

So, you as a player travels far away from Earth to the place called Far Far Range where you want to live as a Slime Rancher. Now, under this simulation platform you need to do a lot of tasks like exploring the planet, constructing a ranch to take care of the slime.

Other elements of this game involve collecting and raising slimes, feeding and breeding them too. This game is quite like farming but you just need to replace the cattle with Slime here. Slime produces ports which is used for selling in order to get Newbucks which is the in-game currency. You can buy things and upgrade in the game as well.

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2. Stardew Valley

Website: https://stardewvalley.net/

Stardew ValleyNo list of simulation genre games and Viva Pinata video games can be completed without mentioning Stardew Valley in it. It is one of the most successful farming simulation game which also includes the element of role playing in it.

Stardew Valley was released in 2016 and its indie genre is quite attractive where player assumes the role of a character who is so irritated with the corporate lifestyle and decides to take care of his/her grandparent’s farm called Stardew Valley.

You can customize the character a bit and then starts the real indie farming simulation game giving you all sorts of feels about farming and raising livestock in a village. There are other tasks involved like plant and take care of the crops timely, feed cattle, interact with other people, craft various goods and many more.

Interestingly, you would not find this element in other games like Viva Pinata but Stardew Valley also involves romancing and starting a family too. As the game is open ended, you can play it and develop it as long as you want. By selling various crops, you can earn in-game currency which allows you to buy certain things in the game.

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3. Hay Day

Website: http://haydaygame.com/

Hay DayHay Day is unfortunately not available for the PC platform and specially developed as mobile applications only. This is a freemium mobile game centered around the theme of farming simulation which is developed and published by Supercell.

Hay Day was released in 2012 and became so popular in no time. You are going to find the theme of this game quite similar to that of Stardew Valley.

In Hay Day, the player’s uncle is not able to take care of their farm and hence now the player must have to take over the responsibility to run this farm. You are going to find a scarecrow as the supporting element to teach the player about various things.

The game involves tasks like planting crops, selling crops and other products to earn in-game currency, earning experience points etc. The game timely reminds you of other games like Viva Pinata based on the farming theme. As the game proceeds further, new people gets involved who teaches other things to the player like fishing.

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4. FarmVille

Website: http://company.zynga.com/

FarmVilleI am sure that at one point or the other you must have been getting annoyed with the constant FarmVille notifications on Facebook. Well, this simple flash player game has moved quite forward from that platform and now counted amongst the top farming simulation games.

When talking about the genre of Viva Pinata PC games, people generally think they have less choices but that is not the case.

FarmVille is an extremely entertaining simulation game which comes with the element of RPG and social networking too. Before the game starts, player creates an avatar for themselves and now they need to start taking care of a farm. Starting from the scratch, player continuously performs tasks like ploughing, planting etc. for the farm to earn experience points.

There is also in-game currency which is earned in return of selling crops and other products. Quite similar to other games like Viva Pinata, the game continuously grows and so does your farm in the game. Other elements of this game include social interaction, farm expansion, buying decorations through in-game purchases and many more.

Compatible with:   Adobe Flash, HTML 5

5. Animal Crossing: Wild World

Website: https://www.mobygames.com/

Animal Crossing: Wild WorldThis is the second game in the Animal Crossing series and the fifth one for this list of games like Viva Pinata. Developed by Nintendo, this is a social simulation game released in 2005. You are going to love the theme of anthropomorphic animals i.e. talking ones like humans.

This is the best-selling game of Animal Crossing series which features an open ended world and the player assumes the role of a human. You have moved to a new village filled with talking animals.

Now, you are supposed to socialize in this village and perform a number of tasks to bond with the village residents and grow in the game. There are various small activities like collecting items, socialization etc. The game is highly customizable and also works in real time too.

The additional online connectivity allows you to play it with other players and compete. This is the most advanced game of this series and the player has control over various aspects of the game.

Compatible with:   Wii

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6. Flock!


Flock!Despite being a puzzle game, I decided to include Flock in this list of games like Viva Pinata because of its simulation like theme. Flock is developed by Proper Games and released in 2009. You are going to find the elements of social interaction, combat and a lot of other things.

So, the player controls a UFO in this game named The Flocker. Player is supposed to bring back the herding animals to the mothership named The Mother Flocker.

By now you must have understood that Flock is not a traditional simulation game and hence it is also not an open ended game. However, exploration remains the key here too. Now, during this mission of bringing back the animals, the player must have to save them from predators too adding difficulty to the gameplay.

There are various levels in the game too and you can also play it in multiplayer mode too involving cooperative approach.

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7. Family Farm Seaside

Website: https://www.funplus.com/

Family Farm SeasideStarted as a Facebook flash game, now Family Farm Seaside is available in form of mobile applications too. This is one of the top grossing mobile game based on the theme of farming simulation and also incorporates the RPG element in it.

It perfectly matches the criteria for games like Viva Pinata and one thing you are going to love about this game is the amazing visuals and great simulation technology allowing you to do multiple tasks.

As a player you are having a farm near the beach and you are supposed to take care of it along with your family members. You need to plant crops and take care of them timely, feed animals, construct buildings and machineries too. After selling your products you can earn the virtual in-game currency which can be used for making multiple purchases in the game.

Other activities of this game include 150+ achievements to accomplish, mine digging, experimenting in farm laboratories, online competition with other players, complete various quests and missions to earn extra coins, interaction with other people and establishing a good life in the game etc.

Compatible with:  , Flash Player

8. Township

Website: https://www.playrix.com/

TownshipIf you are looking for more games similar to Viva Pinata then Township can be a perfect choice for it. This game is a cross between building simulation and farming simulation games and I am sure you would love to enjoy both the elements in this game.

It is developed and published by Playrix and released in 2013. It firstly started from Facebook flash player game and now expanded to other platforms too.

Before the game starts a brief tutorial guides the player about the gameplay. Now, players starts with a town in starting position. This means player needs to construct various buildings and other amenities in it. Apart from it, farming remains another important aspects and demands you to plant crops and selling them too.

The collaborative aspects of both the elements makes it different from the rest of the games like Viva Pinata and I am sure this highlight of the game makes it even more interesting than others.

Compatible with:   , Facebook

9. MySims Kingdom

Website: https://www.nintendo.com/

MySims KingdomI am sure every simulation game lover is acknowledged with the popular The Sims franchise and MySIms Kingdom is a spin-off of this series only. It is an EA project released in 2008 and moves the story further from The Sims franchise on a different plot.

I am sure this life simulation, single player game is going to turn out to be one of the best option for this list of games like Viva Pinata.

Both the Wii and Nintendo versions have different gameplays and stories. As a whole, I can describe the game centered around the player whose task is to remodel the entire town by constructing various houses, buildings and other infrastructure.

While doing so, player must have to interact with other people of the town too which remains a prime task throughout and helps the player to grow.

Compatible with:  , Wii

10. Happy Farm

Website: http://apps.renren.com/

Another one to join the category of social network type of simulation games like Viva Pinata for pc is Happy Farm. Developed and published by 5 Minutes it was released in 2008. Like most of the game enlisted here, it follows the theme of farm management and simulation.

The game is heavily inspired from Japanese RPG series Story of Seasons and hence you are going to see striking similarities here.

All the features and functions of the game remains the same as in, player starts from scratches in order to improve and develop a farm. Tasks in the game includes growing crops and taking care of them, selling your products in order to earn in-game currency etc.

You can also trade with other people and exchange items and it even includes stealing from your neighbor in order to develop your farm more and vice versa. The game functions quite the way other games like Viva Pinata do and hence it will take no time for you to understand the gameplay.

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Games you should play:


There are some games like Viva Pinata enlisted here which are in form of just mobile applications or Facebook games. You can play these games on Windows and other platform using emulators and flash player respectively.

Considering the growing interest towards simulation games I have mentioned some really interesting and popular names here too. I am sure you would love to explore them for like hours as they are quite related to our day to day lives. There are more such games available or for a change you can also try different sequels of the above mentioned games too.

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