Call Of Duty Warzone Tips And Tricks For Season 3


With the Call of Duty Warzone Season 3, it is time again to refresh on the tricks to ride the game. The tips, such as Warzone hacks, make the hard road towards winning smoother and let one reach the top in no time. Follow this guide to leap towards victory when playing the Call of Duty Warzone Season 3. 

Stop reloading the spam

The newbies are scared and to protect themselves they keep reloading the magazine after just a few shots. This is a major trap. There are 60 shots in the magazine so do not put yourself at risk each time you wait to reload the magazine. Ensure that you get the squad wipe notification which proclaims that you are safe. If you feel that you need to reload before you get the safety signal then get the fire cover for your teammate. 

Do not drop aimlessly

Where you land at the start of the match is a key factor. Check the map to ensure that you are dropping at the right place. If you see the cargo plane getting started then bring out the map to spot where the shrinking gas circle will start. This is a key indicator of where will the people land and this is where you need to aim. With practice, you will be able to strategize the best spot to drop down at. 

Drop fast

For a little head start, pop and cut off your chute which lets you drop faster. Drop from the plane, cut the cord because there is always the option to re-pop the parachute as many times as you wish to. This works to your advantage. It gives you a little boost throwing you aggressively on the ground letting you get to the ground quickly and reach the landing zone of your choice. Also when you cut the parachute you draw the starting pistol which allows you to shoot some of your rivals. You can also drift sideways to cover more grounds without losing out on the altitude. This is amazing to make some long drops and land on a non-crowded spot.

Do not hoard on cash

The game lets you collect money at each stage and you also earn enough money when you finish a contract. There is plenty to be earned but make sure that you do not sit on the cash for long. When you are playing the Battle Royale mode you get no bonus to collect cash and it can only be used to make purchases at the Buy Stations. You can buy cluster strikes, UAVs, loadout drops, and armor plating. It is wise that you spend your money on this stuff because you never know when a UAV may help you win the battle. 

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The final circle location

Once you have the loadout for the team you need to now focus on how to position toward a safe zone and to figure out where the final circle could be. One who is well prepared to face the end has an edge over his enemies. It is however important to keep in mind to not run into the circle directly. This is serious competition. If you move back towards the circle in a straight line then this is suicidal. The rival team will cut you and flank you forcing you to move in an optimal path. Instead, choose to move in a clockwise or an anti-counter motion which will make you a hard target for your rivals. On the contrary, if you see the enemies moving in a straight line towards the circle you know it is time to target them. 

Always share the resources

Warzone can be played solo but it is always best to join a squad and play in the Battle Royale mode. This is where you need to think as a squad. Sharing is important because you are fighting as a team. It makes no sense if you are sitting with full armor and have five plates to spare and on the other hand, your mates have nothing. The same stands true for ammo and cash. Also if you want to buy a loadout market you will have to pool the cash. Playing selflessly is what will lead you and your team to success in the long run. 

Exploiting the Gulag

The best part of playing the Warzone game is that death is not the end. Unless you meet death near the end of the game, you will be sent to the jail or the Gulag where you will have to get into a one-on-one fight to enter back into the battlefield. Thus if you end up losing, then your team can come and rescue you if they have the required money.

In the end!

Do not lose hope. You may have been struggling to win the game but that should not deter you from trying harder. Play sensibly, take your decision critically, and use this handy guide which will ultimately lead you to a win.

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