Top 25 PS4 Multiplayer Games


PlayStation 4 is the most popular gaming console by Sony in the current times, and you can make most of it when you are playing co-op and competitive games on it. In fact, I can help you out with it too. In this section, I am going to talk about the best ps4 multiplayer games which you should play with your friends.

Sometimes, they can be played with as many as 3-4 people together and trust me they are way more fun than the other single player games on this console. You got so many options like PvE, PvP and you can also play in teams which are also kind of fun. You can get to know more about them through the details given below.

Top 25 PS4 Multiplayer Games

This is the time to get involved in the madness of PS4 multiplayer games in the hour-long gaming sessions. But for this, you need to know about the best games too. So, I picked out the 25 best options for you along with their gameplay details, and it is going to help you better in deciding that which the game you want to play first is.

1. FIFA 18


FIFA 18There is no way you cannot include FIFA 18 in the list of PS4 multiplayer games because it is the most loved PlayStation game ever. This is a football simulation game and tops the chart as the 25th installment of FIFA gaming series.

The game simulates all the rules and gameplay of association football, and EA Sports have set up the scenario of the game in a larger than life manner.

FIFA 18 features 52 fully licensed stadiums from 12 countries and 30 generic fields too. The commentary is amazing and repeated by the same people as in earlier games. There are 18 ultimate team icons and a lot of popular and legendary football players too. The game also features women’s team of some of the countries and a lot of different gaming modes too.

2. Knack II


Knack IIKnack II is a type of action platformer game which was released in 2017 especially for the PS4 console. In this game, the player controls the character of Knack who needs to go on in the gameplay in a linear manner by performing certain tasks.

Knack II is available to play in both single-player and cooperative multiplayer mode as well. Such PS4 multiplayer games are even more fun when played with at least 4-6 people together.

Knack can change size, punch, kick, perform combat abilities, etc. Like most of the PS4 multiplayer games, Knack II features the traditional skill tree concept where Knack can improve his the by acquiring the relic energy found in different game levels. The game turned out to be quite an improved version of its earlier installment.

3. Spelunky


SpelunkySpelunky is the next inclusion in this list of PS4 multiplayer games. It is a type of open source platform video game set in an indie theme. Here, the player controls the character of Spelunker who is tasked to explore a series of caves and other paths in the gameplay.

While on his journey, the player needs to collect treasures, fight enemies, dodging traps and save damsels too. Each cave is different from one another which balances the element of surprise for the player.

You can find the influence of many rogue-like games in Spelunky and the final outputs turns out to be pretty great too. This platformer game is even more fun when played in the multiplayer mode. The player can perform a variety of movements in order to defend himself from enemies as well as to move further in the game.

4. Rocket League


Rocket LeagueRocket League is a type of soccer game but not like the typical ones. It is a vehicular soccer game where players are mounted on rocket-powered cars. There are two teams each one having 1-4 players and they need to hit the ball through these rocket-powered cars in order to score in the match.

Rocket League is one of the most popular types of PS4 multiplayer games and also support cross-platform gameplay between PS4 and Windows version.

Apart from hitting the ball through the car, the player can also jump and hit the ball while it is in mid-air. There are other additional aspects of the game like speed boosting by specific areas, ramming into opponent’s car to destroy it and many more such fun things.

5. Overwatch


OverwatchOverwatch is one of the top rated PS4 games, and the critical acclaim that it has received is mainly because of its multiplayer gaming mode. The game features first-person shooter genre which can be played in an only multiplayer mode where two teams are formed each having 6 players in it.

What comes as a surprise is that you get to witness a slight of role-playing element in this game too where you need to choose your character from the given 20 options.

The entire gameplay mainly relies on the element of combat between the opposite teams. Each character has their unique skills and abilities which are mainly used for offense, defense, support, and tank. Overwatch game is a great pick for action lovers.

6. Injustice 2


Injustice 2Injustice 2 is a type of fighting video game which focuses on the attempts of Batman to restore society after the fall of Superman’s time. What makes the game switch into the multiplayer mode is the combined efforts of Batman and Superman to fight against supervillain group The Society.

The game is a fun ride especially for the DC lovers because such PS4 multiplayer games are having comic characters always approaches to more masses of people.

The fighting is done in one-on-one combat manner where they use all DC characters only. From basic attacks to special moves, the player can use the combination of buttons to perform all of them in order to win anyhow.

7. Warframe


WarframeThe next pick amongst the PS4 multiplayer games is Warframe. This is a third person shooter game which can be played for absolutely free. The game features only cooperative multiplayer mode where the player needs to control a race of ancient warriors called The Tenno.

Player has two options for gameplay, i.e., PvE and PvP where content is derived in the form of missions and conclave respectively.

As per the plot is concerned then the missions are spread across different planets of solar system which means as you move from one mission to another, the setting of gameplay gets completely changed. There are side missions available too which can be completed through Pocket Dimension. You need to mainly focus on performing in-game activities in order to earn quest rewards.

8. Helldivers


HelldiversHelldivers is the next addition to this list of PS4 multiplayer games. It comes under the genre of shooter game, but the gameplay is controlled from top-down perspective. The game feature online co-operative multiplayer gaming mode which allows up to 4 players to play together.

You can easily play it just by resting on your couch and this shoot ‘em up game is going to keep you on your edge all the time.

What matters the most during the gameplay is that players need to coordinate their actions to work as a team. As the combat is chaotic, only with full sync, you can complete the objectives of the game. The universe is procedurally generated where you need to fight with three different enemy species in order to save Earth.

9. Alienation


AlienationAlienation is a cusp between the genre of shooting and role-playing which can be played with up to 4 players together in the multiplayer mode. Alienation features isometric two stick shooting element where the players need to defend themselves against an alien attack on earth.

As the game keeps on moving, the level of difficulty also keeps on increasing. This makes Alienation a fun option in the category of PS4 multiplayer games.

Talking about the role-playing element then player is given a choice to pick between 3 character classes where each one has different abilities and skills. Players are allowed to upgrade their weapons and skills as they collect the upgrade cores in the gameplay.

10. Destiny 2


DestinyDestiny 2 amongst the best PS4 games of all time featuring the genre of shooter video game. The gameplay is controlled from the first person, and it can be played in online-only multiplayer mode. Players take the role of a Guardian who is tasked to protect the last safe city of Earth from an alien invasion.

The plot of the game is set in a mythic science fiction world, and it also features some of the role-playing elements too.

The objective of the game is to regain the light of the guardians and defeat various alien races in order to save Earth. The game mainly runs on the Experience Points concept which is gradually collected as the game proceeds and later on can be used for skill upgrades.

11. Divinity: Original Sin 2


Serving as the sequel to Divinity: Original Sin, this one is a typical role-playing game which received universal acclaim. Although the game is more complex than other PS4 multiplayer games, this is what makes it more interactive and fun to play.

The plot of the game is set in the fantasy world of Rivellon which is set centuries after the events of first game took place.

Apart from the character options of the first game, players are also given the option to customize their characters at the start of the game. The player can recruit up to 3 companions to assist which are fully playable. There is also a skill crafting system which allows the player to mix and change the skills timely.

12. Fortnite


Fortnite is the next addition in for this list of PS4 multiplayer games. It is a type of co-operative sandbox game set on the genre of survival. The plot is set in contemporary Earth which is struck with sudden zombie-apocalypse and some of the survivors.

Fortnite allows maximum four players to play together in the cooperative multiplayer mode where they work on various missions and collect resources with the help of a randomly generated map.

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There are two main modes of the game called Fortnite Battle Royale, and PvE saves the world gaming mode. Major elements of the game are exploration, building, crafting weapons and other equipment, searching for items and of course fighting with monsters/zombies. You can find the elements of other games like Minecraft and Left 4 Dead in it.

13. TowerFall


TowerFall is an indie game set on the theme of action and combat. Most of the gameplay takes place in the form of battle Royale where the player can control up to 4 archers. This indicates that the gameplay revolves around archery combat arena genre.

This unique theme makes it different from other PS4 multiplayer games. The game demands the players to kill each other with arrows until a single player remains in the end.

The game is more fun in multiplayer mode because it offers the limited supply of arrows hence rises the difficulty level of the game. There are timely power-ups which reward the players with wings, arrows, and shields to last longer in the game.

14. Monster Hunter: World


An action role-playing game by nature, this game is a part of the popular PS4 multiplayer games series Monster Hunter. Here, the player takes the role of a hunter who is tasked to hunt down and kill/trap the monsters which roams in certain environmental spaces.

For each successful hunt, the player is rewarded with loot which can be used for crafting weapons and other equipment which are important to survive.

The plot is set within high fantasy setting, and the graphics and visuals are a treat to the players. You are going to love this game even more as it features open world concept and hence immense opportunities to the player to explore and discover a lot of things.

15. Smite


To proceed further in the PS4 games list, I have added one more game in it called Smite. This one is a free to play multiplayer online battle arena game. The player controls the character of a god or goddess or other mythological figure from third person perspective.

The player takes place in team-based combat activities on the basis of individual skills and abilities, and they can also take help of the tactics element here. There are two teams where each one has five players in it.

Smite offers huge variety to the player as it features various PvP modes having various playable characters. The combat is organized in the form of various tournaments, but the highlight remains the annual Smite World Championship.

16. Star Wars Battlefront II


As the name points out, Star Wars Battlefront II is based on the popular Star Wars film franchise. It is the 4th installment in Star Wars Battlefront series and based on the genre of action shooting. You can regularly switch between first person and third person shooting when it comes to controlling the gameplay.

The character classification of the game is mainly derived from the movies The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi. In fact, heroes, weapons, locations, and villains are also derived from these movies only.

Talking about the game as one of the PS4 multiplayer games, then you get 5 different modes to play in it. Where the largest one supports up to 40 players at the same time.

17. Payday 2


Payday 2 is a type of first-person shooting game featuring cooperative multiplayer gaming mode along with the usual single-player mode. The game makes an excellent pick in the category of PS4 multiplayer games and also features the element of stealth in it.

As a player you can either choose to be a member of a gang to perform heist or you can also be with 3 other players to play the game in multiplayer mode.

Compared to the previous installment, you get more options for character customization, and you can also perform a variety of heists too. You get more options in terms of character and gaming mode as compared to other PS4 multiplayer games.

18. Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End


Uncharted 4 is a type of action adventure game which features the character of Nathan Drake as the protagonist. The player has the objective to search for a treasure, and in the multiplayer mode, some new characters also join him in this quest.

The gameplay is divided into various levels which are quite larger and more open as compared to the previous installments.

Exploration and combat go hand in hand and makes the game more fun and better than other PS4 multiplayer games. It is controlled from third person perspective and also features platforming elements too because of some linear exploration. The protagonist can jump, run, swim, climb and can perform a variety of actions to proceed further in the game.

19. Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2


Plants vs. Zombies is a really popular game series and this installment called Garden Warfare 2 is based on the genre of third-person shooting. The game also incorporates the features of tower defense game and makes perfect choice in the list of PS4 multiplayer games.

Most of the gameplay remains similar to the earlier installment only that you get 8 more options when it comes to plants and zombies classes.

The multiplayer mode of the game is pretty massive which features up to 24 players in one game. There are multiple gaming modes, and each character classes also has their different abilities adding more versatility in the game. Free additional content is timely added to the game.

20. Battlefield 1


The next addition amongst best PS4 games is Battlefield 1. Contrary to its name, it is the 15th installment in Battlefield series. The game belongs to the genre of shooting where the player controls everything from the first-person perspective.

The game mainly emphasizes on team work and set on the theme of World War I. You are going to see the reflections of a lot of historical events in this game along with their related weapons too.

The game also introduces melee combat and provides melee weapons for it too. Apart from multiplayer, players got the option of single player campaign mode too but I think you should play it in multiplayer mode only. This mode has more versatility and more fun too.

21. Gran Turismo Sport


Gran Turismo Sport is a racing game and 13th game in the Gran Turismo gaming series. The game features two modes which are Sports Mode and Arcade Mode.

You also get to enjoy online racing in this game. Gran Turismo Sport derives most of the content from earlier games but also features some brand new elements too. Talking about the versatility, the player got 177 cars options, 19 locations, and 27 configuration options.

FIA Gran Turismo online Championship, The National Cups, Manufacturer Cup, Partnership, etc. are some of the highlights of the game.

22. Far Cry 5


The next one for the series of PS4 multiplayer games is Far Cry 5. This is a combination of the genre of action adventure and first-person shooting. The plot takes place in the fictional Hope County, Montana. The player takes the role of an unnamed Junior Deputy who is tasked to liberate county.

The game is set in open world environment which makes it thousands times better than other games here. Also the major part of the game is all about exploration which makes it even more fun.

In fact, in Far Cry 5 player also gets the option to customize their character’s appearance. When it comes to fighting with enemies, the player is given a variety of explosives and other weapons for it.

23. Resident Evil 5


Also known as Biohazard 5, Resident Evil 5 is a very popular game. This is a shooter game controlled from third person perspective, and it is the 7th installment in Resident Evil game series. Here the player can control either Chris Redfield or Sheva Alomar as they investigate a terrorist group.

In the multiplayer mode, you can use both the characters. The player is provided a variety of weapons which are mainly different types of guns as the game is mainly about shooting.

The game mainly introduces quick time events and goes in the fashion of melee combat. There are timely boss battles, and you can also go for upgrading your weapons with the help of money and treasure collected in the gameplay.

24. Rayman Legends


Moving on with the next type of PS4 multiplayer games, we have Rayman Legends to enlist here. This is a platform video game and also the fifth installment in Rayman series. So, this critically acclaimed game is derived largely from its predecessor called Rayman Origins.

Talking about the characteristics of multiplayer mode then up to 4 players can enjoy it all together where all of them make way through various levels together.

You need to collect Lums and help in freeing captured Teensies as they unlock new worlds. In the playable character options, you have Rayman, Teensies, Globox and a new female character called Barbara and her sisters. The game moves in a linear fashion where players need to keep on defeating enemies and moving on forward.

25. Diablo III


If you do not have any idea about such kind of best multiplayer PS4 games, then there is no point of you having PS4. Diablo III is the dungeon crawler ultimate action packed game which comes with the features of role playing too.

You got 7 character classes to choose from where each one of them is completely different from one another on the basis of skills and abilities.

You need to mainly focus on the stats of weapons, armors and their damage points because it can lead you to some troubles if they go low. There are various bonus points decided which largely depends on your performance and actions. But above all, the graphics used in the game are a treat to watch.

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No matter if all of them are the types of PS4 multiplayer games, they differ from each other on a lot of bases. The format, genre, visuals, gameplay, theme, rules and regulations and there are hundreds of other things more which differentiates them and make each one of them an entertaining piece of creation.

With the mixture of online co-op mode and split screen effect, I am sure you are going to love them especially when you have to play them just by sitting on your couch. So, get ready to enjoy the best creations done for PS4 in the form of these multiplayer games.

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