10 Best Games like Agario (Agar.io Alternative)


Games like Agario: Agario has been a huge hit even since its release in 2015 as a browser game. However, the game proved to be so interesting that developers had to release its iOS and Android versions too.

If you want more games like Agario then you would have to check out the list given below.

Top 10 Games like Agario

Agario is basically a cell game where the bigger ones eat the smaller ones and increase their masses. It is a great time killing the multiplayer game. Still, if you have this urge to check out more Agario like games then have a look at the list given below.

1). Slither.io

Download App: Android, iOS

How can someone be not knowing about this game? Slither.io is one of the most played games like Agario in this section. It was released in 2016 as a browser game. But with its success developers released this game in form of Android and iOS games too.

The developers of this game Steve Howse never thought that Slither.io is going to become a household name so soon. Feeling bored? Just go on to play this game online and forget everything else. You may not even realize that when you spent an entire hour or two while playing this super entertaining game.

The best part about slither.io is its multiplayer gaming version. Because of this, you lack no interest in playing this game over and over again. You are presented as a worm or snake and you need to eat color pallets of other players.

You tend to increase in size by doing so. You must not collide with other snakes because you would die by this and your game will start from the beginning once again. It is one of the most entertaining games like Agario in this

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2). Blobble.io

Website: http://iogames.space/

The creators of IO games had an imagination power that refused to stop even after creating so much of fun games. Another one to be included in this list of games like Agario is Blobble.io.

The fun quotient in each game remains the same and most of the time strategical planning too. What changes is the concept and process of the game? The basic task that you need to do in this game is protect your base. It is depicted in form of a circle of your focus.

There are different towers and barriers around your base which work as the protection scheme. Along with saving your own base you need to conquer the bases of other players too. This will increase your powers and will make you superior to others.

You can create weapons to kill enemies, this will add up in your score slowly. These points will help you to form a defense mechanism around you. For the powerful enemies, you can even create canyons too. Isn’t it sound like a super hit action movie theme?

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3). Tank.io

Download App: Android, iOS

Don’t tell me you have not played tank.io yet? Come on, how could someone stay away from such an amazing games like Agario. Well, if you haven’t played it yet then you can play it now. There is no rocket science or strict rules but just fun and lots and lots of entertainment.

It is a famous multiplayer game where you can show off to your friends that who is the boss. Maximum 6 players can play this game together. All you have to do in this game is just defeat your enemy tank by throwing off amazing powers on it.

As you start winning in this game, you tend to unlock new features and new skins of the tanks in it. This is like play it, have it kind of game that you would surely enjoy a lot. This is one of the most entertaining kinds of games like Agario enlisted here.

Apart from being a browser game now you can even play it on Android and iOS devices too. This adds the icing on the cake for all the game lovers out there.

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4). Mitos.is

Download App: Android, iOS

Firstly, what you have to do is just focus on the name of this game. Isn’t it remind you of some scientific term? Well, yes it reminds of the process of mitosis where a single cell divided into two equal and identical cells and this process goes on.

Somewhat the similar happens in this game too. You play as a cell in this game. You need to eat as much other small cells as possible for you. But you would have to take care that other cells bigger than you do not end up eating you otherwise you would lose the game.

It is a multiplayer game and this adds more fun into it. You would also have to take care that you do not eat a virus. By doing so, you would end up splitting in so many small cells and you would have to start playing this game all over again. This game is really fun and quite similar to other games like Agario.

You can play it with your friends and have so much fun together.

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5). Rects.io

Website: http://rects.io/

Another important addition in this list of games like Agario is Rects.io. Why you would love this game is because of its divide and rule strategy. Yes, you heard me right. If that sounds like a major intense movie’s dialogue then it is not because we are talking about some real fun out here.

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In this game, all you need to do is claim the territory as large as possible and as far as possible. You need to first divide some of the lands and mark it up. Now, you just need to mix it up in your territory.

But wait, there is a twist. Being a real-time multiplayer game, other people online will also be playing this. And this means, your own territory is in some serious danger. So, apart from expanding your area, you would have to protect it too.

This is what the beauty of such games like Agario. Well, the reason that you would love this game because of its uber-cute visuals and playing strategy. I can assure you that you would not feel bored of it at all.

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6). Wings.io

Download App: Android, iOS

We are talking about the famous action games like Agario and not including wings.io would be a great mistake in it. This game was released in 2015 and it is developed by wingsio. Firstly, it was developed only for the perspective of a browser game. But its popularity compelled the developers to go for Android and iOS versions too.

So, here we are talking about this wonderful game here. I think we have had enough of the ground games, battle games, territory games and worm games. Now, we are talking about the bigger deal here in form of wings.io.

This game is set out in space and you are going to play as a plane. Isn’t it exciting as compared to other ground games? Well, at least I think so.

This 2D shooter game is all about fighting and killing. You would have to shoot out other planes who are the other players which mean, you get the advantage of the multiplayer game. But in the spree of shooting others, don’t forget to protect your plane too.

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7). Ovar.io

Website: https://www.miniclip.com/

How did it sound like to you when you first heard the name of this game? Well, I know you must be thinking about some serious biology terms, right? You are right, this game is driven by biology just like the mitos.is game. But that does not stop these games from being extremely interesting and crazy.

You must have known the concept of ovary and sperms? Well, you just need to do the same out here too.

If you want to play something weird and different from the rest of the games like Agario then this can be your cup of tea. You will be playing as a sperm in this game just like other players online. This is a real-time game and you are going to get some serious competition out here.

You need to fertilize as many ovaries as you can before any other sperms. You get different boosters timely which increase your powers. You need to make sure that your tail does not collide with other sperms and this would keep you going in such games like Agario.

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8). Gungame.io

Website: http://gungame.io/

This game is quite good in terms of visuals as compared to the games like Agario enlisted here. You get to see yourself in a completely different galaxy which is full of asteroids and powerful enemies. This is a real-time browser type game which also has multiplayers facility.

Involve as many friends of yours as possible to have the best gaming experience even with gungame.io.

This is more of an attack and win kind of game rather than strategy based. You need to kill as many enemies as possible by the help of your weapons. You start from a point where you have very little powers but as soon as your kill other players, your weapons and powers tend to increase rapidly.

You can make strategies and get befriend other players to play in teams. This will increase the fun of this game too and you can survive in this game for the longer duration.

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9). Hexagor.io

Website: http://hexagor.io/

Hexagor.io is one of the most loved games like Agario because of its uniqueness. This game is solely based on strategies and planning. Each step must be taken with care otherwise you will be eliminated out and you would have to start all over again.

Like various games listed out here, you need to protect your territory in this game. Like blobble.io, you need to form a base land first to claim your existence in this game. This is a multiplayer game which means it can be quite challenging to play with other players all around you.

You need to form towers and barriers to protect your base land from others. While you are protecting your base, you need win some other territories too. You just need to attack on the other players’ base and their territories will be yours.

In such games like Agario, the same applies to you too. Once the enemies will destroy your base land then all your territories will be deleted.

10). Supersnake.io

Download App: Android, iOS

Move over slither.io because we have got supersnake.io in the town of games like Agario. This is kind of the similar game to slither.io but with more difficulties and complexities. Firstly, it was introduced as a browser game only but later on it came up as Android and iOS applications too.

In the earlier snake games, where you were not allowed to touch other players, here the rules are a bit more. You must not touch your own tail, walls and other players too. This would directly kill you and you will be out of the game.

All you have to do in such games like Agario is eat as many dots as you can. By gulping down each dots, your size will get bigger. You must keep in mind that as the size of the snake increases, the game tends to become more complex.

This game is more interesting that other ones because of its tough rules. This makes the game even more interesting and challenging and hence more players join it.

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There is no end to the entertainment when we are talking about games like Agario. They are fast paced and superb time killing. Online games like Agario are the best choice for people who like games without too much of rules and regulations.

These games like Agario online are developing a huge interest among the target audience of teens. You must try them once and you will come to know why.

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