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Cryptocurrencies are the demands of the current market but without much needed information you cannot afford to invest in them. And this is why sites like CoinMarketCap are there to help you out in it. The prices of these digital currencies are every changing and these platforms track them in real time basis.

In fact, not only tracking but getting to know about their prices in Dollars and Bitcoin is what they do mostly. Their use is more than that and to discover everything about the current cryptocurrencies or the one entering the market, you need to keep up with such sites.

Top 10 Sites like CoinMarketCap

Not every site provide authentic and real time information about the changing stats of these currencies especially converted in form of Bitcoin prices. This is why I picked the top options of sites like CoinMarketCap which goes hand in hand with time and shows the most recent volume being traded. You can get to know more about them through the information given below.

1. CoinLib

Website: https://coinlib.io/

CoinLibCoinLib is although a newer addition as one of the sites like CoinMarketCap but in no time it grew like crazy and currently regarded as the top destination to check real-time prices of all types of cryptocurrencies. In fact, it was just launched out of curiosity but the clean navigation and mobile friendly website made it a huge hit.

CoinLib provides all the related information like Crypto prices, charts, ranking, portfolios, exchanged amount, real-time tracking and many more.

You can find a lot of cryptocurrency options here like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, Cardano and many more. You can see the prices of these currencies in USD or any other currency because the site has maintained its versatility to aid the visitors from around the globe.

You can also check out current news regarding cyptos and use their tools like coins comparison, portfolio, global charts, price explorer etc. to keep you knowledge on point. They also show total market consumption in real time along with Bitcoin dominance in it and trust me they work like a pro in this field.

2. CryptoCompare

Website: https://www.cryptocompare.com/

CryptoCompareThere are thousands of companies out there working to track the real-time analysis of cryptocurrencies but it is really important to trust the authentic ones only and CryptoCompare is definitely one of them. It is one of the most reliable CoinMarketCap alternatives and has been working since 2014.

At CryptoCompare, they people keep a track of 65 top cryptocurrencies from all over the globe and tries to present their real-time data in form of a chart.

To name a few, you can find complete details of cryptos like Bitcoin, EOS, Tronix, Ripple, Ethereum, DigitalCash and many more. You just need to sign up with them to enjoy the complete benefit of a variety of features of this website. Check the “My Portfolio” section for complete details of your purchase.

You can exchange the current possessions of crypto in other currencies and can also calculate their prices too. CryptoCompare provides all the information and features like the rest of the sites like CoinMarketCap without even charging a single penny for it.

3. Live Coin Watch

Website: https://www.livecoinwatch.com/

Live Coin WatchNext addition for this list of sites like CoinMarketCap is Live Coin Watch. I am sure you must have heard its name because of the popularity that it holds. It made its debut in just end of 2017 and instantly won over the crypto lovers all because of the features that it offers.

First of all talking about the layout and interface of the website then it is just superb. You can adjust the day and night mode and also opt for fullscreen mode too.

The signup process is absolutely free and then keep your eyes glued to the real-time changing prices of a variety of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin Cash, EOS, Bitcoin, Ripple, TRON, Dash, NEM and many more. You can change their prices in USD or in some other currency formats too.

The real-time charts are also available and you can also see the Korean market stats here too. Some of the features of Live Coin Watch are market capacity, Crypto dominance, last 24 hours trading volume, price history, exchange websites support, and many more.

4. CoinGecko

Website: https://www.coingecko.com/en

CoinGeckoIt is always smart to compare various digital currencies and then buy the best one. And this is why you need to use CoinGecko because they not only focus on the trending cryptocurrencies but also takes into account the ones which are being launched every month.

CoinGecko works excellently like the rest of the sites like CoinMarketCap and provides a statistical data chart of all the cryptos in the world.

With this 360 degree analysis of the currencies you can get to know about their prices, last 24 hours consumption, market capacity, market dominance, their market chart and many more information about them. Check the prices in terms of other currencies or exchange your current possessions in other forms, you can access all these services on CoinGecko.

However, when you will compare CoinGecko with other such sites, you will realize that they have added less coin varieties on their platform. This is because they are relatively new in this field and still in their beta form. But I think they are still worth using because of the leading crypto are featured here.

5. Onchain Finance

Website: https://onchainfx.com/

Onchain FinanceThe next pick amongst the sites like CoinMarketCap is Onchain Finance or Onchainfx. This is a digital currency asset metrics and a market ranking site. You should always keep in mind that these sites work as a research tool only and that you cannot use them for trading.

Here at Onchainfx, you get to know about the complete detailed analysis of cryptocurrencies like Ripple, Bitcoin, EOS, NEO, Dash, Monero and many more.

The site tries to keep up with the real-time statistics only but some mini-seconds fraction might occur. Under the features of this site you can keep a track on price in USD or other currency, last 24 hours stats, market cap, market volume, daily movers, crypto index, price in BTC and many more.

Like the rest of the cryptocurrency Coin Market Cap sites, Onchainfx also does not charge anything for its services. In fact, you are not even supposed to register here too. Their platform is ideal for mobile browsing which makes it much desirable than other options.

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6. Coin Ranking

Website: https://coinranking.com/

Coin RankingA cryptocurrencies price tracker and statistical data analyzer, Coin Ranking makes the next cut into the list of sites like CoinMarketCap. This platform is more popular for its exchange services rather than just providing data about a variety of digital currencies.

On Coin Ranking, you can get to know about the complete information of cyptos like LiteCoin, EOS, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano and many more.

If you want to access the complete information regarding a specific type of currency then you can click on it. The site will display an elaborated chart showing the varying price of that cryptocurrency over the time. Apart from it, price in terms of USD or some other currency system, 24 hours consumption and market cap are the stats you can check from here.

In fact, if you want to exchange your crypto possession in terms of another crypto then click on exchange option for it and 0.5% will be charged for it. It is completely anonymous and you are not even supposed to register here too.

7. Cryptowatch

Website: https://cryptowat.ch/

CryptowatchIf you are aware about the popular cryptocurrency exchange service Kraken then you should know that Cryptowatch is owned by Kraken. This makes it even more trustworthy but here is a little something which you should know about this platform.

Cryptowatch is not free to use. You just have 14 days for the trial period but afterwards you would have to but the membership which is going to cost you $15 per month. But this makes you eligible for exchange service too.

Talking about the main features of Cryptowatch then these are full real-time information about more than 400 types of digital currencies, interesting interface, last 24 hours chart, display settings, customization, the variety of themes and many more.

Although Cryptowatch is the only paid service amongst the rest of the sites like CoinMarketCap it does provide great services too. In fact, it has grown a lot since it was launched in 2014 and I think you should definitely use it in its trial period to get to know about its services.

8. Coincap

Website: https://coincap.io/

CoincapThe next alternative to CoinMarketCap is Coincap. The good news about this website is that it provides amazing mobile applications to provide better accessibility experience. And this is why they get a big fat thumbs up from my side.

They track the movement of cryptocurrencies in real time and provide a very detailed market sheet which is really helpful in this ever-changing crypto market.

This is a very leading and quite reliable platform when it comes to crypto price tracking. You have the option to change the crypto price in whichever currency form you want and you can enjoy all these services for absolutely free too. In fact, they also provide all the necessary news related to digital market too.

Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, EOS are some of the names of the cryptocurrencies whose details are mentioned here. In fact, you can also buy and sell the crypto you possess with the help of third party service provider on this website.

9. CoinCodex

Website: https://coincodex.com/

CoinCodexWhether it is about keeping a watch over the ever changing prices of Bitcoin or keeping an eye on new release of Altcoin, now you can keep up with the digital world through CoinCodex. It provides detailed analysis for more than 1500 types of digital coins.

In fact, the site is not restricted to marketwatch only, but you can use such sites like CoinMarketCap as the medium of exchange between two digital currencies too.

They have this really amazing mobile friendly interface and you can star mark your favorite digital currency option to directly access its details from your watchlist. However, all these features only work when you opt to get yourself registered with them which is a completely free process.

All your details and related information are displayed in the Portfolio section which also shows the purchases you made. You can also see the digital currency prices in terms of whichever currency form you want and there are many more features available here to use.

10. CoinCheckup

Website: https://coincheckup.com/

CoinCheckupCoincCheckup is the next and final pick for this series of sites like CoinMarketCap. It is always better to evaluate something before investing in it and CoinCheckup serves as the best tool when it comes to investing in cryptocurrencies.

A real-time analysis tool is very important when it comes to the highly risky market of digital currencies and CoinCheckup serves as a very detailed platform for variety of digital coins.

Prices, market consumption, 24 hours volume, market chart, current price, equivalent USD price, dominance etc. are some of the stats which are displayed for each of the currency. Some of the form of digital currencies you can find here are Ripple, Ethereum, Bitcoin, Stellar, NEO and many more.

You can also switch to trading and exchange platforms with the help of CoinCheckup. In fact, it also serves as a prediction tool too.

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The riskiest thing about this digital currency market is having less knowledge about it and this is the main reason you need to know about more and more sites like CoinMarketCap. If you want to make big in cryptocurrency world then keeping up with the stats is really important.

Bitcoin is not the only crypto we have right now. In fact, each day new currencies are making their debut in the market and you should definitely know about them. From the movement of currencies to market graph, now gain every type of knowledge through these authentic websites.

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