10 Best Platformer Game of All Times


Usually regarded as action games, the platformer games are kind of a lost story now. But of course, classics never go out of fashion and this is why I came up with an idea of compiling the best platformer game of all time for you people.

Everyone who is an avid gamer would know that platformer games are all about jumping, dodging attacks, passing through obstacles etc. Over the time we saw some improvements too but the basic concept remains the same. However, it is good to ditch the technicality of MMORPGs once in a while and opt for the classics. So, here we go!

Top 11 Best Platformer Game

This time I went a step ahead to decide to give a bonus to you people. So, breaking the list of 10, I am going to talk about 11 best platformer games of all time which are surely so much fun to play. And of course, adding another bonus, I have also mentioned their links so that you guys can buy them directly from there.

1. LittleBigPlanet

Buy Game:  Website: http://www.littlebigplanet.com/

LittleBigPlanetI have mentioned LittleBigPlanet in earlier sections too all because of the fact that the game is quite popular. This puzzle platform video game is all about the adventure of the protagonist named Sackboy and can be played in both single player and multiplayer gaming modes.

What makes it a pick amongst the best platformer game is its sandbox type graphics along with the typical essence of platforming. However, the major gameplay revolves around jumping and running by Sackboy.

LBP also includes user-generated content which further expands the scope of continuous development in the game. More than its gameplay, LBP is popular for its graphics, sound and the physics applied to the action of the game. In fact, to add more control in the hands of user, they people implemented customization options for costume and features of the character.

So, as I earlier mentioned that you need to take control of Sackboy and lead him through different levels in the game. Although the levels are pre-built but you can always customize the nature and player’s character to develop new levels and objects in the game. In fact, you can also share with other players in the game online.

Compatible with – PS3

2. Super Meat Boy

Buy Game:  Website: http://www.supermeatboy.com

Super Meat BoyTaking the flash game named Meat Boy a step ahead, the developers introduced this best platformers of all time called Super Meat Boy. Available to play in single player mode only, this platform game demands the player to take the character of Meat Boy.

Unlike other games, the protagonist’s character has been kept low key where Meat Boy has been displayed as a red cube-shaped character only.

The objective of the game for Meat Boy is to rescue his girlfriend from the antagonist of the game, Dr. Fetus. This one is going to be a long journey for the gamers as the game is consisted of 300 levels where the player needs to take fast decisions in order to get saved from various obstacles.

They have maintained the essence of the typical best platformer game by restricting player’s action to running and jumping only. In order to create more versatility in the game, the developers allowed user-generated content and hence you can play more user-created levels by downloading them for free.

Compatible with – Xbox 360, Windows, Linux, OS X, PS4, PS Vita, Wii U, Nintendo Switch

3. Shantae: Half Genie Hero

Buy Game:  Website: http://www.shantaehgh.com/

Shantae: Half Genie HeroWith “generally favorable reviews”, the score which Half Genie Hero of Shantae game series acquired was good enough to include it in the list of best platform game. Taking the fourth place in game series, Half Genie Hero provides only single player gameplay mode to the users.

In order to maintain the authenticity, the recurring protagonist character of Shantae returns to the game who is a half genie.

Having the presence of female character in the game makes it even more unique and fun. Shantae can use her hairs to whip to attack enemies. According to the linear gameplay of the game, Shantae obtains various dances which helps her to transform into various forms. These forms have different skills and abilities which helps Shantae to reach to the inaccessible areas of the game too.

These forms include elephants, monkey and even bat too which helps Shantae in all sorts of situations. Interestingly, these forms can be upgraded in the game which brings new skills in them. There are various stages in the game which can be replayed too to obtain new items and score in the game.

Compatible with – Windows, PS4, PS Vita, Wii U, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch

4. Rayman Legends

Buy Game:  Website: http://rayman.ubi.com/

Rayman LegendsRayman Legends serves as the fifth title in the Rayman Series and fun enough to be regarded as one of the best platform games. Introducing both single player and multiplayer gameplay modes in it, Everything added up further to make the game a critically acclaimed piece of fun and entertainment.

Rayman Legends introduces the choice of up to four players to play simultaneously in the game where they need to go through the various levels in order to win over it.

Taking a page from the book of its earlier game in the series called Rayman Origins, the game serves as its direct sequel and takes the story a step ahead of it. There are some new elements too which can be seen as new female character Barbara and her sister.

In order to make them playable, you have to free them in one of the stages after which you can use them to play along. Other aspects of the game include defeating enemies, collecting Lums and passing through the difficulties of the level.

Although the game sticks to the typical style of best platformer game but its style, visuals, and user control options are something which makes it worth playing.

Compatible with – Windows, Nintendo Switch, PS3, PS4, PS Vita, Wii U, Xbox 360, Xbox One

5. Sonic the Hedgehog

Buy Game:  Website: http://www.sega.com/

It was actually impossible to ditch one of the Sonic game in this category of best platformer game. Let me tell all the gamers who are feeling confused that I picked the 1991 edition rather than special edition of the same name which was released in 2006.

Keeping the protagonist character of anthropomorphic hedgehog name Sonic the same, the game introduces the objective of the game where Sonic needs to defeat the antagonist Dr. Robotnik.

This antagonist is keeping the animals imprisoned in robots and has also stolen the magical Chaos Emerald. So your task is going to free all the animals as well retrieve the emerald too. To maintain the health of the character, Sonic needs to collect rings. For this Sonic can use jumping and attacking elements.

It is not too hard to make out that the game is quite inspired from Super Mario series but of course, both the games have different objectives and levels.

Compatible with – Sega Genesis, Master System, Android, Apple TV, iOS, Nintendo 3DS, Game Boy Advance, Game Gear, Windows

6. Jet Set Radio

Buy Game:  Website: https://store.steampowered.com/

Jet Set RadioJet Set Radio or Jet Grind Radio is the kind of action based platform game which is worthy enough to be included amongst the best platformers of all time. Going to the root of only single player gaming mode, the player is supposed to control the gang of youths.

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These young characters skate around the streets of fictional Tokyo on inline skates, making graffiti and then trying to escape from the authorities who are coming behind them.

The game features more like a cartoonish kind of visuals because of using cel-shaded visuals. To be true, I think Subway Surfers is heavily inspired from this game. However, the ultimate goal of this game is to tag every graffiti spot in each area before the time runs out.

What makes it one of the best platformer game is that it demands to pursue variety of objectives at the same time like escaping from authorities, making graffiti and also keeping up with the time too. While going through the course of the gameplay you can also unlock new playable characters in the game too.

Compatible with – Dreamcast, PS Vita, Android, iOS, Game Boy Advance, Java ME, Windows, PS3, Xbox 360

7. Super Metroid

Buy Game:  Website: https://www.mobygames.com/game/super-metroid

Super MetroidI think Super Metroid is the only one in this list of best platformer game which brings the typical character of side-scrolling into it. It features the genre of action and adventure and was introduced as the third installment of the Metroid series.

Especially created for the console of Super NES, the game takes the story forward from the earlier GameBoy installment called Metroid II: Return of Samus.

The game brings the recurring character of Samus Aran as the protagonist whose objective is to retrieve an infant Metroid from planet Zebes which was stolen by space pirate Ridley. As the developers wanted to make a difference this time, they made this one a pure action game and also worked on the appearance of the protagonist character Samus too.

Despite being a 2D game, Super Metroid was praised for its atmosphere and superb visuals and people also noticed the fact that how the game transitions from one sequence to another smoothly. Being an open world game, Super Metroid became a game changer amongst other platform games.

Compatible with – Super NES

8. Limbo

Buy Game:  Website: http://playdead.com/games/limbo/

Limbo can be called one of its kind of development amongst other best platform games. This puzzle platform game brings the essence of 2D, side-scrolling just like the earlier game in this list. Featuring a single player gaming mode, the game moves around strict physics system which also affects environmental objects as well as the actions taken by player.

So, according to the main story of the game, the protagonist is an unnamed boy who searches for his sister. But for this, he needs to go through a dangerous environment and deadly traps too.

In order to include the characteristics of trial and death, the developer made the death of the player gruesome which eradicates the scope of mistake by the player. Any unworkable solution instantly leads to the death of the player which adds to the difficulty of the game too.

They have kept the environment of the game minimalist and displayed it in black and white tones. But instead of making the game dull, this effect brings out the best of the game and makes it the best platformer game of all time. Limbo is also compared to the video games developed as an art form which surely induces curiosity amongst the gamers who haven’t played it yet.

Compatible with – Xbox 360, PS3, Windows, OS X, Linux, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, iOS, Android, PS4, PS Vita,

9. Banjo Kazooie

Buy Game:  Website: http://marketplace.xbox.com/

Banjo KazooieThis game is the first one in the series of Banjo Kazooie which revolves around the story of a bear Banjo and a bird Kazooie. The major objective of the game depends upon the joint efforts of Banjo and Kazooie where they try to stop an evil witch Gruntilda who wants to switch her beauty with Banjo’s sister Tooty.

First of all, the story and gameplay of Banjo Kazooie is way different from other best platform game which also makes it fun and unpredictable too.

Secondly, the visuals are great and the process is engaging. You get to pass through the nine levels of the game which are arranged in nonlinear fashion. The game mainly exhibits the characteristics of a puzzle game and where Banjo and Kazooie needs to gather the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle.

However, solving puzzles is not the only element of the game and it also features other difficulties too like jumping over obstacles, defeating enemies and collecting items which are being featured through the course of the game.

Compatible with – Nintendo 64, Xbox 360

10. Shovel Knight

Buy Game:  Website: http://yachtclubgames.com/shovel-knight/

Shovel KnightWe are back with 2D side scrolling game with Shovel Knight which is also one of the best platformers of all time. Shovel Knight is a critically acclaimed game which has also won several awards too. Talking about the gameplay, then you are going to find it inspired from the games developed for Nintendo Entertainment System.

Being an action game, the game features both single player and multiplayer gaming modes while featuring 8-bit graphical style in the game.

The game demands the player to take the role of an eponymous protagonist who is on a journey of collecting treasure and fighting against the order of no quarter. The protagonist can use his shovel to attack the enemies and also to dig the treasure too.

Each level of the game has a salesman character hidden which can be used to buy secondary items bringing limited element of magic in the game like long-range projectiles, gloves, locket etc. The concept is quite different from other best platformer game which makes the game a must to play.

Compatible with – Amazon Fire TV, Wii U, Xbox One, Windows, Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo Switch, OS X, Linux, PS3, PS4, PS Vita

11.  Braid

Buy Game:  Website: http://braid-game.com/

Braid is the kind of puzzle based best platform game having the scope of being played in single player mode. Taking cues from the concept of Super Mario, the game revolves around the protagonist character Tim who is on a mission to rescue a princess from a monster.

However, Braid is way different when it comes to visuals and gameplay. Throughout the game, text passages are displayed which work as narratives and also helps in giving clues to Tim.

Along with bringing the essence of typical platform games, Braid also focus on time manipulation element too. As the game is based on the puzzle theme, Tim is supposed to keep on progressing and collecting the pieces of jigsaw puzzles in the game.

Talking about the controls given to the player to lead Tim, then they are mostly the usual ones like jumping, running and climbing across the walls. In order to access the level completely, Tim can focus on collecting keys which unlock new doors bringing versatility to the game. Taking on the six worlds of the game, player needs to keep on utilizing his special skills in order to stay alive.

Compatible with – Windows, Xbox 360, OS X, Linux, PS3


Although the genre of platformer games has become a path less traveled these days, all thanks to the MMORPGs and action games but still, you can find amazing diversity in it. I mean, taking a look at the subgenres belonging to these best platformers games, I realized there are plenty of them like puzzle, run and gun, isometric, endless running and much more.

I know you guys would have been wondering that why did I not include the iconic Mario game in the series? Well, I think people are well-aware about it and I think they should better move on to other games too because there are seriously plenty of amazing platformers games out there.

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