10 Best Games like Second Life


It is so hard to replicate or make games like Second Life but still, there are some option where you can find the similarities in terms of theme and gameplay. Second Life is basically a virtual world where there are a lot of sources of entertainment and fun to have.

10 Best Games like Second Life

If you are someone who is done with playing stereotypical games then I think you should move to these online MMORPG and virtual world games. These are way more fun and way diverse than the regular games that you play and of course the connecting with other player element is something which is kind of rare too.


Website: http://www.imvu.com/

IMVUThe first one in this list of games like second life is IMVU. You must have earlier played or utilizes this platform as this one is quite popular. This is an online virtual world or metaverse as they say which was launched in 2004.

With more than 4 million registered users on its platform, IMVU is the biggest online community which servers for various purposes to people.

So, as a user what you are supposed to do here is to create a 3D avatar of yourself to meet new people. You can chat with them, play games and create your own virtual world on it. It also has the largest virtual good catalog too with its own virtual currency and credit system.

You can also use actual currency to purchase the promo credits in the game too. There are a lot of customization features available for the users here on whose basis they can create their world and personalize it. It is actually kind of fun to use this platform and make sure that you use your actual currency wisely here.

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2. Entropia Universe

Website: http://www.entropiauniverse.com/

Entropia UniverseEntropia Universe is a type of massively multiplayer online virtual universe which is just like the other games like Second Life. It is developed by MindArk and released in 2003. Based on the theme of the collaborative approach, this game can help you to play together with so many people around the world at the same time.

This universe has some really amazing and interesting role playing games in it which keeps the users entertained throughout.

This is a completely different virtual world in its own and even has in-game currency too. The micropayment business model involved in the game allows you to buy various services in it through the game currency which you have earned. In fact, these virtual items in the game has real currency value too.

Apart from it, there is a first person shooter game in it too which is quite engaging to be played and it can be played for free too. In fact, there is no account creation fee too in this universe as well. These prominent features makes it one of the games similar to Second Life effectively.

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3. Planet Calypso

Website: https://www.planetcalypso.com/

Planet CalypsoPlanet Calypso is seriously as intriguing as it sounds and trust me you are gonna love this space for sure. Just like the others, it is also a virtual world whose main element is gaming. Of course, there are in-game purchases and trading options too but the games are so entertaining that you will forget everything else.

What you have to do here is just simply create a profile of your own which is absolutely free and then start colonizing a world of your own.

In fact, the game works in a great 3D mode which makes everything ultra-cool. While creating an account, you have the options to choose from various professions like explorer, entrepreneur and various others.

The other elements of the game includes, trading, in-game purchases, crafting, hunting, investing and others. Every feature of this game completely belongs to the category of games like Second Life and it is seriously quite engaging.

There are so many things to explore in this virtual world and you can use the real cash here too.

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4. Blue Mars

Website: http://www.bluemars.com/

Blue MarsThe 3D environment of a game always makes thing extra interesting and Blue Mars is one such game in this list of games like Second Life. Blue Mars was released in 2009 and it is developed by Avatar Reality. The game/universe utilizes CryEngine 2 and currently working in the open Beta form.

This is a type of massively multiplayer online virtual platform which allows you to indulge in various activities here like games, business, world creation, shops, simulation etc.

With so many opportunities at one place, Blue Mars makes a great option for non-stop entertainment and it is also quite addictive too. The entire system is divided into four main parts which are Sandbox editor SDK suite, website, host server and client software.

Because of the striking similarity with Second Life like games, Blue Mars instantly hit it off and became so popular especially amongst the teens. The game here takes place in 2177 on Mars and the rest of the game is driven through simulation and exploration in form of avatars. The content is user created and hence customization is possible.

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5. The Sims

Website: http://www.thesims.com/

The SimsYou got to be kidding me if you have no clue about this amazing game called The Sims. This is not just a game but an entire series of amazing life simulation games which is developed by Maxis and The Sims Studio. You won’t believe but there have been more than 200 million copies of this game sold till now.

Being the virtual world like the rest of the games like Second Life makes it highly curated amongst the users and gamers around the world.

The games which are available in this world are mainly Sandbox ones and so there is no definitive goals in them. As they are open-ended, it makes them even more interesting for people who love such games. There are still some of the reforms made which makes some of the games restrictive and goal oriented too.

You as a player is supposed to create the character called Sims and place them in their respective houses. This is just like people live their life and hence you can govern their moods and works in the game easily. Everything takes place in SimCity and there are in-game purchases available too.

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6. vSide

Website: https://www.vside.com/

vSidevSide is a 3D virtual world which is created by ExitReality and released in 2006. The game utilizes Torque Game Engine and I would have to say, it is pretty impressive too. So, to get started with it, you need to become a vSiders who are the users of this game.

The main highlight of this virtual world which makes it similar to the rest of the games like Second Life is that it is quite social. This means you can interact with other users through social networking inside it.

The other elements of Vside are celebrity entertainment, virtual shopping, simulation, self-expression etc. The main focus of this game remains on music, fashion and entertainment. It primarily targets the teenage generation and works in real time mode.

What you are going to like here the most is that you can host your own events in this world and invite your friends to join in. You get to customize your character too with over 5 million clothing combinations available here and that it also for free. I really found this game to be the most versatile amongst all.

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7. Twinity

Website: http://www.twinity.com/

TwinityDeveloped by Metaversum GmbH, Twinity is also a type of 3D online virtual world just like the rest of the games like Second Life here. It was released in 2008 and the theme of this world is created by the historic versions of the real time cities right now.

Being so unique in its version and themes, Twinity instantly got great popularity and soon garnered with millions of users.

The users here are called Twinizens who are supposed to explore the exact replicas of the cities created here. You can see cities like Berlin, Singapore, New York, London and Miami. This is a completely free to play model which means there are no charges involved here.

Twinity has gone through a lot of transformation under which they people also launched the fantasy world here too. This makes it more similar to Second Life game in terms of vivid concept and more open approach.

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8. Webkinz

Website: http://www.webkinz.com/

WebkinzWebkinz is slightly different from the rest of the mentions here in the list of games like Second Life. But trust me it is also quite productive and entertaining too. This is basically intended for the kids only and Webkinz are known as the stuffed animals which can be played on this platform.

This is created by Ganz and released in 2005. This is also a virtual world but targets kids of age 3 to 10 mainly.

You can also call this game to be one of the best Second Life game alternatives for kids only. In the Webkinz world you have the option to play with whichever pet you want. These are the replicas of the soft toy and for this you need to scan the bar code first.

You need to adopt the pet in this world and then take care of him. If you want then you can go for the free version too but it is limited to precise access only. Kids around the world love this virtual world and it also teaches them some really great things too.

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9. InWorldz

Website: https://inworldz.com/

InWorldzInWorldz is an open source, user created virtual world and hence thankfully it is free to explore this world and be a part of it. Of course, there are some in-game purchase elements too but that is something which we will discuss later on.

Now, the main part of this world is to explore various regions and get to know about the rules out here slowly.

You need to create an avatar of yours here to enter this world. Now it involves various tasks like interacting with other avatars, discover your talents, shop from here, create your own space, and customize characters and many more.

This may not be as popular as the rest of the games like Second Life here but that does not make it any less interesting and entertaining and you should definitely try it out.

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10. Habbo

Website: https://www.habbo.com/

HabboAnd the last one in this list of Second Life alternative games is Habbo Hotel or simply Habbo. This is basically a social networking service more than being a virtual world. But of course it does contain all the features of online virtual universe which makes it quite popular and entertaining too.

Habbo started in 2000 and since then it has grabbed more than 200 million registered users on its site. It mostly targets the young adult audience only.

So, what you need to do here is to create your own Habbo characters to get started in this world which is absolutely free. Later on, it involves elements and tasks like designing hotel rooms, meet new friends, talking and interacting with other players, play various games and look after pets.

There are other concepts of this game too which makes it similar to the rest of the games like Second Life here.

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There are many other games like Second Life which are so fun to play and explore. And the common part amongst all the game is that you need to establish an account/profile of yours on each platform to get started with.

I am sure it will take you a while to fully discover all the features of these games but once you will then it is going to be so much fun. Of course, they are strictly adult games so don’t mess with the rules and enjoy these games fully with amazing features and interactive approach.

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