Building Your Own Mobile Game: A Guide to Creating Games for Mobile Devices


It’s hard not to notice the crowded Google Play market with second-rate games, but there are many gems out there that many players spend hundreds of hours playing on their smartphones. If you are interested in creating your own mobile game, this guide will take you step by step through the process. The world of mobile gaming is incredibly competitive, but if you want to have great success, it’s important to start by creating a game that people will actually want to play. It’s pretty obvious that if your game isn’t engaging, players will simply get bored and abandon it quickly. Here and now, we’ll do a little analysis of the process of creating a mobile game, from brainstorming your idea to getting it into app stores.

  • Define Your Game Concept

And so first of all, in order to realize the concept of creating your own mobile game, you need the very definition of the game concept. Which means you need to decide what kind of game you want to create, its style, genre, gameplay features, what the mechanics will be, and the overall tone of the game. You have to consider factors such as the target audience, as well as the amount of time and resources you have at your disposal. It can also be helpful to create a design document in advance that outlines the concept in more detail and serves as a reference during the development process.

  • Choose Your Development Platform

Once you’ve decided on a game concept, the next step is to choose a development platform. There are several options for mobile game development, including native development tools such as Swift and Java. But most of serious ones usare using popular cross-platform development tools such as Unreal Engine or Unity. When choosing a development platform, consider factors such as the complexity of your game, as well as your own technical skills and experience.

  • Create Your Game Assets

Creating game resources is the most time consuming part that you should pay more attention to. Many people find it, on the other hand, quite interesting. This involves designing and creating graphics, sound effects, music, and other resources that will be used in your game. You can create these resources yourself or hire a professional artist or designer. When creating game resources, be sure to consider factors such as the overall style of the game and the target audience.

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  • Develop Your Game

Once the game assets are ready, the next step is to start developing the game. It sounds extremely easy, but in reality it’s a nightmarish hundreds of hours of working with code or blueprints to get the game scripts to work properly. Integrating game assets and testing the game to make sure it works as expected is also very important. Of course, there are many companies on the market to which you can outsource part of the work, or use their help in development, like iLogos. Also feel free to seek feedback from friends, family, and other developers during the process of game making to improve your game.

  • Test and Release Your Game

Finally, when your game is complete the next step is to thoroughly test it to make sure it is stable and bug-free. You may also want to get feedback from beta testers to identify any remaining problems. When you’re satisfied that your game is ready for release, you can submit it to the app store or marketplace of your choice.


Game development has always been considered a very difficult activity, but if you dare to do it, you should understand that it is a rewarding process that requires careful planning, hard work, and attention to detail. If you follow the steps described in this guide carefully, you will be able to create your own mobile game, which will be interesting and exciting for players. Of course, it would be easier if you used the services of some mobile games development company. But many indie developers don’t like outside interference and try to do everything from the beginning to the end by themselves, turning their games into the long-lasting TBA. But with the help of the right tools and resources, almost anyone can make their own game, regardless of their technical skills or experience. So if you are interested in game development and want to create your own mobile game, make a design document and start planning today just to see what you can create!

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