Top 10 Time Management Games


Many people do not even know that Time Management is actually a genre of video games. Well, of course, it kind of fades away behind hi-tech action themed games but today I am going to let you know about some of the best time management games which you can play for fun.

Well, these are basically casual games which are focus on time constraints and you are supposed to achieve an objective in a certain time frame in this section. I am sure this would be something new for you people to enjoy but I can assure you that it will be so much fun.

Top 10 Time Management Games

Well, I of course had a tough time figuring out about the best pick I can make for this category of time management games. First of all, there are very few of the casual games which fits into this category and it was a hard time looking for the best options. However, I picked 10 of these amazing picks for this genre which you guys would enjoy playing.

1. Diner Dash


Diner DashDiner Dash is the first option amongst time management games which mainly depends upon the element of strategy and time constraint. The player controls character of Flo who has quit her job and now wants to run a restaurant and the entire game revolves around this only.

Player directly does not act as Flo but rather guide her around the area setting to perform certain tasks like seating customers, serving etc.

In each level, you are supposed to earn a certain amount of money after which the player is upgraded to the next level. As the game goes on, Flo updates her restaurant and opens three new restaurant which also changes game’s setting timely.

The main object of the game remains to collect as much money as possible which can only happen if Flo caters to more and more customers. Tasks are performed by drag and drop method and you really need to be quick in order to move Flo in the restaurant.

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2. Cake Mania


Cake ManiaCake Mania comes under those type of time management games which focus on cooking and time management together. This single player game revolves around strategy making where the player guides the character of Jill Evans.

Jill is a culinary school graduate who decides to restart her grandparents’ bakery called Evans’ Bakery and you have to control her in order to perform certain tasks.

Like the earlier game the player does not take the character of the protagonist but rather guide her. From guiding Jill to take customers’ orders to serving them in enough time so that they do not get bored, you really need to keep up with everything.

You can also use other items like television and cupcakes in order to keep the customers occupied while the order is being prepared. You need to guide Jill in order to make as much money as possible which further helps her in buying new items for her bakery like new equipment, machine, microwave etc.

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3. Airport Mania: First Flight


Airport Mania: First FlightAirport Mania: First Flight is a very pure and true example of time management games. The players are supposed to take care of the requirements of plane as they land on the airport. In order to maintain the versatility, they people have provided 8 airports in the game with different game settings.

There are various levels too which differs on the basis of the challenged provided in them like one of the challenge is to do quick landing of a presidential plane.

Apart from it, you need to manage everything related to take-off and landing of the plane which also include loading of luggage and passengers in it. Managing the time of the flights is really important as it affects the further process of the game.

In fact, this game also includes taking real time actions as planes are going to be appear at the top of the screen flying until you guide them towards the runway to land on. Airport Mania is surely one of the best time management games which is kind of fun to play.

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4. All My Gods


All My GodsAll My Gods is quite like a life simulation game which is mixed with the genre of time management games. The player takes the role of an upcoming Roman god but before that you need to prove yourself in front of fellow gods so that they can accept you.

The player is son of Saturn and is tasked by Jupiter, Mars, Mercury, and Venus in order to attain a spot in the Pantheon.

This game also brings out the essence of time management building games as it requires to build structures and nurture a small group into a bigger one. Apart from building and taking care of a town, you are supposed to manage the collected resource too and put them into a good use.

As I examined, I didn’t find the factor of time management that overpowering in the game. You can move according to your own pace and once you are done with building a structure, you have the option to upgrade it too.

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5. Heart’s Medicine: Season One


Heart’s Medicine: Season OneReleased in 2010, Season One of Heart’s Medicine is one of the must have time management games for sure. The creators are same as of Emily’s game series but this time they have a different storyline to offer which leaves you with the amazing gaming experience.

So, the player takes the character of Allison Heart who decides to become a doctor after she saved the life of a man during a horrible accident.

The plot shows a time leap where you can see Allison handling multiple departments in her residency in a hospital. There are total 25 levels in the game and you have three difficulty levels to choose from. Moreover, each of the level has different tasks and objectives.

The healthier a patient get, the more hearts you receive which are quite like the in-game currency. Apart from the linear storyline, you can also play mini-games which focus on improving the health of a patient.

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6. Delicious: Emily’s New Beginning


Delicious: Emily’s New BeginningWe can see Emily’s New Beginning as a combination of simulation and time management. This is one such game from the Delicious series which is different from the other ones which are mainly focused on restaurant development and life simulation.

In this very installment, Emily has got married and also welcomed a baby girl into her life which means she needs to juggle up between taking care of her daughter and running the restaurant.

Of course, like the rest of the time management games, you are supposed to guide the character of Emily in serving her duties, taking care of customers and saving her from tripping over the toys. In order to complete a level, Emily is supposed to earn at least one of the three stars.

As this one is a time management oriented game, completing the tasks on a faster pace with accuracy brings you additional bonus too. The customers are also divided into certain categories on the basis of orders, patience level etc. which increases the difficulty level of the game.

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7. Sally’s Spa


Sally’s SpaSally’s Spa is a very well-crafted and quite an engaging type of game to play. Although it is much easier than other time management games but actually quite addictive too. The game is smartly designed so you won’t be having navigation issues and also sound and graphics are totally on point.

Sally’s Spa is all about multitasking which puts the element of time management on a front seat in the game and of course it increases the level of difficulty too.

The protagonist character of Sally is recurring from earlier game called Sally’s Salon but this time the game is more focused on spa services. Most of the tasks are performed through the drag and drop method but you really need to maintain the accuracy for it.

Attending customers timely is a primary duty and you get paid for your services on the basis of customers’ satisfaction which is then showed in form of number of hearts collected.

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8. Katy & Bob: Safari Café


Katy & Bob: Safari CaféKaty and Bob: Safari Café was a much awaited release of 2017 and it took the series forward from year 2012. So, this game is a typical point and click time management game which is of course set on the theme of safari adventure and things related.

So, the player guides the character of Katy and Bob in the game and helps them to run a chain of cafes in the local Safari park.

Like the usual time management games, you are going to take care of the customers and their orders. You need to guide the characters to different shops so that they can take orders from the customers and fulfill them on time which in turn brings them money.

What I did not like about the game is that it is quite predictable and moves forward in a linear fashion which somewhere makes it a bit of disappointing and plain.

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9. Incredible Zoo


Incredible ZooCarrying forward the legacy of time management games, the next one featured here is Incredible Zoo. In the midst of such games, I found this one to be quite different and hence I thought of mentioning it here. Where most of the game ponders on taking care of the customers, Incredible Zoo demands you to take care of the animals.

The player takes the role of Natalie whose task is to work in different zoos all over the world where each of them has different sets of animals to take care of.

So, there are variety of tasks related to it like feeding the animals on time, cleaning their places clean, removing annoying visitors and much more. As the game starts, the pace is kept slow so the player can get used of the tactics used in it.

However, as the game progresses, a lot of tasks and new elements gets introduced but the main gameplay revolves around point and click method.

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10. Harbor Master


Harbor MasterHarbor Master is an excitingly different pick for the category of time management games which brings a very new element for the players. Here, the primary duty of the player is to check on the movement of cargo and ships and keeps a track of the fact that they get in and out safely and on time.

The player takes the role of a harbor master for this and the environment revolves around cannons, boats, cargo which gives a very different feel to the game.

You just need to draw a line from the boat to where you want to park it. However, the introduction of cargo system makes the game interesting. You need to take care that no ships or boats collides with each other and also the size of the cargo according to which the luggage is loaded.

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Games you can enjoy:


To be true, you can soon go addictive for the time management games and of course they do not even cost high as other games. Apart from the ones I mentioned here, there are so many other such games which are available in form of mobile applications.

So, you can literally enjoy playing them no matter where you are. In fact, the gameplay is not that much of complex too so you can literally play them without much of struggle. So, you can discover more such games if you want and till that time get yourself invested in these ones.

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