10 Best Facebook Games of All Time


Facebook has always been one of the most loved social networking platforms, especially for millennials. Over the time a lot of features on Facebook has changed and this goes for the games offered by it too. This is why I am going to talk about some of the best Facebook games in this section.

Since you look back at it, online games were a rage and they are still. However, the options and techniques have been changed a lot, all thanks to technology for that. So, while you are figuring out to maintain your privacy on Facebook (pun intended), you can look for some of the amazing games to pass your time.

10 Facebook Games of All Times

Well, there are more than 3,000 games available on Facebook but as you know some of them can be really boring too. However, I am going to save a lot of time of yours in order to bring down the best for you. So, here are the 10 chosen ones best Facebook games whose list I have compiled below with a bit of description too. I am sure the theme might get clear from this and you would enjoy playing them.

  • Candy Crush Saga

Website: https://www.king.com/game/candycrush

Candy Crush SagaStarting this Facebook games list with an amazing and quite addictive game called Candy Crush Saga. I am sure that at one point of time you all would have been annoyed by the constant notifications of this game being displayed on your Facebook handle. However, over the time, it became a favorite Facebook game of most of the users.

For all those people who have been living under a rock, let me tell you a thing or two about this game, Candy Crush Saga.

This is a free to play match three puzzle game which is consisted of a variety of candies and timely power-ups in the game. It runs in form of different levels where you need to match the colored pieces of candies in order to omit them from the board and do the required task.

Candy Crush Saga has so many levels that you will never get tired of playing it and the in-game gifts keep you hooked all the time. It is surely one of the most addictive and best Facebook games of all time.

  • Angry Birds Star Wars

Website: https://www.rovio.com/games/#angrybirds

Angry Birds Star WarsI am sure you all would be aware of this amazing game called Angry Birds. This time I am featuring a version of this game where you can see a crossover between Angry Birds and Star Wars franchise and they have presented it in form of a puzzle game.

It is perfect for the category of best Facebook games and this one is the 6th installment of the popular Angry Bird game series.

This game combines the elements of Angry Birds and Angry Birds Space and presents in form of various levels. The game plot shows the location of both standard terrain as well as outer space and maintains the versatility of the game very well.

Different levels of the game feature different locations from the Star Wars universe and the elements of the game keeps on upgrading as the game progresses further. As each level brings new upgrades, you can re-play the levels to upgrade your existing abilities. Apart from these levels, weekly tournaments are organized to grab more and more users.

  • Criminal Case

Website: http://criminalcase.com/

Criminal CaseCriminal Case is the next one under the list of best Facebook games which is a unique addition here and also commonly abbreviated as CC. It is based on the detective theme featuring hidden object search but generally regarded as the puzzle game with real-time involvement in the game.

Over the time Criminal Case has become so much popular that it surpassed the popularity of even Candy Crush Saga and became people’s favorite.

According to the gameplay, the player is supposed to take the role of a detective who solve murder mysteries by locating clues on the crime scenes. These clues are found out by clicking on items present at the scene and in order to earn high scores, you need to find clues as fast as possible.

There is no doubt that Criminal Case has become one of the most popular Facebook games and that too in no time. Scores bring you in-game currency which can be used in the game later on in order to interrogate suspects and examine the evidence.

  • Bejeweled Blitz

Website: https://www.ea.com/games/bejeweled/bejeweled-blitz

Bejeweled BlitzBejeweled Blitz is a type of puzzle game made for Facebook which firstly released as an application and later on turned into a downloadable game. This is a single player game where the goal is to match gems and multipliers in order to score the highest in one minute of duration.

This is somewhat similar to Candy Crush Saga in terms of concept but there are a few things like time constraints and theme which makes it different.

What makes it one of the best Facebook games is that you can connect with your Facebook friends to complete it with them and score even higher. The game features an 8 X 8 gem screen where you need to swap the gems in order to bring together three of them similar ones in one line.

There are further some bonuses available in the game which are given for different conditions like matching 4 gems in a row, speed bonus etc. The game goes for one minute depending upon the bonuses you have received.

  • Clash of Clans

Website: http://supercell.com/en/games/clashofclans/

Clash of ClansWhere the Candy Crush Saga was designed on free to play model, Clash of Clans comes under the category of those best Facebook games which follows the Freemium model. This is a strategy based game featuring both single player and multiplayer gaming modes.

The plot of the game is based on a fantasy theme and features a persistent world where the player takes the role of a chief of a village.

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You can also place it under the category of Facebook war games as it features combat and fighting too. Players are tasked to build their villages using the collected resources which are gained through attacking other players in the game.

So, basically, it is a kind of stealth game too. Players can also join together to make a clan of up to 50 players in it who can play as a team. Interacting with each other and utilizing resources like gold, dark elixir etc. are the other parts of the game.

  • FarmVille

Website: http://company.zynga.com/games/farmville

FarmVilleThe next one to join the list of best Facebook games is FarmVille. I know that at one point of time it was favorite of all and of course just like Candy Crush, this one has also annoyed people with constant notifications. Anyway, now you can play it in form of mobile applications too.

This one is a farming simulation game which is powered by social networking and features both single player and multiplayer gaming modes.

The game also incorporates the element of role-playing in it where the player can create a customizable avatar and it can be changed at any point. The gameplay of FarmVille involves all the elements of farm management like planting, growing, ploughing, harvesting etc.

The game kick-starts with an empty farm and some coins and player need to keep on working on this farm in order to develop it further. The player is also supposed to earn experience points as they bring in-game currency to him which can be used for buying items.

  • Subway Surfers

Website: https://subwaysurfers.com/

Subway SurfersSubway Surfers is hands down one of the best FB games and to be true even I was addicted to it at one point of time. The game is so involving and engrossing that you can’t help but keep on playing it for hours and hours.

This is a type of endless runner game which can be played in single player gaming mode only. You can also challenge your Facebook friends to compete in it and the ultimate results are showcased on a leaderboard.

The player takes the role of a teenage hooligan who caught doing graffiti on railway site and now he needs to run as much as he can in order to save himself from being caught by the policeman. The player runs on the railway tracks and collects coins in the way.

There are various power-ups strategically placed in the game which can also bring rewards to the player.

  • Hay Day

Website: http://supercell.com/en/games/hayday/

Hay DayWhere other best Facebook games enlisted here focus on free to play games, Hay Day brings the freemium model. Quite like FarmVille, this one is also a farming simulation game but features only multiplayer gaming mode in the gameplay.

So, the game starts with a plot where it has been shown that player’s uncle is unable to take care of his farm and hands over the responsibilities to the player.

Now, as a guiding element, a scarecrow gives direction to the player for the various tasks that he is supposed to do. This involves harvesting wheat, selling crops and other products, taking care of pets and a lot more. According to the freemium model, the player earns Experience Points which are used as in-game currency to buy various products in the game.

Once the player earns a certain number of Experience Points, the level ups which involves other tasks. As the game progresses, new elements start to add in the game which maintains the versatility of it.

  • Dragon City

Website: http://dragoncitygame.com/

Dragon CityDragon City has counted amongst the fun Facebook games and this one is a type of social network game. It can be played in single player gaming mode where the players are supposed to raise their own dragons and create a dragon city which is on a floating island.

The concept is way unique than the rest of the best Facebook games enlisted here and this is what makes it so fun to play.

Apart from raising dragons, you are supposed to make buildings and other habitats in this city too. Talking about the dragons, then you need to feed them so that they can turn strong and then train them and teach them new skills.

There are other elements involved in the game too like becoming a Top Dragon Collector which requires you to collect over 600 dragons of different elements to complete the Dragon Book. You can also compete with other players in the Dragon Leagues and face other challenges which brings rewards for you.

  • Zynga Poker

Website: https://www.zyngapoker.com/

The last pick I made for the list of best Facebook games is Zynga Poker. This is a poker game developed by Zynga and can be played in multiplayer gaming mode only. This is by far the largest poke game in the world which brings millions of new players to its platform on daily basis.

The game features a social media environment where players can simulate Texas Hold ‘em Poker. This is actually kind of fun because of the various relatable factors.

The game starts with player entering a casino lobby and now he has the option to play at any table or join the existing playing friends too. There are various tables like casual ones, VIP ones and tournaments. Quite like the other games, you can see your ranking as compared to other people on a leaderboard.

What makes it so approachable is that it is available in various languages and also showcase various features too other than the gaming itself.


So, while the other 1.4 billion users on Facebook are struggling to understand its privacy policy till now, why don’t you have some fun by playing some games. You can literally get over with all serious discussions as these best Facebook games are quite entertaining.

From war games to simple puzzles and from entertaining simulation games to casual ones, you can find various kind of genres on Facebook easily. So, keeping up with a variety of genres, I have compiled this list which I hope you would like to play.

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