10 Sites to Watch Wrestling Online

Some people are just crazy about wrestling shows like WWE, RAW, Smackdown and a lot more. However, figuring out that how you can watch wrestling online can be a bit tricky and this is why I decided to pick the right solution for you.

These shows air in USA and hence due to different time-zones, it takes a while or some more time to air them in other countries. Amidst these confusions, you need reliable platforms to watch these shows and this is why I curated this section. It is consisted of the websites which allows you to watch your favorite wrestling shows online for absolutely free.

How to Watch Wrestling Online For Free

If you are wondering that how to watch wrestling online for free then you need not to worry about it. I could have suggested you various apps through which you can watch them but eventually, you would have to opt for some kind of subscription package to watch your favorite wrestling shows on them.

But here are 10 websites enlisted which allows you to watch wrestling online and that too for free. You can get to know about them more through the details given below.

1. Watch Wrestling

Website: http://watchwrestling.in/

Watch WrestlingIf you are just crazy about wrestling and wants to watch a variety of shows then the first platform you can search is Watch Wrestling. This website features a lot of shows like WWE Raw, Smackdown, NXT, Total Divas, NJPW and a lot more related content.

Although it is not compulsory but you can go for registration process too as the members can request their favorite content to feature on the site.

Those who are in love with it, for them watching wrestling is so much fun especially when their favorite superstars are fighting. You can find all the previous shows and telecasts on this website easily and that too for absolutely free.

So, now you know it all that if you wish to watch wrestling online, you have a prominent place to look for the content. Moreover, all the databases in a variety of categories are updated timely so that you can watch all the latest episodes here. Shows like UFC, Lucha Underground, ROH etc. are also available on this platform.

2. All Wrestling

Website: http://www.allwrestling.org/

All WrestlingThe next choice I made to watch wrestling online is a platform called All Wrestling. Apart from providing the access to watch all the wrestling videos, they also give access to live streams too. And you get all of this for absolutely free of cost.

The sign up process is completely optional but I think you should go for it to enjoy some members-only features on this website.

All the archives videos displayed on the website are uploaded on request and you can make requests only when you are a member of this website. Rather than current database, they believe in uploading those videos and database which are popular amongst the viewers.

However, you will be a bit annoyed by the ads and pop-ups featured on the website timely. The categories you can check out here are Raw, Smackdown, TNA, UFC, WWE Network, complete movies, boxing, Total Divas and much more. You can also watch the all-time favorite reality show of WWE divas, Total Bellas here on this platform and that too for free too.

3. Watch Wrestling 24

Website: http://watchwrestling24.net/

Watch Wrestling 24So, while you are struggling to watch WWE on one website and TNA on another, I have come up with such an option which can bring everything on a single platform. This is literally the kind of platform you ever wanted to use to watch wrestling online.

To make it even simpler, they have not implemented the sign-up policy on their site and every single content on this website is available for free.

To name a few categories of wrestling shows you can watch here, we have WWE, UFC, GFW, Total Divas, ROH, Boxing, NJPW and much more. If you are a big fan of WWE Network then this website brings a few advantages for you.

You can get on the section of WWE Network where you can discover everything related to WWE like live telecast, Hall of Fame, Special videos, Table for 3, Tough Enough and much more. If you ever wish to watch the long forgotten episodes and past shows related to any Wrestling competition, you know which platform to prefer.

4. Go Watch Wrestling

Website: https://gowatchwrestling.com/

Go Watch WrestlingMoving on to the next source to watch wrestling online which is Go Watch Wrestling. This is one of the largest and most reliable database websites which puts together every sort of media related to wrestling. And everything is accessible for absolutely free.

Moreover, like the earlier option, you are not supposed to create an account here too. With so many advantages comes one more that there is no issue of pop-ups or ads here as the interface is pretty clean.

Unlike most of the websites, they are not restricted to WWE Network only but features a lot of different shows and videos here as well. Some of them are ROH, TNA, UFC, NJPW, NXT, RPW, iMPACT Wrestling and much more.

Talking about the WWE in particular then they bring down every show of them like Raw, Smackdown, Total Divas etc. In fact, they also live stream this channel for all the wrestling lovers out there and that too for free. They also run a wrestling blog where you can discover archived videos easily.

5. Watch Wrestling Up

Website: http://watchwrestlingup.live/

Watch Wrestling UpThinking about to watch wrestling online free but cannot come up with a solution? Well, I think my next pick Watch Wrestling Up might help you out in it. Watch Wrestling Up is particularly a kind of blog which you always wished to access in order to watch your favorite wrestling videos.

However, the data and media is derived from third party but thankfully you can watch them all for free and you are not even supposed to sign up here too.

They even provide live coverage of various WWE programs like Raw, Smackdown, PPVs and a lot more related to WWE Network. What you are going to like further about them that they have ensured to not put a single ad on their website and you can also report if you come across any.

Apart from WWE Network, you can access shows like GFW, NJPW, Indys, Lucha Underground etc. However, their list is not as versatile as the rest of the other websites mentioned here but I guess they are still adequate enough to watch other wrestling videos.

6. B Wrestling

Website: http://bwrestling.com/

When you will get on the home page of B Wrestling you will realize that it is quite similar to that of Go Watch Wrestling. In fact, their categories are also quite similar. However, there is a huge difference in both of them that B Wrestling provides you the option of signing up on their platform.

You should go for it as it is a completely free process and also brings special members-only advantages like requesting for your favorite wrestling videos.

What makes it a perfect place to watch wrestling online is that all the videos are available in very good quality. Moreover, the database is also updated on daily basis so that you can watch all the recent episodes of your favorite wrestling shows.

Apart from the entire WWE Network shows, the rest of the things you can access here are Total Divas, NXT, UFC, Indy, NJPW, iMPACT Wrestling and much more. Old archived wrestling videos are also available to watch on their platform.

7. USA Network

Website: http://www.usanetwork.com/wwe

Let me tell you already that USA Network is an American basic cable and satellite television channel and hence you are going to witness very limited database of wrestling here. However, if you wish to watch wrestling online related to only WWE then you can prefer its platform.

You won’t be able to find other programs like TNA, NJPW, ROH etc. here because it features only the channel related shows only and one of them is WWE.

Moreover, it doesn’t feature the entire WWE Network live streaming here but you have the option to watch the prominent shows like WWE Raw, WWE Smackdown, WWE Total Divas etc. The reason of listing it under this category is its video quality.

You can see all the wrestling shows in HD and interestingly the content is available for absolutely free too. You can further look the live stream timings under the schedule section.

8. Crimaz

Website: https://crimaz.org/

Although Crimaz derives its database from third party sources like YouTube, DailyMotion etc. but I think it is kind of hectic to look for various wrestling videos on these platforms. Hence if you want to watch wrestling online that too from different shows then you should better get on to Crimaz for it.

You do not even need to sign up on this platform but you can subscribe to their newsletter in order to get to know about the new content on the website.

Talking about their database then it is kind of huge and you can find various categories in here too. Crimaz not only focus on WWE but also on other wrestling shows like TNA, Indy shows, NJPW, UFC, Lucha Underground, ROH and much more.

I found the interface of this website quite impressive and you are not even annoyed by any ads here too. Furthermore, you have the option to search the content according to date. The same applies to archived videos too.

9. Watch Wrestling Bid

Website: http://watchwrestlingbid.com/

Watch Wrestling Bid is our next option to watch wrestling online and bring together all sorts of content related to it. Where you find most of the websites focusing on WWE in particular, you will realize that Watch Wrestling Bid features all sorts of shows on it especially NJPW.

Other categories you can find here are UFC, ROH, TNA, Smackdown, Raw, Impact and a lot more. You can also watch live stream 24/7 here too.

They also run the service of Pay Per View and you can watch videos of WWE Superstars here as well. Although they do not have a sign up process, but you can get subscribed to their newsletter to get to know about the new content.

Watch Wrestling Bid also brings you past shows and episodes as well as archived videos too which can be watched for free.

10. Watch Wrestling World

Website: http://watchwrestlingworld.com/

Watch Wrestling World is no different from the rest of the options of websites to watch wrestling online. From indie wrestling shows to the one going international and then to our regular ones and favorites on WWE Network, they have got it all on their platform.

Of course, this site is not just about the WWE but also about plenty of other shows and wrestling videos like NJPW, TNA, ROH, UFC and a lot more.

However, it is bit biased towards WWE because you can literally find every single videos and past shows too including Raw, Total Divas, Hall of Fame, Smackdown etc. They also provide 24/7 streaming of WWE so that you do not have to miss out on anything.

So, now you know about a lot of sites to watch wrestling online and that too for absolutely free. Moreover, if you wish to watch old archived videos of wrestling, single matches, PPVS and a lot more then you can access them all here.

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I don’t think you would come across any other section telling you so many amazing options to watch wrestling online. However, that is not the point at all, the point is that you get to access all of them for absolutely free and that too in good quality streaming.

However, constant ads can be a major drawback in here but I think that is quite acceptable as compared to the sky high subscriptions of live TV apps for mobiles. You can figure out about more such websites or those platforms which streams live TV for free as they also make a great source to watch your favorite wrestling shows online.