Top 10 Games like Spore


Games like Spore: Spore is one amazing life simulation game that was released in 2008. This is a great game as you get to use the real-time strategies and different tactics in it. The game runs in a progression which means you start from a lower level and reach to something higher.

Top 10 Games like Spore

If you want to play more games like Spore then I can totally help you in that. In this list, there are various Spore like games that you would surely like to play. These games are based on the real-life theory of evolution and hence they look more realistic.

1. Eufloria


Let’s start the list of games like Spore with the real-time strategy game Eufloria. This video game was developed by Omni System Limited and published by Headup Games. Eufloria was released in 2009 for Windows and later on made available for Android, Linux, PS, iOS etc.

This single player game is set on a plot of futuristic approach where you will get to see some space visuals and relevant environment.

You as a player is going to play the role of the Commander of a society called Euflorians. These are the people who live on asteroids and gather resources out there to live. The player is supposed to lead an entire unit which are called “seedlings”.

Doesn’t Eufloria sounds a lot like other games like Spore? This is because it is a mixture of evolution and technology together. The main objective of this game is to plant more and more Dyson trees on these asteroids to produce more seedlings so that they can colonize it.

You will get to see flowers, defensive tress and many more things as a unit later on in this game.

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2. Civilization V


Sid Meier’s Civilization series is a huge hit and hence I listed its fifth installment Civilization V in this list of games like Spore. The name of this game clears it all that what you need to do in it. This game is developed by Firaxis Games and published by 2K Games and Aspyr.

Civilization V was released in 2010 for consoles like Windows, Linux and OS X. The theme of this game revolves around turn-based strategy. You can play this game in both single-player and multiplayer modes.

This game is in continuation with its predecessor. Although this installment and its technology makes it different from the other installments. You will get to see hexagonal tiles instead of square ones. Also, the engine of the game has also changed to a totally different one to improve the visuals.

However, the theme remains the same that through different aspects like exploration, development, research etc. you need to set up a civilization. You will see a lot of new things in form of this installment of the Civilization series.

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3. FlOw


FlOw is a video game that is totally based on the life simulation theme. The game started with being just a flash game but later on its version launched for PS3, PS4, and PS Vista. It was first released in 2006 and developed by Thatgamecompany and SuperVillain Studios.

The reason of listing outflow in this series of games like Spore is because of its tremendous popularity level. It has won various awards and downloads more than 7 million.

The plot of this game is set in a 2D aquatic environment and the game is played from a top-down perspective. For a surprise, when you will start the game, you would not see any guidelines and the game begins instantly.

The player plays as a multi-segmented worm. This worm automatically eats other small creatures when they are around and hence the segments of the worm increases. FlOw comes in those games like Spore which shows the evolution process from a different vision.

You will also get to see such creatures in this game who are able to regrow themselves by eating one of the player’s segments.

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4. Osmos


Osmos is a developing and publishing work of Hemisphere Games. It was released in 2009 and based on the theme of puzzle video games. You can play Osmos on different platforms like Windows, Macs, Linux, iOS etc.

Osmos is available in both single player and multiplayer modes. The process of this game is a lot easier than other types of games like Spore. The game is inspired by the real-life evolution of humans. This game starts from the player being only a single cell organism called Mote.

There are certain rules which are to be followed to play this game and survive in it for a longer duration. You must make sure that you do not collide with a player larger than you otherwise you will be absorbed and your journey in this game will be over.

Osmos is one of the games like Spore which is divided into certain levels. You will get to see sentient level, Ambient Level, and Force Level. Each later one is a step higher than the former one. Hence the game runs in a progression and evolutionary mode.

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5. Black & White


One of the most similar Spore alternatives in this list is Black & White. Just like Spore it is also a god video game where player portrays the role of God. This is developed by Lionhead Studios in 2001. This simulation game can be played in both single-player and multiplayer modes.

Everything in this game is highly acclaimed, from artificial intelligence used to the uniqueness of this game attracted various users. Because of its tremendous popularity, developers came up with expansion Black & White: Creature Isle and sequel Black & White 2.

Well, let’s talk about the game here now. The player is supposed to play the god of an island having different tribes over it. You will see the player in form of an on-screen hand.

You can do multiple tasks from taps like waking up people, miracles, construction, throw objects etc. Every action done by the player is categorized between good and evil. The player is judged by people on the basis of the tasks he does. So, such games like Spore is all about drawing a line between God and evil.

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6. Evolva


Unlike other games like Spore, instead of being about simulation and evolution, Evolva is more about action. Evolva is developed by Computer Artworks Ltd. and published by Virgin Interactive in the year 2000.

Evolva supports both single player and multiplayer modes and can be played on Windows only.

Evolva is famous for being versatile and very rich in content. You would not feel bored of this evolution action game as it has various levels in it. In Evolva, you get 12 levels which are large and populated with Parasite Guardians. These Parasite Guardians are the alien insects.

You as a player is going to lead an entire team called Genohunters. Each team contains maximum 4 members. In some of the levels you are going to face the bosses of these alien insects and you must defeat them in order to get promoted to other levels.

Genohunters can even absorb the different skills from the aliens they defeat. Although the game is very innovative it weakly supports the multiplayer mode and hence you should better stick to the single player mode only.

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7. Captain Forever


We are back to the space adventures with the games like Spore and this time it is with Captain Forever. The game is developed by Australian developer Jarred Woods in 2009. This single player game is based on the theme of space shooting.

You can play Captain Forever on Microsoft Windows only. The game also has a different version called Captain Forever Remix.

Talking about the gameplay which might resemble to other similar games Spore. The player is supposed to pilot a ship in this game. The player has different abilities which can be expanded by gaining skills from the enemies he defeats.

The major goal of this game is to keep the ship alive and going for as long as you can. As you move forward into this game, you would have to fight through enemies having powers higher than you. If you defeat an enemy higher than your powers on your own then your level of the game gets promoted.

If the player’s ship gets crashed then the entire area sweeps away and you need to start from the very scratch again.

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8. Impossible Creatures


You are going to love Impossible Creatures the most in all games like Spore. The reason is that it gives you endless opportunity to design the game the way you want. This is a real-time strategy game which is developed by Relic Entertainment and released by Microsoft Games Studios in 2003.

Impossible Creatures is a game which can be played in both single-player and multiplayer modes and you can play it on the platform of Windows.

The game is kind of unique because the player leads an entire army in this game. But what is more surprising is that the player creates this army on his own. This army contains 9 creatures. You can create these creatures by combining any two animals together already given to you in game.

You are going to get acquainted with the various game scenarios as you move further in the game. The animals have great powers and this gives a great touch to this game.

As the game processes, you need to cop up with 15 missions which are spread over different islands in South Pacific Ocean. The game is quite time taking which means getting hooked to the screens for a long time.

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9. No Man’s Sky


I am not going to bore you further and let’s move to this action adventure and survival game. No Man’s Sky is developed and published by Hello Games and was released in 2016 only. The game is available on different platforms like PS4 and Windows.

This is a survival based game and perfectly belongs to the category of games like Spore having single player mode.

The game is set to be played from the first person perspective in an open world fantasy universe. The main objective of this game revolves around activities like survival, combat, exploration, and trading. The player is usually called Traveller in the game.

As the game starts, player finds himself on a deserted planet with the crashed spaceship. The player can use multi tool to survive and gather resources on the planet. Apart from resource collection, like other games like Spore, you need to focus on combating too.

No Man’s Sky is another space adventure with a different story line that you would surely like.

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10. SimLife: The Genetic Playground


SimLife is a game that totally depends upon the player’s thought process and creativity. The major theme of the game is all about biological simulation and sustainment. SimLife is developed and published by Maxis in year 1993.

You can play SimLife on platforms like Mac, Windows, Amiga, Macintosh etc. This is a single player game which is all about creating a pseudo-ecosystem with your ability of creation and development.

The game is called The Genetic Playground and it is even true indeed. You need to cross up the characteristics of different animals together and create an environment where a health ecosystem can develop. Its modern evolution is very similar to the process of other Spore alternatives.

You can create and modify a lot of things in SimLife according to your choice. You have options like plants, animals, worlds, genetics etc. This game is like redefining the term “Biology” on a whole new level.

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Evolution games like Spore is liked by users because you can actually see what you have achieved in such games. They are no science fiction and not even battle ground type. So, if you are not a lover of combat games then you would surely love these games like Spore.

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