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Uniqlo, as the name says a really unique website that runs the fashion department for men, women, girls and boys. But as you know the style appetite of current generation is more than ever and they can’t keep up with a single store. Hence, this article belongs to various stores like Uniqlo taking care of fashion for everyone.

These stores can vary on the basis of style they offer or their operations, working process etc. But what makes them unite is that they serve to everyone and not an age group of gender specifically. To know more about this, you need to check out the section given below.

Top 10 Stores like Uniqlo

Fashion and style is not something that people cannot afford but it is something which is unique yet affordable. And this is why the section of stores like Uniqlo belongs to that every single person who wants to stay in style but under their budget. Here are the 10 amazing picks which are going to fulfill all your fashion requirements.

1. Anthropologie

Website: https://www.anthropologie.com/


I decided to pick this American clothing retailer as the first one amongst the stores like Uniqlo. Anthropologie is currently operating more than 200 stores and that too worldwide and provide such products which mainly aims towards woman’s fashion and styles.

Some of the categories available on Anthropologie are clothing, shoes, beauty and wellness products, intimates, accessories, and many more. Their prices are quite affordable mainly because they are a brand on their own and features their own products only.

Not only fashion but Anthropologie also features a special section for home and furniture items. Anthropologie also operates their own personal and home styling service called BHLDN which is actually quite impressive and provides quite fresh style ideas too.

Good thing about this store is that they provide shipping services to international locations too or you can also opt for in-store pick up service too. The return policy is standard and lasts for 30 days. Anthropologie is quite urban and modern in its styling approach and contains perfect looks just like the likes of the current generation.

2. Boohoo



Next is Boohoo which can also be considered amongst the rest of the clothing sites like Uniqlo. Although it is a UK based fashion retailer but it is such a big brand that it ships to various locations internationally including USA too.

Their main customer target is for 16 to 30 years old and they provide fashion and styling solutions for men, women and even kids too. You can also find a variety of other popular brands featured here as well.

They have over 9000 products to offer of their own which are further divided into a variety of categories. Some of them are clothing, shoes, jewelry, accessories, intimates, holiday shopping, swimwear and many more. You should also check out their section called “Inspire Me” which is their fashion blog.

When you visit such stores like Uniqlo, you get to know that there are places to find affordable fashion options too. And this is why you should definitely shop from Boohoo once and do not forget to claim your special students discount too.

3. Little Mistress


Little Mistress

The idea behind Little Mistress is to bring the amazing and latest trends and turn them into affordable fashion options. Their ideas are always quite unique and this is what brought them great recognition too. What makes them targeting young female generation more is that they offer special discount for students.

They are a great alternative to the rest of the stores like Uniqlo, although not that popular but still I think you can find some really pretty dresses from here.

Despite the low prices, Little Mistress does not compromise with the fabrics and their delicate details and embellishment even brings more attention to their creative designs. Some of the categories you can find here are dresses, wedding gowns, complete wedding trousseau, clothing, curvy picks, and many more.

They are a UK based brand but provide delivery option internationally too. Also, they have some stores in UK too. Their return policy lasts for 28 days and refund is provided within 10 days of the item received.

4. Urban Outfitters


Urban Outfitters Apartment

I am sure you must have heard about Urban Outfitters before owing to its huge popularity and the multinational retail corporation that it manages. The brand operates in various countries and mainly targets young adult generation through mixed merchandising.

It makes a perfect pick amongst the stores like Uniqlo mainly because it provides options for men and women both and works on a really large basis.

Trendy is what going to be the first word when you will check out the clothing collection of Urban Outfitters. In fact, they are not only focused on clothing but on variety of different things like home décor, music and tech, shoes, accessories, intimates, beauty products and many more.

What drew my attention the most towards them was their section of apartment where you can find a wide range of furniture and decoration options for every part of your home. UO follows a very standard return policy of 30 days but I am really sure you would not have to return anything bought from them.

5. J Crew



Just like other stores similar to Uniqlo, J Crew is also quite popular and operates as a multi-channel American retailer. Just like Uniqlo, J Crew is for all and everyone including men, women, guys and girls can buy fashion related items from this website.

Things you can buy from J Crew are clothing, sports wear, sunglasses, accessories, shoes, dresses, suiting and many more.

J Crew operates more than 450 stores throughout the USA and you can locate them through their website only. From sleepwear to party dresses and accessories, J Crew has got you covered in all sorts of categories and for all types of occasions. You can also buy from J Crew factory featuring their own products for additional discount.

Just the way most of the stores like Uniqlo operates, J Crew has also started shipping to more than 100 destination throughout the world. Where most of the stores follow 30 days return policy, J Crew follows 60 days return policy which is actually kind of impressive. I am sure you would love to shop from them.

6. Dorothy Perkins


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Dorothy Perkins

Although Dorothy Perkins is a UK based women’s fashion retailer but it provides its services throughout the world. It has been active since past 90 years and evolved into a much bigger and better platform in all these years.

What makes Dorothy Perkins larger than most of the stores like Uniqlo here is that they not only provides access to various brands but also sell their own range of clothing and other items too.

They have more than 600 stores in UK alone and 50 stores on various international locations too. As the store is entirely dedicated to women only, they consider all sizes like petite, tall, curvy, maternity and many more. Some of the categories you can find on Dorothy Perkins are clothing, dresses, shoes, jewelry, accessories, and many more.

They consider standard shipping charges in USA which is $10 and their return policy requires the customers to claim return within 14 days of receiving the item which is actually lesser than most of the other sites here.

7. Zara

Website: https://www.zara.com/us/


I don’t think I need to brag again and again that how urgently we need more stores like Zara. You rarely come across such fashion oriented websites which serves to your entire family and does not even stick to the same boring designs too.

In fact, Zara is all about experiments and taking a risk to present something fresh and new with the passing of every month.

It is actually quite evident from the types of clothing available on Zara. Not only simple clothing but Zara also deals in dresses, shoes, jackets, accessories, denims, men, women and kids fashion essentials and many more. And like I always say, do not forget to check out the special Zara TRF section for the women who wants to experiment with fashion.

What makes it a part of this list of stores like Uniqlo is that Zara is actually quite unique in its approach. At one point you can find something plain and everyday go to essential but on another point it has something rebellious waiting for you.

8. Free People

Website: https://www.freepeople.com/

Free People

If you are bored of the regular kind of clothing and other fashion accessories then it is the time to ditch other stores like Uniqlo and move towards Free People. Free People makes a perfect for such kind of American retailers whose main focus is on to sell Bohemian style clothing and accessories for women only.

Free People offers free shipping on the purchase of $100 in USA, Canada and Australia and for the rest of the countries it is $150. This clearly shows that Free People ships internationally too.

Categories to be found on Free People are dresses, casuals, basics, denims, shoes, accessories, intimates, beauty and wellness products, swimwear and many more. As this is a women oriented website, you can find each and everything related to woman’s fashion here.

Their return policy is for 30 days but they charge $5.95 on every return request that you place. As they have more than 1400 stores around the world, you can opt for in-store pick up facility too or you can shop from their store directly.


Website: http://us.asos.com/


ASOS as you know it is a British online fashion and beauty store which is actually kind of popular. From selling its own range of products, ASOS also feature more than 800 brands on its platform so that people do not have check out their individual websites.

In fact, ASOS is quite global in its approach and ships its product to more than 180 countries around the globe and features more than 80,000 products on its website.

It is one of the largest option we have in this list of stores like Uniqlo which provides fashion options for both men and women. Categories of items you can find here are activewear, intimates, clothing, shoes, accessories and many more.

You can find all the popular brands out here but if you want to save some money then you should opt for buying ASOS’ own products as they are much cheaper.

10. & Other Stories

Website: https://www.stories.com/en_usd/index.html

& Other Stories

The last pick I made amongst shops like Uniqlo is & Other Stories. This is a women oriented fashion retailer which was founded in 2010 and less heard as compared to the other websites and stores mentioned here.

Their main motive is to bring together the different and very unique designs of Paris, Los Angeles and Stockholm together so that people don’t have to look for any alternative platforms.

The more you dig deeper into the collection of & Other Stories, the more diversity you tend to find. They deal in a variety of products like bags, clothing, shoes, accessories, jewelry, swimwear, lingerie, beauty products and much more. What is going to draw your attention even more is the very interesting section of co-labs on their website.

However, they do not deliver internationally and are more sort of a home-grown label yet and another bad news regarding them is that their return policy lasts for 14 days only.

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Don’t worry if certain stores do not ship to your place, I am sure at least one of them is going to come under your radar and would fulfill all your requirements related to fashion. It is the time that you give away all your wardrobe and re-do it with the superb trendy clothes and accessories by these stores like Uniqlo.

Do not forget to subscribe to their store via email otherwise you would not be getting updates about the timely sale, discount offers and other interesting deals. Be the first one to grab stuff before they run out of stock. And have a happy shopping!

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