Top 10 Games like IMVU


Games like IMVU: IMVU is not just a browser based normal game but it is one of the largest social interaction virtual world platform. It has more than 10 million registered users online.

This is one of the most renowned platforms for the virtual gaming world. With the virtual avatar creation, IMVU gives various other facilities too to the users.

Top 10 Games like IMVU

Games Like IMVU

If you are looking for more such games like IMVU, then you can check out these examples given below. They all are equally capable like IMVU and you will enjoy these games like IMVU along with their multiple features.

1). Active Worlds


Active Worlds is one of the most similar games like IMVU and hence listed on the 1st position here. This game is developed by ActiveWorlds Inc. and firstly released in 1995. This game is available in multiple languages and you can play it on platforms like Windows and OS X.

Well, the story of this game starts when you create an account on this site. The registration is a must thing and you need to assign yourself a username which can be different from your real name.

Such games like IMVU are more like exploring in a virtual world universe. You just sit on your chair and you have no idea where you are traveling and to whom you are talking. I mean isn’t that kind of exciting for a teen? You know what is even more exciting? This is that this whole universe is created in 3D graphics.

Being a user you can give your bit to the development of this universe. This means, you can help developing it and this virtual world keeps on increasing by this. They also allow the users to create some 3D content in this game to expand it further.

The other facilities offered by this gaming platform is browsing, instant messaging, voice chat etc.

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2). Smeet


Smeet is a type of browser based game which is somewhere in between 2D and 3D graphics quality. This 2.5D graphical interface game was developed by Smeet Communications GmbH and published by the same in 2010.

This is like a virtual social network where people has to create their avatars. These avatars are the cartoon image of the users who can meet and interact in this vast virtual world. No doubt, this is surely one of the games like IMVU.

This social world also includes some interesting casual and social gaming platforms. This site runs in 8 different languages and it has total 6 million users from across the globe. You need not to download any sort of application or content to run this site. It supports flash too.

You can browse this on both windows and macs. Although, the sign up is absolutely free here but for the VIP membership, you need to pay a certain amount monthly. VIP users have the privilege to browse some unique features of the gaming world. This is an easy to go site where you can enjoy chatting as well as gaming at the same time.

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3). The Sims Life Stories


Who does not love The Sims? I have specially listed this game under the category of games like IMVU to relive the love for the Sims once again. This is the first game in the series of The Sims series and it was released in 2007.

This life simulation game is developed by the Sims Division and published by Electronic Arts and Aspyr Media. You can play this game on platforms like Macs and Windows.

The game plot revolves around Riley Harlow’s life story. She is moving from SimCity to Four Corners to start a new life. Another part of the story is about a millionaire guy Vincent Moore who is searching for true love.

This is one of those games like IMVU, where you can take control of either of the protagonist from Riley and Vincent. You can customize various things game, like the selection of neighbors and areas too. You are going to like the pre-sequenced stories in this game.

This god game gives you a lot of control and you can explore the town after the story completion of Riley and Vincent.

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4). There


There is a game developed by Makena Technologies and published by the same and it was released in 2003. However, the game came up with a new version too in 2012. There is not only a game but a whole virtual world which runs in 3D graphics.

There is a multiplayer game which can be played on platforms like Windows and Macs. Although the game was shut down in 2010 but its new version in 2012 aroused a new hope in users.

The newer version allowed old users to use their avatars. However, ‘There’ became one of those games like IMVU which came up with a monthly subscription fee. There is not a typical MMORPG game and it mostly relies on socializing for the people.

To enter this virtual world, you need to choose a gender and create your avatar as your profile. Apart from the name which is set permanently, you can customize the features of the avatar such as hairs and style etc. There are various sources like texts, voice, body language and emotions through which a user can communicate to other users.

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5). Stardoll


So, the middle of the list of games like IMVU has arrived at this game named Stardoll. This is a type of browser game which is based on the concept of paper doll. It was published by Mattias Miksche in 2004. You can play this game on flash players.

It has been seen that this website grew up to be a massive platforms for the users above 7 years of age. According to 2014 statistics, there were 300 million users on this platform.

There are three types of accounts on this site which are Royalty, Superstar, and Non superstar. The first two are paid accounts whereas the last one is an unpaid account. This website is mostly used by girls as the objective in this game is to dress up dolls.

This is one of the best games like IMVU which are mainly oriented towards female users. In the starting of this game, you get 500 star coins and 20 star dollars to initiate your game. You can use this amount to purchase new dolls. The games gives customization options like clothes, accessories, makeup etc. but all are paid.

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6). Kudos


Kudos is the next pick in the category of games like IMVU. It is developed and published by Positech Games in the year 2006. This is a single player game which is based on the theme of life simulation. You can play Kudos on Macintosh and Windows.

If you will see and play this game then you will come to know that it is greatly inspired by The Sims. The creators even came with a sequel of this game namely, Kudos: Rock Legend.

The plot of the game travels between age 20 to age 30 and played for 10 years in game. This virtual life has 7 days in each month and the game runs on a fast pace so the users do not feel bored. The key of the game remains social interaction and social activities.

The game is a lot of like the real life where every action results in potential results. For example going for sports will increase your fitness but decrease your energy level. This is a lot like leading your life but in a virtual world.

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7). SmallWorlds


SmallWorlds is a combination of social networking and virtual world. This is a project of Outsmart Games which is a private company from New Zealand. It was launched in 2008 and has more than 25 million users worldwide.

This is a virtual world which runs inside a browser integrating with YouTube and Flickr and other services.

SmallWorlds is those types of games like IMVU which majorly focuses upon users of more than 13 years old. This is one of the most popular gaming site in the world. This site has even won various awards too. Although this is absolutely free to play but for the VIP membership, you need to pay a certain amount.

Through the VIP membership, you get a lot of customization options for your profile. SmallWorlds provides various facilities which is not made available by other games like IMVU. You can watch YouTube videos together with other users and even listen to some songs too.

SmallWorlds is like a totally different world that has huge user base. Other types of facilities provided by this gaming site is gallery browsing, digital media, online games, instant messaging etc.

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8). PlayStation Home


PlayStation Home is a virtual 3D social gaming station hub which was developed by Sony Computer Entertainment’s London Studio. This is accessible from platform of PlayStation 3. You need to first create a PSN account to access all the facilities which are absolutely free to use.

This service was launched in 2005 and users can decide how much of hard disk space they want to give to Home. This service gathered 45 million of users before its closure in 2015.

To start using this platform, you are required to create an Avatar and you have the full liberty to customize your avatar very realistically. This is something which is very relatable to other games like IMVU in this list. Players are even given their personal apartment too in this game.

You can decorate your apartment through free or bought items. This platform also has some mini games and other special events through which prizes are provided to the users.

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9). vSide


In the list of games like IMVU, vSide is a type of virtual world that enables different features to its users. All the graphics and visuals are available in 3D in this platform. Right now the developers of this game is ExitReality. They are using Torque Game Engine for the designing of this game.

It was first launched in 2006 and you can play this on windows and macs. This is an online multiplayer game which is made especially for music and social networking.

The major focus in this game is upon fashion, music, and entertainment. There are various in world activities which will keep the fun quotient up all the time. This is one of those games like IMVU which focuses upon the teens mostly.

In this game, users can host their events and other players can participate in it. This means, the game is mostly derived from the user based content.

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10). Habbo


The last pick in this list of games like IMVU is Habbo. This is another social networking platform which mostly aims at the teenagers. This platforms is available in various languages and launched by Sulake Corporation in 2000. This platform was earlier called as Habbo Hotel.

This is such a popular virtual world that till date 273 million users have been registered on it. Players need to create their own Habbo Avatars in this game and design their unique hotel rooms.

The other features in this game includes interaction with friends, making new friends, chat with other players, take care of virtual pets and organize different parties and invite people in it. To proceed in this virtual world, you are supposed to play various quests and missions and increase you levels.

To enjoy this platform fully, you need to first get registered on it which is a cumpolsary process.

Most Popular Games Like Post:


All such games like IMVU work as the connecting platform for the users across the entire globe. They follow some rules and regulations too and you cannot create some nuisance out here. If you want to connect to the people along with some gaming fun then these games like IMVU will do wonder for you.

They are capable of keeping up with millions of users’ database safely and also keep up with the standard of the site too. However, these sites are only for teens or users above than that.

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