Top 10 Games like Eve Online


Come on, who does not like to play the popular MMORPG in the current time. And when you have games like Eve Online with you which are all set on the theme of space exploration, the fun becomes twice than ever.

Top 10 Games like Eve Online

If you are someone who is a big fan of space adventure and action games then I think this section literally belongs to you. It features some amazing alternative games like Eve Online here which are incorporated with role-playing and online multiplayer elements. I am sure you people would have a great time playing these games.

1. Star Trek Online


Star-Trek-OnlineStar Trek Online is a type of MMORPG and the first choice in this list of games like Eve Online. Just like the later one, this is also a space based game which is developed by Cryptic Studios and got released in 2010. The game belongs to the Star Trek Franchise and followed by Star Trek: Nemesis.

The plot of Star Trek Online is set in the 25th century and along with having a paid version, it offers a free to play access to the users too.

Star Trek Online is set in the year 2409/10 and shows United Federation of Planets and Klingon Empire on war. Now, as it is a multiplayer game, then each player is supposed to act as the captain of their own ship. While selecting a race, player needs to fight with other players in form of Starships.

There are various customization options for player’s character as well as the modes of the game. If a player wants then he can move around as a person without his/her ship in different modes of the game. The various settings and controls of the game makes it more user-friendly than Eve Online.

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2. Star Conflict


Star ConflictYou can find so many games similar to Eve Online on the basis of its RPG genre and space settings but my job was to find out the best ones for you. So, the next one in this quest is Star Conflict which is dynamic MMO game based on the theme of space action.

Star Conflict is a free to play game developed by Targem Games and published by Gaijin Entertainment and got released in 2012.

Unlike many of the games like Eve Online enlisted here, Star Conflict is more like a space simulation game which is power packed with action and combat modes. A player can select various roles/classes for him and needs to control a spaceship throughout the game.

There are PvP and PvE modes where the basic task remains to ultimately kill the enemy spaceship. Apart from these two modes, there is an open world sandbox mode too. You are going to find different missions in the PvP mode which keeps the game moving in a successive manner and hence player always remains interested in discovering what is next.

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3. Perpetuum


PerpetuumI am sure many of you might not even hear of this game before but trust me Perpetuum is one of the finest MMORPG in this list of games like Eve Online. It is developed and published by Avatar Creations Ltd and released in 2010.

I liked the game mostly because of its science fiction world setting where you can see flying ridable robots and teleport features.

The plot of this game is set after the year 2208 where teleportation is possible. Now, players are supposed to choose from previously created character or they can create one of their choice too. The specifications chosen by player reflects upon the mode and settings of the game developed further.

There are various islands in the Perpetuum universe which are designated as Alpha, Beta and Gamma having different characteristics. This is a highly customizable game which is quite entertaining and mostly focuses upon the combat and action modes. As you move forward in the game you tend to gain extension points which reflect further on your gameplay.

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4. Elite: Dangerous


Elite: DangerousAs I have already listed earlier, there are so many free games like Eve Online, however, Elite: Dangerous is not one of them. Still, this is a very popular space adventure and combat simulation game developed and published by Frontier Developments which was released in 2014.

The gameplay is open ended which means there is no specific objective of this game. This is the fourth game in Elite series and the first one to engage MMO features.

The plot is set in the year 3300 and incorporates the basic features from the previous versions of this game. The player has a spaceship and small amount of in-game currency and he needs to explore various planets by making way into open galaxy.

There are elements in the game like trading, combat, assassination, mining, bounty hunting etc. It has both single player and multiplayer modes which made it the biggest hit in the entire Elite series and also a wonderful game to include in the list of games like Eve Online. Elite: Dangerous also includes the feature of first person shooting too.

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5. Dark Orbit


Dark OrbitDark Orbit is a MMO game with the element of slight role playing in it. It is developed and published by Bigpoint and released in 2006. The game belongs to the genre of space adventure and action and it has more than 95 million users accessing it.

Being a web browser game comes with some limitations like you need to have flash player and of course you cannot play it on the go too.

However, despite that Dark Orbit gained huge popularity and all thanks to its interesting concept for that. When the gameplay starts, the player needs to choose between three companies they want to be part of. Player is supposed to win power and wealth throughout the game’s quests and missions.

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The MMO feature and space adventure makes it a perfect option in the list of games like Eve Online along with great gaming rewards and fun. The game offers less customization features as compared to other games but still, it has its own perks and adventures.

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6. X3: Terran Conflict


X3: Terran ConflictX3: Terran Conflict or popularly known as X3TC is another one in the list of games like Eve Online. It is developed by Egosoft and released in 2008. This is a space trading and combat simulator game. Unfortunately, the game does not incorporate MMO feature and can be played in single player mode only.

However, you will finally get to play a space adventure game which is quite different from other ones and involves amazing tactics and new features.

Of course, there are so many games similar to Eve Online but what makes X3TC different yet interesting than others is that it has some really deep customization features. It is set from first person perspective the environment is constantly changing where player is supposed to explore.

The player explores its ship throughout the gaming world and takes part in various activities like exploration, combat, construction, trading etc. Being open ended makes it kind of dull but still, it is played a lot.

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7. Ascent: The Space Game


Ascent: The Space GameAscent: The Space Game is a MMO and as the name says, it is based on the theme of space simulation and exploration. The game was released in 2013 and developed by Jam. This game is set in the 3D space environment which makes it even more interesting than ever.

There are so many elements of this game which means you are not going to get bored doing only one thing in it. However, it still differs from the rest of the games like Eve Online.

Players are supposed to involve in work of their choice like construction, combat, trading etc. To be true, the game is more simulation driven and hence construction is going to be its major key rather than combat and action.

Of course being an MMO makes it quite interactive and interesting. You can indulge in activities like research, farming, mining, harvesting, colonizing etc.

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8. FTL: Faster Than Light


FTL: Faster Than LightFTL comes in the category of free games like Eve Online which was released in 2012. It is developed and published by Subset Games and it is a type of spaceship simulator game. Designed with a top-down roguelike theme, it is only a single player game which means it lacks the MMO feature.

Player controls the spacecraft which has the capability to travel Faster Than Light and it belongs to the galactic foundation.

In the starting of the game, player chooses its spaceship and crew too. The game has eight space sectors and the player must jump between various waypoints to finally reach to the exit. Of course, you indulge in combat modes too when the system tries to compete with you.

There are various customization options in this game too like the other games like Eve Online. You can choose between 8 classes, weapons and many more. Each race/class has different specifications and powers so choose wisely.

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9. Star Wars: The Old Republic


Star Wars: The Old RepublicStar Wars: The Old Republic is a MMORPG based on the Star Wars Universe. It is developed by BioWare Austin and published by Electronic Arts and released in 2011. The plot of course talks about intergalactic wars and crazy space adventure like the rest of the games like Eve Online.

The plot shows the peace between Sith Empire and Galactic Republic. It is set in the world which is 300 years after the game Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic.

Players are supposed to choose their team between Sith Empire and Galactic Republic. However, it does not affect much things except morality. There are various parts of this game like mission completion, combat, exploration and many more.

There are of course various player classes defined which reflects upon the skills and powers of a player. Fans of the Star Wars franchise would surely love this game.

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10. DarkStar One


DarkStar OneThe last one in this list of alternative games like Eve Online is DarkStar One which is a space trading and combat game. DarkStar One is developed by a German gaming studio Ascaron Entertainment and released in 2006.

The plot of the game is set in Milky Way Galaxy in a different solar system Pencah. The protagonist of this story is Kayron Jarvis whose role is supposed to be played by the player.

There are various classifications of races in the game like Terrans, Raptor, Mortok, Thul etc. The player can choose anyone of them before starting the game. The rest of the game is divided between four adventurous quests and winning them leads you to further challenge.

Just like every other games like Eve Online, there are various variations and customization options in the game which keeps it interesting and fun throughout. There are more side quests, missions and storyline quests in this game which incorporate even more fun in the game. Some of the elements of the game are bounty hunting, trading, mining, combat and others.

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Well, my final words about these games like Eve Online are that these are just a handful recommendations for such games. Actually, there are a plenty of others too. However, for a long run I think you should go for these games for now.

In fact, some of the games in this list are free to play too. This means you have the opportunity to play some of the finest space adventure MMO games for absolutely free. However, that applies for a specific period only. You can discover more by reaching to the official websites of the games which I have mentioned here.

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