10 Best Games like Minecraft That You Must Play


Games like Minecraft: Minecraft is one classic game that was released in November 2011 for Windows. Its other versions for different operating systems are also there.

It is a sandbox video game that involves building things out of textured cubes in a 3D system.

There are like thousands of other games like Minecraft for PC which have been explored less and really need more attention.

10 Best Games like Minecraft That You Must Play

These Minecraft like games are equally creative and engaging and you would love to play them. Here is a complete list of the free games like Minecraft that you would love to play.

1. Terasology

Website: http://terasology.org/

Terasology is the highest matching games like Minecraft. The only difference between the two is that Terasology is an in-water game. It has all the elements of Minecraft like punching the blocks and adding some creativity.

It is basically a PC game only and you can play it easily too. Terasology is basically an open source game which allows you to contribute to the development of the game. This is really interesting as you can build up your own army of minions and protect your area.

The best part of Terasology is that the developers are constantly upgrading it. So, you can never determine how far it is going to go. In the development process, every gamer can participate and the credits will remain to his name only.

You can go to the section of development and can create something which has not been added before. This continuous process is making this game even tougher and vast day by day.

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2. Masterspace

Website: http://store.steampowered.com/

The strategic planning and process of each games like Minecraft are quite similar to each other. This is just the storyline and techniques which differ. In Masterspace you have to play in a spaceship and you have the infinite number of options as planets to make them yours.

Hence the name of the game which means you need to master the space. All you have to do is just fly to the generated planet in the galaxy and land on it. You need to start development on that planet in form of digging, building and crafting.

As soon as you start claiming different planets, you start getting different powers too. You can even make robots, guns, and customization of your own ship too. This makes Masterspace one of the leading games like Minecraft which is mostly about crafting work.

This is like most of the sandbox games as they largely depend upon creativity rather than combating. You must also focus on the fact that a meteorite attack can fully destruct all your territories and crafting work. So, apart from winning other planets, you must save your own too.

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3. CubeWorld

Website: https://picroma.com/

The game proved to be a massive success when it was first released in 2013. It is an open world based game whose main element is Role-Playing. It is developed and published by Picroma.

What makes it included in the category of games like Minecraft is, its basic thing which are cubes and lots and lots of cubes. You need to go for a massive crafting for this game and generate a complete world out of cubed blocks.

The best part is the customization of weapons and jewels. This makes it even more creative and interesting for the players. The visuals of the game are all about dungeons, castles and complete voxel world background.

There is this option of character creation through which you can create more than one types of characters on your own.

This is a PC game only and you can play it in real time. The game is not just as simple as it looks but more like an expedition to development and classy fights. This game is a mixture of creepy conditions, missions and lots of exploration.

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4. Don’t Starve

Website: https://www.klei.com/

The major theme of Don’t Starve is action and adventure. It was released in 2013 and developed and published by Klei Entertainment. It is compatible with different platforms like Windows, Linux, PS3, PS4, iOS, Android, Xbox etc.

Don’t Starve is one of the prime games like Minecraft. It has every element to make you go terrified with its scary visuals. It has the creepiest hisses and scariest of enemies to make the game only more engaging for the users.

The protagonist of this game is named Wilson who is a scientist. He is in a dark world where he needs to survive as long as possible against the different problems created by the antagonist Maxwell.

The process of crafting and building gets even tougher in such games like Minecraft. There are very limited sources and through this Wilson needs to protect himself from the creepy foes.

This amazing game is the love of gamers because of its ultimate gothic impression. It leaves you finding food to stay immune along with fighting off the horror creatures. If you are a lover of challenges then this game is just for you.

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5. Blockland

Website: http://blockland.us/

Blockland is all about building through the cubic blocks. It was released in 2013 on steam. It is a combined work of different developers. This game is compatible with Windows and Macs. This is one of those games like Minecraft which can be played in both single as well as multiplayer mode.

Blockland is all about building and building. You need to keep on developing something from whatever resources you get. This is one of the sandbox games like Minecraft where crafting is the most important things. What makes this game different from others is that there is no set goals and aims in this game.

Even the tagline of the game says it is the game where you build stuff. This is only a PC game and runs in real time. The best part of this game is its variations. It has multiple gaming modes and the most famous one is Fort-Wars mode.

Blockland is a perfect mixture of role-playing, racing and death matches. So, get ready to enjoy the craziest and fun game of this era.

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6. 7 Days to Die

Website: http://store.steampowered.com/

7 Days to Die is all about survival and running for your life throughout the game. It was released in 2013 and with some modification, it was again released in 2016 by Telltale publishing. It is compatible with Windows, Linux, PS4, Xbox One and OS X.

Another one in the list of games like Minecraft is 7 days to die. Well, the name may sound like more of a suspense and intense movie but actually, it is more of a scary one. You can play it in both single-player as well as multiplayer modes.

Yes, you heard me right, 7 days to die is going to give you some serious chills as the horror visuals and theme of the game is really creepy. But do not think that there is only stint of survival in this game. It has every element of a true sandbox game.

You need to make shelters for yourself, crafting things and killing enemies. This is a game which is set out in a world after zombie apocalypse. You are going to love making shelters in order to not becoming a meal.

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7. The Forest

Website: http://survivetheforest.com/

The Forest is again a survival based game just like 7 days to die. The game is played through first-person perspective throughout. It was released in 2014 in alpha version. The developing and publishing rights of the game are with Endnight Games. It is compatible with Windows and PS4.

The Forest is one of the games like Minecraft which is even scarier. It is just like its name and you will find yourself lost in the wilderness of the forest. The game proceeds when you try to build a shelter on your own to protect yourself from the weather.

But the major part of the game starts when it is night. The horrible local people attacks on you and you have to save yourself from them. Things take even worse turn when they take you to their underground lair and you can see nothing but darkness.

This is a game where you will feel like everything is happening in real with you. This is one of those games like Minecraft which comes with both single as well as multiplayer modes. So, join your friends in it to have the maximum fun.

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8. Castle Story

Website: https://www.castlestory.net/

Our next pick is about Castle Story which is unlike others is an independent real-time strategy game. Castle Story is still under development by Sauropod Studio. It is perfect for consoles like Windows, Macs, and Linux.

Our next pick in the category of games like Minecraft is Castle Story. What makes Castle story a bit of different from the Minecraft is, its strategic planning to proceed with. The major aim in this game is all about building a superb castle which can withstand the attacks of enemies.

The entire game is set out on a floating island which is fully destructible too.

Yes, you would have to not only overpower your enemies but focus on building your own empire too. It is a real-time game and to expand your empire you would have to send out your soldier to find some resources.

In this game, you need to save your yellow people from other gamers. You can do it by continuously planning and developing in the real time. This is such an interesting game and I am sure you will forget Minecraft after it.

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9. Block Story

Download Game: http://store.steampowered.com/

Download App: Android, iOS

You must have learned about the advantage of block story which is its accessibility. This game is not only for PCs but also for iOS and Android too. Another advantage of this game is its 3D visuals which will make you go wow.

This is one of those sandbox games like Minecraft which is majorly about crafting. The name of the game says it all, that it is all about cubic blocks. But that does not mean it lags behind other elements.

This interesting game has everything from dragons to bosses and to recruiting your companions. You can even go for a cross-platform play where you can play between PC and mobile versions. Isn’t it sound amazing in terms of how flexible its access is?

In the list of games like Minecraft, Block Story tops every element from fighting and combating to crafting and building. You can play this game with your friends and have more fun.

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10. Rust

Website: http://store.steampowered.com/

Rust is one of the good alternatives for Minecraft to join the genre of survival video games. It was released in December, 2013. It is developed and published by Facepunch Studios and it is their only survival game. This game is compatible with Windows, Linux and OS X.

The beauty or we can say flaw at the same time of this game is that there are no instructions, no directions and no map in this game. Thinking about not playing it? Well, that would be your biggest mistake because once you will start playing it, you are gonna love it hands down.

There are very low chances that you may survive even a minute in this game at the start. This is going to take a lot of time for you to learn crafting weapons and killing enemies in this game. You are supposed to gather resources here by hook or crook and you can even steal them.

But once you are a pro, you are gonna rule this game. This is a multi-player game and you can play in teams if you find like mind players in it.

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All these games like Minecraft are absolutely free to play. You can either play on your PC or just download their Android or iOS applications. Some of these are play station and Xbox compatible too. So, it depends upon you that how you want to play them.

As a whole, these games are a complete package of entertainment that you are looking for. Ease of playing and similar concept games like Minecraft will keep you hooked to your screens for sure.

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