15 Best Movie Drinking Games


Movie drinking games are hilarious especially when you are playing them with your close pals or your partner. The rules are pretty simple and you need to take a sip when something comes up on the screen told by your friend. And you won’t even realize when you will be totally drunk after the movie. This game is the best way to make the most out of a movie.

Top 15 Movie Drinking Games

Before you start the game, a bigger problem is that what are the movies which can bring a big opportunity for you to drink? So, here are the 15 movies you can prefer to watch for a drink-binge game. And of course, keep a bucket handy because movie drinking games are going to be super heavy on your lever.

1. Zombieland (2009)

The Movie –

I am really sure that you cannot find anything better than this best movie drinking games. Zombieland is a mixture of horror and comedy and with the plot which has so many ups and down, I am sure you would be dying out of drinking.

As the eccentric characters of Tallahassee, Columbus, Witchita and Little Rock comes together to cross the zombie struck US in search of a safer place. There are just right amount of punches to let you enjoy this movie drinking game.

Drink When –

  • You hear the world “Twinkie”
  • Anyone kills a zombie
  • You hear “nut up or shut up”
  • The word Zombieland comes
  • A Rule comes on the screen.

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2. Scarface (1983)

The Movie –

Scarface is a crime scene according to its genre and perfect to enjoy movie drinking games. Like seriously, you can actually imagine a lot of essence and drama into an Al Pacino movie. And along with this, the theme of a man rising to becoming drug kingpin surely contains various hardcore scenes in it.

You are totally going to love the classic scenario of the movie along with some really power packed performance. And going by the genre, there are various options to take a sip.

Drink When –

  • Anyone says the F Word
  • Someone is being murdered
  • Anyone consumes Cocaine
  • A different country is shown in the next scene.
  • Tony taunts someone

3. Reservoir Dogs (1992)

The Movie –

Perfect for the multiple rounds of Netflix drinking games, Reservoir Dogs brings you the genre of heist film and of course beautiful execution of Quintin Tarantino in it. The movie is set on the backdrop of a theme where the robbery of a jewelry store goes horribly wrong.

The movie has its own puns and satires and you get numerous repetitive chances to take a sip out of your glass. The movie changes dramatically after the interval so you would have to redefine the drinking rules too.

Drink When –

  • Anybody comes up with the word Diamond
  • Anyone curses on the screen
  • Someone takes a color’s name
  • Someone smokes anything
  • Someone fires a bullet

4. Scream (1996)

The Movie –

Belonging to the hardcore genre of slasher movie, Scream gives numerous chances of being included in the list of movie drinking games. The movie revolves around the main character of a high school student and a mysterious killer Ghostface who marks her as his target.

You can mark the movie as a mild combination of horror and black comedy coming together which of course comes with its own essence and occasions to take a sip.

Drink When –

  • Someone dies
  • Someone screams
  • Every time Tatum throws a beer at ghostface.
  • the telephone rings
  • Ghostface wipes his knife for cleaning
  • Kenny is insulted

5. The Hangover (2009)

The Movie –

I really don’t think I need to explain much that why I mentioned The Hangover amongst the good drinking game movies. A movie all about getting drunk and high makes the perfect option for such games and of course this one is entirely made for this game only.

A power packed comedy movie, The Hangover comes with multiple instances and chances of taking a sip. In fact, this one is going to give you a great hangover for sure.

Drink When –

  • Stu’s missing tooth is flashed on the screen.
  • A Casino comes
  • Someone says “Remember”.
  • Anyone says “Vegas”
  • they find a clue

6. A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984)

The Movie –

To be true, you are seriously going to get nightmares after watching this but as you will be super drunk, no offense at all. It is definitely the uncrowned king of movie drinking games and despite being a super horror and slasher film, you would love to watch it again for a game.

With the ghost of Freddy Kruger killing people in their dreams having a common link from their childhood. The movie not only grips you but its horror scenes are literally made for drinking because of the repetition.

Drink When –

  • Someone falls asleep in the movie.
  • Freddy Kruger appears on the screen.
  • Anyone is murdered.
  • Freddy scrapes his finger knives against something
  • Someone says the word “Nightmare”.

7. The Big Lebowski (1998)

The Movie –

With the genre of crime meeting comedy, drinking games for movies like The Big Lebowski surely to become crazy as hell. Can you imagine the main character’s name being Dude in the movie? I mean this is alone is enough to take sip after sips.

This guy is mistaken as someone else and get assaulted but things get even uglier when he gets involved into great trouble because of it. The movie is surely made for laughs and drinks.

Drink When –

  • The main guy refers to himself in third person
  • Dude smokes pot.
  • The name “Dude” is mentioned.
  • Dude gets into a car.
  • Someone says the F word.
  • Someone speaks in an accent
  • Someone goes bowling.

8. Ted (2012)

The Movie –

One of the great comedy movies, Ted is just perfect for movie drinking games because of its crazy theme. The movie revolves around its prime character John Bennett whose childhood wish comes true as his teddy bear gets alive. Like can you even relate to it?

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Well, the movie focus on the phase when the childhood is over and now Ted is stopping John and his love interest Lori Collins from moving on together. You would love to watch a teddy bear drinking booze in the movie.

Drink When –

  • An old theme or song is being played.
  • Any homophobic scene comes.
  • Someone drinks in the movie
  • Someone says Friend
  • Anyone consumes drugs

9. The Shawshank Redemption (1994)

The Movie –

One of the most classic movies ever, if it is not made for drinking game than what else is? This American drama movie focuses on a lifetime imprisoned banker Andy Dufrense who gets jailed for the murder of his wife and his lover.

The major part of the movie comes when Andy befriends fellow prisoner Ellis Red who was a smuggler. The movie is not for someone who do not enjoys Classics because you are going to watch a lot of melodrama here.

Drink When –

  • Hadley insults someone
  • Andy does someone’s taxes
  • Someone carves their name
  • Morgan Freeman narrates something.
  • Someone dies
  • Classic music plays in a scene

10. The Dark Knight (2008)

The Movie –

One of very popular DC superhero movies, The Dark Knight is all about the adventures of Batman and his quest to save Gotham City from the villain, The Joker. I am sure it will be worth to include a superhero movie on your quest of movie drinking games.

The Joker as well as the Batman both has their own mannerism and their own specific dialogues and this is why you are going to get tons of occasions to have a sip in the movie.

Drink When –

  • Someone says Batman or Wayne
  • Anything explodes in the movie
  • A playing card flashes on the screen
  • A new Bat technology is used by Batman
  • Batmobile is shown in the movie
  • The joker licks his lips
  • Anyone is killed

11. Top Gun (1986)

The Movie –

Top Gun brings the essence of the genre of Action and drama and when you have Tom Cruise in a movie, you just cannot help but tag it amongst the best movies for drinking games. The movie is mostly popular for its action sequences but you still have great chances to find scenes for drinking.

Along with a spy kind of theme, you will be having tough time recalling the callsign name of the characters, but it will be fun for sure.

Drink When –

  • Someone does the high five
  • Every time a character repeats the dialogue
  • A plane takes off
  • Someone does a barrel roll
  • Danger Zone song starts playing
  • Any Callsign is said
  • Maverick is shown wearing sunglasses

12. The Wolf of Wall Street (2013)

The Movie –

You got an amazing biographical black comedy by your side for movie drinking games and you are looking for the fun somewhere else. With nudity, curse words, drama and Leonardo DiCaprio, you have got an amazing combination to drink while watching it.

The movie is outrageous, fun and most importantly comes with various punches and dialogues to have a sip on.

Drink When –

  • Someone says the F word.
  • Someone displays the middle finger
  • Anyone picks up a call
  • There is nudity on the screen.
  • Every time Leo raises his voice
  • Someone is called by their nick name
  • Someone drinks or does drugs

13. Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy (2004)

The Movie –

A comedy movie by genre, this one stars Will Ferrell in the lead role. With the tongue-in-cheek humor in the movie, you will not only die laughing but will get various lines and spots to have a sip on.

The movie is a take on the culture of 1970s which highlights the Action News format in particular. One of the funniest movie of all time, you are going to find all sorts of essence in it. The main character of Will fighting with its new female competition is something you are going to like the most.

Drink When –

  • Someone enjoys a drink
  • A cameo is done in the movie
  • Someone talks directly to the camera
  • You hear San Diego by anyone
  • Someone smokes
  • An ash tray is shown in the movie

14. The Lord of the Rings Trilogy

The Movie –

This trilogy is something I could not pick a specific option from and hence I decided to pick all three of them. Just ideal for movie drinking games, this one requires enough patience because the movies are quite long.

But the ride of fantasy, action and magic is going to give you one amazing drinking binge marathon. With the characters of Frodo, Sam and of course Gandalf in the full focus, you can find numerous dialogues which are repetitive and worthy of having a sip on.

Drink When –

  • There is a close up shot of the Ring
  • Frodo get into a trouble
  • Aragorn does something heroic
  • Legolas comes for the rescue
  • The ring is referred as Precious
  • Sam says Mr. Frodo
  • Extravagant scenery shot comes in the movie
  • Entire fellowship comes on the screen

15. Jurassic Park (1993)

The Movie –

And the final pick sums up on Jurassic Park. An iconic movie which is a great combination of science fiction and adventure and action and everything else altogether. A masterpiece of Steven Spielberg and a walking-talking debacle of dinosaurs all around the screen, this is going to keep you on edge no matter how many times you have watched it before.

And of course, not to be forgotten the encounter between humans and dinosaur which is a sure shot scene to have a sip on.

Drink When –

  • A dinosaur screams on top of its voice
  • Any human gets eaten by the dinosaur
  • Close up shot of water rippling is shown
  • The kids are in great danger
  • A human screams
  • Dramatic music is played
  • Someone says Velociraptor instead of Raptor.


If you are not into booze then you can replace the drinks with soft-drinks or juices too. It largely depends upon the players that what kind of changes they want to make into the game according to their own comfort. However, these movie drinking games are always fun to play no matter what. In fact, you can also add some modifications on your own.

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