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If you are a millennial then I am really sure that you would have come across this cool site called ThinkGeek. These sites serves to people who are technology and computer enthusiasts and hence offer related products on their platform. But there are more sites like ThinkGeek with same level of awesomeness and amazing items to offer.

In this very section, I am going to talk about ThinkGeek like sites and the unique things you can buy from them. What makes them trending and popular is that they connect well with the current generation because all the products are quite cool to use. Let’s check out more such options below.

Top 10 Sites like ThinkGeek

So, of course all the e-commerce portals do not function in the similar way and hence the items offered by them are different. Where the mainstream online shopping portals focus more on day to day stuff, these sites like ThinkGeek focus on stuff liked by today’s generation. So, here are 10 best options of such sites offering really cool merchandise.

1. DealExtreme

Website: http://www.dx.com/

DealExtremeThe first pick for this category of sites like ThinkGeek is DealExtreme. They are based in China and aims to establish a link between their business and consumers throughout the world via this online shopping portal. You can find more than 400 verified suppliers on their website.

Talking about their process, then you should know that they ship to various countries and locations throughout the world along with the advantage of free shipping.

They have this really versatile range of products available on their website belonging to 4,000 different categories. To name a few, these are cell phone and accessories, home and office supplies, sports and outdoors, computer and office, LED lights and many more.

I would rather call it a heaven for tech lovers and modern day geeks because you can find every single type of gadgets here on really affordable pricing. There are timely flash sales and deals for specific time period. They also have this special tech section where you can buy something for as low as just $0.99. Definitely, worth a try.

2. Jinx

Website: https://www.jinx.com/

JinxJinx is a California based clothing line in particular and this ThinkGeek alternative mainly focus on the video game inspired products only. As they have the partnership with a lot of video game companies, they serve as the brand which produces their official product line.

To name a few, they have tie-ups with very renowned companies like Blizzard Entertainment and the produce products for games like Minecraft, WoW(World of Warcraft), Star Wars, Overwatch and many more.

However, they do not have any customized printing option yet but when you will take a look at their offered products, I am sure you would not need such service. They provide gaming based clothing for both men and women. They offer shirts, pants and outerwear in particular and some of the accessories too.

This is the most loved place by the today’s geek generation crazy about video games. However, the prices are a tad bit higher than other sites like ThinkGeek but I don’t think you are going to find such merchandise anywhere else.

3. FireBox

Website: https://www.firebox.com/

FireBoxFireBox is a London based online retailer which mainly works in the sector of lifestyle retailing. In fact, over the time they have grown to be a bigger and better company and now deals in wholesale selling too. They provide bulk products to retailers smaller than them and in this way, FireBox turn out to be one of the most versatile sites like ThinkGeek.

They mainly ship within Europe and USA only and does not provide any other option for international shipping but you can expect it soon.

Talking about their products then you get to choose from a really cool and trendy range of product categories. Some of them are homeware, smart accessories, tech and gadgets, games, books, food and drinks and many more.

In fact, FireBox offers additional perks for students and there are some interesting sections where you can get personalized and customized items too. Find perfect and cool gifts for your friends or check out their top 50 list, FireBox has made it utmost simple to access their platform.

4. Dude I Want That

Website: http://www.dudeiwantthat.com/

Dude I Want ThatI could shop from that website just by its name. Dude I Want That is exactly like its name and also quite unique addition to the list of sites similar to ThinkGeek. This site is a specially curated section for those geeky people who love to gift some really geeky but interesting stuff to people.

The site brings together different products from retailers, designers, crowdfunding campaigns, concept artists and amazing individuals from all over the internet.

Their trade mainly restricts within USA only because they are not that big brand. You can find more than 7,000 interesting products here divided between various categories. Some of these categories are style, gear, household, outdoors, entertainment, fitness and many more.

You can find a different section of buyer’s guides here which is going to let you know about the use of various products that you never came across before. These sites like ThinkGeek give you a chance to get acknowledged to some really different items on the internet and I am sure you are going to love them all.

5. Sharper Image

Website: https://www.sharperimage.com/si/

Sharper ImageSharper Image is an American Retail company whose main focus is to provide such gears and gadget which can turn your ordinary lifestyle into a high-tech one. The site makes a perfect entry into this list of sites like ThinkGeek and it was launched in 1977.

Sharper Image is a subsidiary of Camelot Venture Group which are popular for selling their merchandise through various retail stores online as well as offline.

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This company is even more popular for its offline stores because they can be located easily in USA. Talking about the stuff you can buy from Sharper Image then these are consumer electronics, travel and auto, toys and games, air purifier, massage, personal care products and many more.

Sharper Image is mainly recommended for buying really cool and tech-based gifts for your loved ones. In fact, you can find separate sections for them too. In fact, they have a complete gift guide to offer to their customers which can help you to choose the best products on the site.

6. Mental Floss Store

Website: http://store.mentalfloss.com/

Mental Floss StoreMental Floss is a digital retailing company which in particular serves to millennials only. This site is all about digital creations, e-commerce structure, and print. In fact, it is quite similar to ThinkGeek in terms of approach and the products offered by them.

Apart from offering a variety of items, they have these separate sections too where you can find quizzes, facts, trivia etc. to improve your knowledge and have some fun times.

Now, coming on to its shopping section then the items offered here are all about new age designs and trendy items. Here, you can find categories like apparel, magazines, books, books, home and office supplies, games and puzzles and many more. Also, you can claim free shipping when you are shopping for $60 and more here.

Such sites like ThinkGeek suits perfectly to the new age generation because the graphic content here is so relatable to current youth. Great thing about Mental Floss is that they not only ship within the USA but also deliver items to international locations too.

7. Entertainment Earth

Website: https://www.entertainmentearth.com/h.asp

Entertainment EarthEntertainment Earth is not only about selling retailing items to its customers but it also functions equally in the wholesale department too. This makes it a multi-purpose and multi-functional pick amongst the rest of the sites like ThinkGeek.

Entertainment Earth is a comparatively bigger and better platform as compared to other ones here because it provides international shipping option too.

Things you can find here are clothing, action figures, collectibles, games, prop replicas, statues, dolls, vinyl figures and more such things. You cannot call this website too geeky to use but it definitely has things which attract mainly young generation to shop from here.

Once you get registered with them, then you can get to know about new launches, great discount deals, timely updates and lots of other features of the site. You can find great collections of Anime comics and digital arts here too. I am sure you would love to shop from here as the prices are unbelievable affordable here.

8. Archie McPhee

Website: https://mcphee.com

Archie McPheeArchie McPhee is the next addition amongst the stores like ThinkGeek. This is the ideal destination to find weird and unusual items which you usually go not get on other e-commerce websites. Not only they are fun to gift to someone but you can also love to use them.

If you just have $5 bucks to spend then you need not to worry because you can find something pretty cool for as low as $2-$5 on Archie McPhee easily.

Also, when you shop for $35 and more, you get free shipping on all of these purchase along with a free gift on every order you make. Now, coming on to the products they sell then you can either choose by theme or by categories too.

On such sites like ThinkGeek, you can find categories like masks, school, and office, fun, candy, zombies and monster-themed items, auto and travel and many more. There are a lot of themes available and you can also check out their gift section to shop something amazing and affordable for you loved ones.

9. Scientifics Online

Website: https://www.scientificsonline.com/

Scientifics OnlineIf you want to enjoy the perks of free shipping on $35 and Plus orders then I think you should start shopping from Scientifics Online. They are the next inclusion for this list of sites like ThinkGeek and also deals in the similar products as the later one do.

They provide their services within the USA and mainly targets the creative and young minds. Hence, their main products are unusual science inventions, toys, tech gifts etc.

It completely clears the fact that Scientific Online belongs to geeky and cool people for sure. Categories you can check out here are toys and games, robotics, science kits, telescopes etc. It mainly serves for young teens so they can develop an instant likeness towards different streams of science.

Apart from these categories, you can also shop age wise and there are various science streams given like astronomy, Chemistry, Geology etc. so you can instantly find the stuff you want.

10. Geek Buying

Website: https://www.geekbuying.com

Geek BuyingAnd the final pick for the category of websites like ThinkGeek is Geek Buying. The nature of the website is quite clear from its name and it mainly provides gadgets and new age technology products. This is why I think every millennial would love to shop from here.

This is a comparatively bigger name than other websites mentioned here and Geek Buying also works for wholesale section too which allows small businesses can buy products from them.

They are a leading option amongst sites like ThinkGeek to provide new range of gadgets and consumer electronics to the people who want them. Also, this is a global brand and hence ships to various international locations too.

Now, talking about the things you can buy from them then these are computer and networking, VR, home and garden, security system, wearable technology, consumer electronics, brand-wise shopping and many more.


They are the first and foremost places to buy all the geeky stuff in the world. And by geeky, I do not mean boring and useless items. You can find geeky graffiti tees, caps, hoodies and other related items on their platform. This is the kind of shopping you cannot do from the mainstream websites.

If you want to wear what your mind speaks and relates to then these sites like ThinkGeek are the places you should look up to. They are not restricted to apparels only but you can find awesome tech stuff and other geeky gadgets here too to make you stand out of the rest.

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