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Sniper games are generally the first choice of hardcore gamers especially the ones crazy about shooting games. First person shooting does not seem as easy as it sounds and can involve a lot of ups and downs. However, if you want to take this love of yours to another level, I can suggest you some amazingly best sniper games for sure.

There are a lot of sub-categories you can find in sniper games which are usually differentiated on the basis of their themes. Some are based in a military environment and some are more modern and outgoing. However, each of them are quite fun and have their own elements.

Top 10 Sniper Games

Keeping with a lot of aspects and variety of themes available in these best sniper games, I have put together 10 amazing games for you. Featuring first/third person shooting genre along with various background stories and gameplay mechanics, each one of them are a star on their own. I am sure you would like to play and shoot down enemies in these games.

1. Sniper: Ghost Warrior

Website: http://www.sniperghostwarrior.com/

Sniper: Ghost WarriorSniper Ghost Warrior is a typical tactical shooter video game and of course justifies the category of best sniper games as well. The game also includes the element of stealth in it and can be played in both single player and multiplayer gaming modes.

Here, the player takes up the role of a military sniper whose ultimate objective is to become a part of an elite sniper team and help the rebels of Isla Trueno.

You can control the gameplay from first person perspective and it mostly relies on stealth and firing sniper rifles. They have also kept the things realistic where bullet trajectories are dependable on elements like wind, flight time, gravity etc.

So, basically what they want to tell us is that the game demands utmost concentration from the players while shooting someone. The major weapon choices in the game are silenced pistols, various sniper rifles, knives etc. The major environmental condition is dense jungle which further complicates the enemy spotting.

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2. Sniper Elite: V2

Website: https://store.steampowered.com/

Sniper Elite: V2If you are looking for sniper PC games then I have a perfect solution for you and this game is called Sniper Elite: V2. This one is also a tactical shooter game which is controlled from third person perspective. Like the earlier entry in this list, this one also feature the element of stealth in it.

The game plot belongs to the time frame of April-May 1945 and takes place in Battle of Berlin, but showcase an alternate narrative as compared to its earlier installment.

The player takes the character of an American Officer of Strategic Service whose task is to capture some scientists while the Red Army invades. Unlike other best sniper games, the main focus is not on combat, but on utilizing stealth part well and also needs to keep a safe distance from enemy soldiers.

Sniper Elite V2 also features weapons of that era and there are a variety of single player side missions features which helps in gaining vantage points.

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3. Arma 3

Website: http://www.arma3.com/

Arma 3Finally, you will get to play in an open world environment in one of these best sniper games. The game features the genre of military tactical shooting which is quite realism based. You can also get to play in both single player and multiplayer gaming modes.

The storyline of this game belongs to mid-2030s and showcase a military operation called Operation Magnitude in a war like an environment.

Talking about the single player campaign mode, the player takes the character of Ben Kerry who is a US Army Corporal. Player has the choice to choose its objective as there are a variety of missions in the game and it also brings down the choice for weaponry too.

You can also choose an option from various faction choices. As the game does not feature the element of stealth, the primary focus remains on combat only. More than the single player missions, I am sure you would like the multiplayer ones as they are massive and more violent.

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4. Alliance: The Silent War

Website: http://www.alliancethegame.com/

Alliance: The Silent WarThe next one amongst the other sniping games is Alliance: The Silent War which is a type of first person shooter game. The game largely relies on tactical combat simulation which takes the player from World War I to the present day situation.

As the game proceeds further, the player will be introduced to a variety of weapons too which are total 200 in number and are actually real world weapons too.

The innovative system which gives access to these weapons is called The War Studio. This is quite an impressive and organized collection of weapons where you can search weapons on the basis of caliber, year of production, country of origin etc.

Although the game features both the single player and multiplayer gaming modes but it is more fun in multiplayer mode as you can alot different types of weapons to different teams. I really liked the fact that The Silent War provides more control the player as compared to other best sniper games.

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5. Ghost Recon: Future Soldier

Website: http://www.ghostrecon.com/

Ghost Recon: Future SoldierFuture Soldier is quite a different game in the Ghost Recon series which takes it to a futuristic plot. It is based on the genre of tactical shooting and controlled from third person perspective. As it is Tom Clancy’s creation, you can surely expect better things than all the other best sniper games too.

It features both single player and multiplayer gaming modes and introduces precise aiming for the player as he can switch to over the shoulder perspective too.

Not only that but it can also switch to first person view too. The game runs in cover based shooting theme but as the player goes out of cover, player needs to find a spot for hiding. Rather than shooting someone, it is important to save yourself as machine guns shots are fired timely.

Apart from all, you will totally like the new feature of adaptive camouflage which makes the player go partially invisible but it remains active until the player moves slowly.

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6. Hitman: Sniper

Website: http://hitmansniper.com/

Hitman: SniperI am sure you would have been well-aware with the game called Hitman. Hitman: Sniper is a type of mobile shooting gallery game and hence counted amongst the free sniper games. This one is a strictly single player game where the ultimate objective is to kill the powerful figures featured in the game.

The player takes the role of main protagonist, Agent 47 and can control the gameplay from first person perspective.

Through the sniper scope vision on the touchscreen devices, player keeps on choosing his target from the powerful people assembled together. However, you need to do so without any of the associated noticing it and for this you can take help from the environment.

You can rely on the environmental interaction to find interactive and creative ways to kill the targets. There can be secondary objectives too and as the game progresses, player can unlock new and more powerful weapons too. I am sure you would love to get involved in such best sniper games that too through your phone.

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7. Insurgency

Website: https://newworldinteractive.com/

InsurgencyInsurgency is the next addition to this list of best sniper games and belongs to the genre of action and tactical shooting. This is a multiplayer game only and can be controlled from first person perspective.

Insurgency made its way into this list because it is quite a versatile game. In fact, the objective of the game is divided into various modes. The basic categories are online gaming mode and cooperative mode. You can further find so many sub-categories of modes like push, strike, elimination, survival, hunt, checkpoint and much more.

The very basic and defining gameplay of this game is hardcore. Rather than dividing the use of weapons and featuring so many line-ups they have kept it simple in the game where all the guns instantly kill when shot on the head. This function is beneficial for you while shooting enemies but backfires when enemies are targeting you.

To add a bit of RPG element, they have also put options between various classes and weapons selection before the game starts.

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8. Battlefield 1

Website: http://www.battlefield.com/

Battlefield 1If you are frequent at playing sniper games for PC then I am sure you would be known to Battlefield 1. Contrary to its name, it is the 15th installment of Battlefield series and belongs to the genre of first person shooting. You have the option of playing it in both single player and multiplayer gaming modes.

The game mainly focuses on cooperative teamwork and showcase a game plot belonging to the time of World War I.

In fact, you can see its reflection in weapons too where all of them are inspired from the World War I time. Apart from the regular weapons like various rifles, flamethrowers, mustard gas etc. you will get to see melee weapons too like shovels, sabres, trench clubs etc.

You can choose the weapons on the basis of categories like heavy, medium and light. So, basically, the game is derives from the choice of your weapon and hence unlike other best sniper games, the main focus here is on combat and melee combat and not on stealth.

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9. Counter Strike: Global Offensive

Website: http://blog.counter-strike.net/

Counter Strike: Global OffensiveHow could you even think that I am going to miss this super awesome game while making a list of best sniper games? This multiplayer first person shooting game is just iconic and also a visual and technological treat for people who are just crazy about sniper games.

This one is the 4th game in the series where two teams, terrorist and counter-terrorists fight against each other in order to eliminate each other

The game not only relies on the elimination of one of the teams completely but there are some different objectives to complete too. You have the choice to choose any of the team and then assign roles to everyone. The terrorists are supposed to plant the bombs whereas the other team prevent people from these bombs.

There are total 8 modes in the game and each one of them features different characteristics and objectives too.

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10. Sniper: Art of Victory

Website: https://store.steampowered.com/

Sniper: Art of VictorySniper: Art of Victory is a type of sniper simulator game featuring the genre of tactical shooting. However, this game features only single player gaming mode. Like a typical sniper game, it features the background of war where the plot belongs to the events of World War II.

The player here assumes the role of a sniper ally of the Red Army and he needs to be a part of the operations in Italy and Russia.

The entire game plot is divided between plenty of missions each one of them presenting different objectives and game settings too. Before the starting of each mission, you are given orders in a loading screen which also tells you about the objectives too.

Unlike other best sniper games, Art of Victory features a map which is the most important element of the game. In order to discover locations and point of interest, you really need to follow this map.

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People generally focus on shooting in sniper games, but I think they are all about the tactics and real-time decisions. You really need to check on your areas and environment before aiming at your enemy as you might be on the gun point of someone else.

This is the thing about these best sniper games which makes them different from other ones. Moreover, they are a mix of other elements too like quick movements, real-time decisions, team play, focus and much more. In the midst of violence and chaos, I am sure it will be fun to shoot the enemies.

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