Random Questions to Ask a Guy (150+ Question)


141). If you had to fake one severe disease then which it would be?

142). Would you like to give up all you have for the risk of poker?

143). Can you give away your luxuries to meet the love of your life?

This shows that how much he can adjust for the love of his life. Such random questions to ask a guy can prove to be an eye-opener for you. If he remains, to be honest, then you should respect his choice of the answer. This is not necessary that one would always go for the love only.

144). What is the true meaning of life for you?

145). Why do you think it is necessary to get married and have kids?

146). Have you ever attended a wedding you were not invited into?

147). What is your dream smartphone?

148). Do you have any kind of phobia that no one knows about?

149). If you had to exchange one valuable thing from another then what would be your choices?

This is totally interesting and amazing random questions to ask a guy. He may take some time to answer this epic question. But the reply is surely going to blow your mind off. So get ready to listen to his amazing choice over this.

150). Do you think that money can overpower love?

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These amazing random questions to ask a guy are just for those girls who have gone out of words. If you think that your relationship is not healthy and interesting anymore, then this is just the thing for you. Some of the random questions are so effective for you that you would love to try them out.

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So just gear up to have the superb conversation ever with your partner. This is just the perfect way to know him better.

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