Random Questions to Ask a Guy (150+ Question)


121). What is the one thing that you do right after waking up?

122). What kind of life would you consider the ideal one?

This can lead to a really long conversation with him. He can probably discuss the plan for his life with you. So such random questions to ask a guy are the opportunity to know the expectations of him with his future life.

123). Describe your current state of life in just one word?

124). What is the most complicated situation you have ever faced?

125). If you had to modify one car then which one would you choice?

126). What are your choices for the perfect movies?

127). Which is your most favorite party song of all time?

128). Do you like the vintage music or clothing?

129). Have you ever seen something so creepy that it gave you a chill down the spine?

This is just to remember the weirdest incident he has ever witnessed. Such random questions to ask a guy are the way to know his life better and the incidents involved in it). It can let you know the capacity he has to deal with such situations.

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130). Which cartoon character you think should have existed in the real life?

131). If you had to invent a new dessert using ice creams then which existing flavors would you choose for it?

132). Which is that dish that you hate the most?

133). Which is that animal that you want to pet someday?

134). How much important is reading the newspaper for you?

135). Who is that one woman in your life who came and never left your mind?

If you want to know the most desired lady in his life, then you should definitely go for this question. Such random questions to ask a guy can have a different reply too). The woman is not necessary to be his ex only. She can be his mother too.

136). Which superhero do you think is the weirdest one?

137). What is the most valuable thing in your life?

138). What is that one similarity that you find between your mother and me?

139). What was the most vulnerable condition of yours till date?

140). Up to what level would you consider yourself to be a superstitious person?

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