100+ Southern Girl Names


Southern Girl Names: Names reflect the behavior of your children, so it is important to pay enough attention to naming our baby at the time of her birth. If you are living in South and want to give your baby girl a Southern name, you are on right place.

Today I am going to share 100+ Southern Girl Names with you.

Southern girl names really express the femininity and sound really adorable and unique. These names are based on South heritage and their pride so if you are a Southern or were in the past then my list of Southern girl names can be a perfect one for you.

100 Southern Girl Names

Southern Girl Names

So, have a look at my list of cute Southern girl names find the one who inspires you the most to name your baby girl. These are perfect if you want to enlighten your next generation with your values and culture.

1).  Ada Mae: Ada is a German word that means a person who is noble or decent, so if you think your kid to be a noble person then choose this one.

2).  Alyce Ann: A unique one in the Southern culture.

3).  Amelia: This name also goes well with just any girl’s name.

4).  Andalyn: This name is a unique one among Southern girl names.

5).  Avalou: This name belongs to the French culture.

6).  Alice: Alice sound really cool if you have a middle name that perfectly matches with Alice.

7).  Amelia: Mostly girls love this name as it’s a character from the children’s book, so your girl is really going to love it in her childhood.

8).  Amy Ray: Ray means light or the beam and Ray definitely matches with the Southern culture so you can take it also as a middle name with several names.

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9).  Annabelle: Belle means a person who owns the beauty or is a beautiful girl. So Annabelle gives a hint of beauty and also it is listed in several movies so it can be a famous one for your girl.

10).  Annalee: It is a really beautiful name in these Southern girl names having a beautiful meaning. In this name, the word Lee means the grassland or the meadow and the word Anna means Favor.

11).  Augusta: As I have told you about that you can make upon states and town so Augusta is one of them which is a city of Georgia.

12).  Azalea: It is based on the beautiful flower Azalea, so this will really be a beautiful name along with being unique.

13). Bee: Bee is also a nature name as you all know the meaning of the word “Bee”. So this name would sound great if you want a short and sweet name.

14). Beau: This name in these Southern girl names sounds like beignets and like others from New Orleans with a hint of French influence.

15). Blanche: Blanche is a French name that means fairness; it’s a very old name from the history of France.

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16). Bobbie Jo: just like the word ray which is a beautiful middle name, Jo also acts a middle name with almost any name.

17). Bonnie: It came from the Southern history and the final character “Bonnie” from the historical figure.

18). Bella: A really feminine name and the meaning of this word is “beautiful”.

19). Betsy Ann: A female Celtic name that suits on Southern girl.

20). Brook: Brook is a famous one from the 90s, but it is still loved today. Basically, this word Brook means a small stream.

21). Callie: This name Callie means beautiful so if your girl has this name that means your girl is beautiful.

22). Cecil Marie: A French name and the origin word is Cecil.

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23). Cecilia Ann: Just like Cecile, it looks good with the word Ann.

24). Charlianne: It is an English-American name and just right in the category of Southern girl names.

25). Cora Beth: A Greek name that means maiden.

26). Carolina: The name has its own values from the history to present times. Simply this name means happiness or a happy song, other than this, it also means those two states South America.

27). Celia: This name is a Roman name that means heaven and there are several variables of this name as Celestina, Cecilia, and Celeste.

28). Charlotte: It is a feminine form of the name Charles and it has been very popular since the history days of South and in all those Southern girl names.

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29). Constance: Constance simply means constant or stable so your girl would be a stable person in her life if you give her this name.

30). Coralee: This name means a girl who is confident and adventurous in the every step of her life.

31). Caroline: The name is famous in South for the song “Sweet Caroline”.

32). Delia Ann: It is also an old surname.

33). Dixie: It is a name based on that Mason- Dixon line.

34). Dixie Dawn: Just like Dixie with an added word Dawn which means sunrise.

35). Daisy: Daisy is a natural name on the name of the flower. It means a girl who is always happy and bright just as the flower.

36). Delilah: It is a biblical name, the name is very pretty and if you have beliefs then go with this name.

37). Dixie: It is name based on the State Dixie just below the Mason-Dixon, so in South it is popular among girls.

38). Dixie Rose: Same as the name Dixie but with a beautiful combination having word Rose in my list of Southern girl names.

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39). Edie: It’s from the old English name “Eadgyth”. This name means being happy always. Surely your daughter is going to be a happy person.

40). Elizabeth: It is a name that is widely popular and almost every second person knows this name. So either you can have it in its full form or in shorter forms like Elizabeth or Eiz.

41). Eloise: The main origin of this name is the German name “Helewise”. It also has its French version that is “Heloise”. The name means being healthy.

42). Evaline: This name doesn’t have a specific name but you have it if you like names from the poetry books.

43). Emmalyn: It is a French open that means a person who is hardworking.

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44). Esta Less: It is an Italian baby girl name that means east. But it sounds cool on Southern girls too.

45). Estelle: An old French name that means star.

46). Florence: This name is base on the Italian city but it also prefers that nurse of World War I “Florence Nightingale”, so it will really suit your girl as Southern girl names from the battlefield.

47). Francis: Well it is suitable for both boy and girl, this name also indicates a peaceful person who believes in God and lives a simple natural life.

48). Georgia: Georgia is also the name based on the Southern state, the king of England was the reason to name the state as Georgia.

49). Georgina: It is from the character of a novel and it also modifies the name Georgia.

50). Glory: This name has a great meaning and it indicates a young woman who loves going to church.

51). Grace: Choose this one from all these Southern girl names, this name means a woman with beauty and grace.

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52). Hazel: When you pronounce Hazel, it surely blooms your mind, so who doesn’t want to give this name to your baby girl. If your girl has Hazel eyes then this name is really a blessing.

53). Harper: It means Harp player, it shows the great novelist named as Harper Lee.

54). Helen: This is a Greek name and it gained popularity because of a beautiful woman Helen of Troy and according to the story uncountable numbers of ships were released to bring her back.

55). Henrietta: If you love the name Henry then Henrietta is the feminine word.

56). Henrietta Pearl: The name means “keeper of a place”.

57). Ida Bell: It is a German word.

58). Iris: Iris is just right because it is a beautiful flower.

59). Imogen: This Irish name is really a feminine one.

60). Isabelle: This name Isabelle sounds amazing.

61). Julia: Just like Juliet, this name Julia is a shorter form; it’s from the play Romeo and Juliet.

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62). Janellyn: This word means someone who is inspirational.

63). Josephine: You can also have nicknames like Joey and Jo or Joe.

64). Katherine: Kate Middleton is the reason behind the name Katherine that can be shortened to Kate or Kathy.

65). Kay: A simple and lovely name “Kay”.

66). Laurelie: If your girl has this name she has the beauty of the entire South.

67). Loretta: This name has meanings like Family and victory or honor. Also, it means a pure lady. So it will be really ideal among these Southern girl names.

68). Lucilla: It is a common one because of its short forms like Lucy.

69). Lucinda: It is an Italian and old English name, it means a graceful person.

70). Luella: Luella means a pretty and South American girl.

71). Lyla: This name means an Island girl.

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72). Lulamae: The old school name is also a right one for the girl who has the South character.

73). Maggie: It’s a brief form of the name Margaret, and you can blend it with the middle names like Mayor Ray.

74). Magnolia: It is a name based on the tree Magnolia, so have this name for your girls and you can also plant this tree when you name your daughter.

75). Marcella: It doesn’t have any meaning but the name is a rare one so this is the main attraction of the name.

76). Margaret: This mean sounds old and classy.

77). Maribelle: It also can be named in several short names and can be blended with middle names.

78). Mary Jane: This name sounds cool for South girls without any meaning and is a famous one in all these decades.

79). Melanie: If your daughter has a really warm color then Melanie is the right one because it means dark.

80). Merilyn: Merrilyn means a child that is happy all the time and who always brings happiness.

81). Marianna: Another word for the French name Marie.

82). Nola Marie: A biblical and a Hebrew word.

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83). Nellie: It is kind of popular in South.

84). Olivia: This originated from the word Olive.

85). Pearl: A really marvelous, it means having wisdom, so you can also gift your baby girl a pearl while naming her.

86). Pepper: If your girl is a little naughty then this name will really help to match with her personality.

87). Priscilla: It is a very less common in girls so you can go with this one.

88). Quinn: It can be preferred for both genders and it is really simple as well.

89). Rose: It is a really pretty name on the flower’s name “Rose”, so perfect in these beautiful Southern girl names.

90). Sally: A well-known name in Southern areas.

91). Savannah: A lovely one which sounds amazing and I personal love it for the Southern girls.

92). Sheridan: I listed this name because it really sounds formal and a really unique one.

93). Sloane: It is very professional joystick the Sheridan and it is always great for both genders.

94). Stella: This name means Star.

95). Sue Ellen: It is a two-word name and so it sounds exceptionally different.

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96). Tabitha: It is a Hebrew Name that means beauty and grace.

97). Tallulah: The origin is America that means running water, so this name won’t go old with time.

98). Tennessee: A strong one from these Southern girl names, right for those who have leading skills.

99). Ura: This name is a unique one from the list of Southern girl names, it’s very rare.

100). Violet: Everyone knows about those beautiful flower “Violet”, you can also use it as Viollette.

101). Willow: This name is based on the gorgeous tree “Willow”.

102). Wren: This is an old name from the English which means a singing bird.

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It is a popular Southern name collection from the Southern background which includes the nature, battlefields and other factors. These are all Southern girl names that will really good for every girl having a different personality. So just understand the meaning of each name, choose your favorite one and good luck with your baby’s name.

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