Random Questions to Ask a Guy (150+ Question)


21). What is that one hobby of you that you never want to give up?

22). Do you find it right that books are a person’s best friend?

This is another addition in the category of random questions to ask a guy. This will let you know that whether he has an interest in reading or not. If he is then, you can get him some of your collection too. It will create some excuses of you guys to come closer, even more, day by day.

23). Do you like pets around you?

24). Do you think that you do not get enough space in joint families?

25). Would you ever tell your wife that you were not a virgin before the wedding?

26). How much the trust in a relationship matters for you?

27). What are the five words that you use very less?

This can be totally crazy kind of random questions to ask a guy. You can never guess that what kind of reply you are going to get over this. But whatever it be, it is going to be a fun thing for you, two people.

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28). Do you find yourself obsessed with something or someone?

29). If you had to run away from everyone then where would you hide yourself?

30). Who is that person whom you hate a lot in your family?

31). Do you believe in the horoscope?

32). From whom do you find yourself inspired the most?

33). What is the best weekend you have ever spent?

34). What is the perfect way of getting successful for you?

35). What is the worst thing you have ever done with someone you love?

It can be out of some mistake too, but it is surely important for you to know. Such random questions to ask a guy can reveal a lot about such sensitive topics. If the incident is really damn bad, then you should think twice about getting a future with him.

36). Do you think making money is the ultimate goal?

37). How much importance would you give to people according to their bank balance?

38). Do you think that taking and giving bribe is a normal thing until you get caught?

39). What are the moral duties you would never leave to do?

40). Do you have some typical ethics in your life?

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