Random Questions to Ask a Guy (150+ Question)


61). What is the highest amount you ever spent on shopping?

62). Do you find yourself okay in repeating your clothes regularly?

63). What is that one job which you can do without even getting paid for it?

Such random questions to ask a guy are just to know his hobbies. It is a bit of different way to acknowledge his likes and dislikes.

64). Which Television season you like the most and why?

65). Which movie’s story you want to resemble with your own life?

66). What do you think is the cleverest animal and why?

67). If you could take a rebirth what would you like to be?

68). Which was the girl you always wanted to date but could not?

Make sure that this does not affect your current relationship. Such random questions to ask a guy must remain casual only. Don’t dig inside it to spoil the mood of both of you.

69). Which is that super awesome and expensive thing that you really want to buy?

70). What if you find out that you are left with 24 hours then with whom you would spend your last day?

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71). Do you believe in miracles? Have you witnessed any?

72). Do you believe in the concept that everything happens for a reason?

73). What are the things you want to change about your past?

74 wh would you consider strictly irreplaceable in your life?

75). Who is that one friend who is with you since childhood?

These kinds of random questions to ask a guy can show his level of friendship. If he is the one, then he must have some friends since childhood. If he is not a keeper, then he is most likely to forget his old friends.

76). If you could take your time off with everything then what would you do then?

77). What is your idea to cop up with the loneliness?

78). Do you have any dark secret that you do not share with anyone?

79). What was that moment when you felt the most loved person?

80). Do you have any post-retirement ideas?

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