Random Questions to Ask a Guy (150+ Question)


101). Can you leave your work to party with your friends?

102.if you get the power to contact someone who has passed away then who it would be?

Now this can be quite a creepy question to be asked. But however it can have some heartwarming replies too. Such random questions to ask a guy are not to scare him. But just to know the importance of some people in his life.

103). Can you spend one night in the graveyard for a huge amount of money?

104). If you ever have to confront God wish, you would make?

105). Are you more of a logical person or you believe in something extra ordinary?

106). Can you believe on something you haven’t seen just because everyone is talking about it?

107). Do you think science is much more reasonable than religion?

108). What are your most favorite snacks ever?

109). In the game of counter strike which role you would like to play?

Now this can be something kind of crazy. It is not necessary that he plays the counter strike. In such case, you can go for another role play video games. Such random questions to ask a guy are just for the fun.

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110). Are you more of a listener or a speaker?

111). If you had to make an entry in your wedding then what would be your theme song?

112). Who is that one person with whom you do not share a blood relation but is important than family?

113). If you had to exchange one like from one dislike then what they would be?

114). What are the possibilities of you getting married to me?

115). What would be your parents’ involvement in the decision of your marriage?

This is to let you know that what importance his parent holds in his life. These types of random questions to ask a guy are the way to know his attachment to his parents. It is necessary for you to know his equation with the close people in his life.

116). Have you ever created a scene in the restaurant so that you need not to pay?

117). What are the things that you can cook?

118). What was the most awesome excuse you ever made?

119). What WWE fighter is your favorite one?

120). Can you deactivate all your social media account if your love says so?

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