Random Questions to Ask a Guy (150+ Question)


41). Have you ever been sexually assaulted as a child?

42). Do you believe in the concept of seven births and why?

43). Do you find it impossible to move over a bad incident given by a girl to you?

Such random questions to ask a guy can let you know about his past love life. It can let you know that whether he has moved on or not. And if he has not then you can help him out on this.

44). Who is that family member whose presence bothers you the most?

45). Describe your life through the script of a movie?

46). How far you can go to get successful in your life?

47). Did you ever want to have a twin brother or sister of yours?

48). What would you do if your partner dies just after the day you get married?

49). What importance does the marriage hold for you?

Such random questions to ask a guy can get serious sometimes. Make sure that you do not twist the conversation into a different direction.

50). Describe the perfect date that you ever wanted to have?

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51). How would you use the superpower of getting invisible?

52). What is the most evil thing you have ever done?

53). What was that nightmare you had that turned out to be true in real life?

54). Can you kill someone in order to save yourself?

55). What do you think is the difference between vacations and holidays?

These are the fun cum random questions to ask a guy. Such crazy questions can have the most epic replies ever. Well, these are just the light-hearted questions one must try.

56). Who is the most annoying friend of yours?

57). Have you ever punched someone right on their face so hard?

58). What are the luxuries that you want to own someday?

59). Do you have a wish list for your future bride?

60). Which actress d do you want to resemble with your wife and why?

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