Funny Truth or Dare Questions (200+ Questions)


61). Make a skirt with a garbage bag and then do catwalk for five minutes like a model.

Funny truth or dare questions about clothing related dares.

62). Pretend as if someone you have a crush on is in front of you, propose to that person and then make out with your imaginary lover.

63). Give lap dance to the person you find the weirdest and funniest, act like you have a crush on him/her.

64). Unbutton your boyfriend/girlfriend’s shirt with your teeth only.

65). Make out with someone of the same sex for twenty seconds.

66). Give a step by step directive of how you flirt and impress someone; also answer the questions of the group if they have any.

Funny truth or dare questions about silly romantic dares.

67). In ten minutes chose clothing items and accessories from friends which have all the colors of the rainbow, you have to wear the rainbow coloured clothing for the
rest of the game.

68). Plan a kitty party with the aunties of the locality and you have to have the party in your house with your mother.

69). Invite the teenagers of you locality to a tea party in your house, you have to convince at least five people to come to your tea party.

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70). Give the fattest person in the room a piggyback ride throughout the room.

71). Pretend like you are swimming underwater by lying on the floor and make bubbling sounds, also come up for air periodically.

Funny truth or dare questions about ridiculous and bizarre dares.

72). Romp around the room impersonating a monkey and also chatter and whoop like a monkey for five minutes.

73). Run around the room imitating a rabbit, also squeak and drum like a rabbit for five minutes. (animal impersonating dares)

74). Bray like a donkey whenever someone asks you or tells you something for the next half an hour of the game.

75). Howl like a wolf every time someone chooses a truth to answer..

76). If you have a pet then talk about the pet when someone asks you a question, you cannot talk about anything else.

Funny truth or dare questions about animal mimicry dares.

77). Talk in rhyme only; whenever you need to talk for the remainder of the game.

78). Run around the room shouting “Superman is here” after wearing your underwear over your pants.

79). Sing crazy songs and do a chicken dance for five minutes.

80). Cross dress and go to the nearest store and buy something.

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