Funny Truth or Dare Questions (200+ Questions)


100+ Funny Dare Questions

The truth or dare game is an innovative way to know who your friends really are. These funny truth or dare questions allow us to know even their silliest habits and quirks.  The fun increases when your friends prefer to remain mysterious and so they have to suffer bizarre dares.
1). Do five minute mimicry of your favourite celebrity and prove your worth as his best fan.

2). To one of your random watsapp contacts send the message “I will find you and kiss you” while being blindfolded.

3). Entertain us all with your best five minute comedy act.

4). Show off a finger moustache for five minutes and impersonate Charlie Chaplin.

5). Act like a caveman with chest pounding and jumping, so as to make everyone believe that we are truly their descendants.

6). Lie on the floor and act as if you are swimming while crawling through the floor for five minutes.

Funny truth or dare questions about dares on impersonation of superstars and weird actions.

7). Post something on your facebook account by typing only using your toes and keep it for one day on your account.

8). Do a tango dance with a broom acting as if the broom is your partner.

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9). Do break dance with a glass half filled with water, if you spill water from the glass you lose the dare.

10). Promote the person who asked you the question and sell him/her to someone as a product.

11). Create a funny story about the person to your left.

12). Yell and act out the first sentence that comes to your mind.

Funny truth or dare questions about silly and awkward dares.

13). For five minutes rhyme and say whatever that comes to your mind in a singsong manner, speak continuously.

14). Choose one person from the group and give him/her a hug and then propose that person with a five rupees pen.

15). Run into the street and shout that a fire has broken in your house, and then say that you were just joking.

16). Talk and walk like a Disney character for five minutes.

17). With your elbow try to unbuckle your belt.

18). Mimic the person in the room whom you feel to be funniest amongst all.

Funny truth or dare questions about dares on rhyming aptitude and mimicry.

19). Create a poem using dog, cat, bone and fish in five minutes and say it loudly.

20). Say the alphabets backwards and start from the beginning whenever you say something wrong, in two minutes.

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