Funny Truth or Dare Questions (200+ Questions)


81). Phone the customer care services then convince that person to give you their personal number.

82). Go to your best friend in the group and confess you uncontrolled love for him/her, also point out everything you like about them in a charming way.

Funny truth or dare questions about crazy and wacky dares for making everyone comfortable.

83). Spank the person on your immediate right for one minute then ask him/her to spank you as he/she likes.

84). Go to your next door neighbour and cry and say that suddenly your dog has started talking and is now threatening you for all the teasing you have done to it.

85). Bring toilet paper and mummify yourself with one of your friend’s help and then act like a mummy for two minutes.

86). Charm the pet dog or cat in the house and ask it out for a date, you have to keep up your act for two minutes.

87). Go to the nearest shop in swimwear and buy something.

Funny truth or dare questions about eccentric dares.

88). One of your blindfolded friends will do your make up and you have to wear it for half an hour.

89). Have a heavy make-out session with the poster of Kungufu panda.

90). To the person on your left give a back message for five minutes while singing a seductive song.

91). Sing a nursery rhyme and act out the words, also act like a child while doing this.

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92). Have a tortilla wrap made by all your friends in the group, you have to eat that and if you vomit you lose the dare.

Funny truth or dare questions for youngsters about fanciful dares.

93). With all your clothes on have a shower; you have to come out like that dancing.

94). Call your crush/boyfriend and say that you find them very funny, and then start conversing on weird strange topic but talk in a seductive voice.

95). Perform cartwheels for one minute in a row.

96). Play the music of a song by slapping on your butt cheeks until someone guesses your song.

97). With a permanent marker write some embarrassing things on your body which can later easily be hidden by clothing, but during the game you cannot hide it.

Funny truth or dare questions about clothing related dares and couple dares.

98). Get a whiff of the armpits of everyone in the room.

99). Twirl an imaginary hula hoop for three minutes while singing a funny song.

100). Act like a monkey and pretend to search for bugs on your friend’s head and eat them for two minutes.

The goal of funny truth or dare questions is to make the game amusing and engaging. Be careful to never give truths or dares which are risky or unlawful, as the game is for fun and not for your friends to get hurt either mentally or physically.

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