Funny Truth or Dare Questions (200+ Questions)


81). Who do you think is gay in the room and why?

82). On whom in the room do you secretly have a gay crush on?

83). If you are ever to be seen skinny dipping by your crush; what will you do?

84). Who do you have a grudge against in this room and would like to give a hard slap to?

Funny truth or dare questions on crushes and other quirky matters.

85). Which is the cartoon show you liked most in childhood and still now watch if you get the chance?

86). Name three persons from the room with whom you would like to have a wrestling match and why?

87). Have you ever tumbled and fell while talking to someone, and how did you react when you got up and saw the other person laughing?

88). Which cartoon character do you feel most resembles your personality and how?

89). Have any of your friends ever seen you picking your nose and ridiculed you? If yes, how did you react on getting caught?

Funny truth or dare questions on embarrassing and bizarre situations.

90). What is the stupidest and weird thing you have done for impressing your crush?

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91). According to you what is the funniest thing you have said ever?

92). What is the most awkward thing you said in front of people; which you were only thinking about in your mind but only after saying it did you realise your mistake?

93). Name the villain of a famous movie you find very attractive and will follow if give the chance?

94). Who do you want to kiss in the room other than your girlfriend/boyfriend? What do you like about this person?

Funny truth or dare questions on silly situations and couple matters.

95). Did you ever fall in love at first sight and did you propose to that person?

96). Did you ever spread a rumour intentionally and why did you do that?

97). Which person present in here do you feel will be a lousy person to date and why?

98). What do you feel are the weirdest thing about being a girl/guy?

99). Ever in your life have you been intimate with a stranger in a public space?

100). Did you ever forget to wear your underwear and had to spend the whole day in discomfort?

Funny truth or dare questions on romance, dates and weird habits.

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