Funny Truth or Dare Questions (200+ Questions)


61). What is your deepest, darkest and strangest secret that you have never told anyone and why?

62). If you get the chance of rebirth; which person in the group will you wish to be reborn as?

63). Tell how will you propose someone you are not at all interested in but your friends have given you the dare to propose?

Funny truth or dare questions on your beliefs and wishes.

64). What are the food items you want to taste at least once in your life and why so?

65). What is the thing that repels you the most?

66). Which day do you consider the most awkward day of your life and why?

67). Have you ever climbed a tree to show-off to your friends, but then suddenly slipped and fell down?

68). What superpower do you wish to have to make your life more happy and satisfying?

69). What was your most embarrassing song and dance performance ever?

70). What naughty things do you wish to do if you become invisible for one day?

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Funny truth or dare questions on silly matters and incidents.

71). Which parts of your life will you film if ever your life story is adapted for a romantic comedy movie?

72). If you ever win a lottery, with the money which childish fantasies do you still secretly fantasise to indulge in?

73). What is your most strange and weird talent?

74). Which Disney movie have you watched the highest number of times and why?

75). What was the most embarrassing and funny thing you parents said in front of your friends?

76). In your childhood which Disney character do you secretly wish to become and why?

77). What are the weirdest desires you want to fulfil before dying?

Funny truth or dare questions on secret wishes and awkward situations.

78). What was your funniest retort ever to a lame pickup line someone used on you?

79). What is the thing about your partner which you secretly cherish?

80). How many of your crushes have you stalked on facebook, instagram for some time?

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