Funny Truth or Dare Questions (200+ Questions)


21). What are your feelings when you think about your first childhood crush?

22). If are ever to sneeze while being kissed by your partner, how will you react after?

23). Who is your celebrity crush and what are the guilty desires you want to indulge in with him/her?

24). What are the weird qualities you desire in a partner when in a relationship?

25). What are the peculiar things you say and do when you are with someone you have a major crush on?

Funny truth or dare questions on romance, boyfriends or girlfriends and crushes.

26). What is the funniest and lamest pickup line you have used to sound smart and amazing to a guy/girl you had a crush on?

27). Which celebrity are you totally jealous of, as your partner is a big fan, and what will your jealous words be to him/her if you two ever meet?

28). Confess to the speaker of the question what was your thought about him/her when you first met and what are your feelings about him/her now?

29). What are the features you look for in your best friends and secretly admire but have never dreamt of confessing to anyone?

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30). What are the things you lie about while talking with your best friend, so that you can sugar-coat you opinions and make your friend happy.

Funny truth or dare questions on opinions and confessions.

31). What are the situations you feel will make you lie to your friends?

32). Have you ever cheated from your friend in an exam and pretended as if you were not looking at his paper? If yes, then explain how did you cheat.

33). Who is your best friend and how did you people become best friends?

34). What habits of your best friend do you find weird and dirty and think that he/she ought to change them?

35). Which friend of yours will you take along when you go on an adventurous journey?

Funny truth or dare questions about dreams and truthfulness.

36). What are your lazy and weird habits and how do you indulge in them without others noticing them?

37). Have you ever criticised someone thinking they were not there but later found out they were there and heard you? How did you act the next time you were with them?

38). Have you ever proposed a person feeling that they were interested in you only to find out that they liked your best friend?

39). What are the weird characteristics you look for in your romantic partner?

40). Name one person in the group who knows a very embarrassing secret of yours? Narrate how you were caught by him unaware.

Funny truth or dare questions about your embarrassing dirty little secrets.

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