Funny Truth or Dare Questions (200+ Questions)


21). With an air guitar give a live performance for five minutes.

22). Using a pencil as a brush start brushing someone else’s teeth.

23). Show your twerking moves on a country song.

24). You are Romeo and choose a Juliet from the group then act the balcony scene in five minutes.

25). Mimic a person from the group in such a way that in one minute others can guess who you are mimicking.

Funny truth or dare questions about performance dares.

26). Use the letters of your name and describe yourself with each letter of the name.

27). Do pushups nonstop for five minutes while singing a song.

28). Propose to the person you like most in the group using sign language.

29). Get on you four legs and act and bark like a dog for two minutes, and then chase one person round the room like a dog chases.

30). Make a short rap in five minutes about the weirdest person in the room.

31). Say gibberish and act like you are saying something very important for two minutes.

Funny truth or dare questions for teenagers.

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32). With your knees and elbows make a sandwich and give that to your boyfriend/girlfriend to eat.

33). Combine two dissimilar food items like pizza and peanut butter or cheese and pickles, and then take five proper bites.

34). Stand in front of a refrigerator while blindfolded and point towards any food item, one of your friends from the group will help you to have the food chosen by

35). Drink the mystery drink concocted by your friends in five sips.

36). Keep a mouthful of crackers and then keep on whistling for one minute.

37). Break an egg on your head and then calmly give a speech for one minute.

Funny truth or dare questions on food and drink item dares.

38). Close your eyes and stand in front of the refrigerator, then arbitrarily chose two food items; then ask a friend to mix the two and the eat five spoonfuls.

39). Click a selfie sitting on your mobile while in the washroom and post it on Facebook with the washroom tag.

40). Try to apply nail polish on your toenails with the teeth; hands are not to be used.

Funny truth or dare questions on food items, Facebook and make-up related dares.

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