Top 10 Apps like Spotify


Music is like the pill which keeps people going in weekends and tough times. To keep up with the latest tracks, you can download apps like Spotify. I am sure you must have been using some kind of music apps right now to get in touch with the latest releases and soulful music of all time.

Top 10 Apps like Spotify

But you can make most of these apps when they are the right ones. To guide you in the same, I am listing down some apps like Spotify. Yes, Spotify is a very popular music app but you know, you should always have some options with you. And for the same, I decided to compile a list of the Spotify alternative apps which are given below.

1). Deezer

Download Apps: Android, iOS

I am starting this list of apps like Spotify from a popular app that many of our readers would have been using right now. Deezer is like your personal music player where you can listen to your favorite songs and also download them digitally to listen to them when you are offline.

This handy app is a great option for music streaming and comprised of a database which is updated on a daily basis with the songs from top artists.

Be it single tracks or entire albums, you are surely going to find it on Deezer. Deezer also follows some subscription plans too. Apart from offering free services under the basic plan, it also offers Deezer Premium+ and Deezer family too with different features.

The basic features which you can access with this alternative app like Spotify are on screen music lyrics, search by song, artists, albums, music downloading, live radio stations, import music to mp3 etc. There are more upgraded features which can only be accessed when you opt for the paid subscription plan.

2). SoundCloud

Download Apps: Android, iOS

Another addition to the list of apps like Spotify is SoundCloud. This app is capable to bring you the freshest releases from throughout the world and then allows you to stream them online. SoundCloud is one of the most loved music app worldwide.

You just need to install this app and create an account on it. Afterwards, personalize it by inputting your choice of music and then you are going to get relevant suggestions quickly.

SoundCloud too offers some subscription plans which are the paid plans by it apart from a free service. For SoundCloud Go, you would have to pay $4.99 per month and for SoundCloud Go+ you need to pay $9.99 per month. Under SoundCloud Pulse, you can upload your creations on this app easily.

Now, I would like you to get acknowledged to the premium features offered by SoundCloud. These are vast library of over 120 million songs, offline collection, no ads, suggestions as per your taste, playlists creation etc. Spotify alternative apps like SoundCloud are really making it big because of the fast growing popularity and wonderful services.

3). Google Play Music

Download Apps: Android, iOS

Google Play Music is one of the largest music libraries in the world and there is no doubt in it. So, it was obvious to include it in the list of apps like Spotify to let people grab on a huge collection of latest tracks from different genres.

There are various basis over which you can your favorite music like mood, activity, artists, albums, decade, songs etc.

In fact, Google Play Music is not only about streaming music on it but also about uploading your own collection on it. It allows you to upload about 50,000 of your own songs on it. Google Play Music offers both free and subscription based plans which offers different services.

The basic features that come under Google Play Music are discovering and subscription to podcasts, smart recommendations by the app, offline mode, access to millions of songs, family plans, ad-free streaming, digital download, etc.

Google Play Music is turning out to be one of the most favorite music app to millions and billions of people around the world and the reason is simple, its simplicity and long list of services provided by it.

4). Slacker

Download Apps: Android, iOS

Slacker radio is not like the traditional radio app which only streams live radio for its users but it is something different than that. I would say that Slacker Radio functions in a way that no other music app has ever worked. It takes care of your music taste and then functions accordingly.

Slacker is one of the most powerful musical tools in the list of apps like Spotify. It not only allows you to stream various stations but also gives the power to download them to listen later.

Slacker has two modes, one works for free and for the upgraded services you would have to pay the subscription amount. You are going to witness hundreds of music stations on this app. You can even create one for yourself too which can be comprised of the music of your choice.

Slacker Radio also works as one of the best music album download sites too. The interesting features which come along Slacker are weekly music shows, offline playback of music, news and sports programming, millions of songs on subscription, music stations etc.

5). Tidal

Download Apps: Android, iOS

Tidal is a popular music app whose fame is because of the high fidelity sound offered by it. Actually, this is not about the vastness of the music library here but about the high definition quality sound which is offered by it. Tidal is specially edited by music journalists, artist and experts altogether.

Tidal can called to be one of the most perfect apps like Spotify in this list. With taking care of the minute details, Tidal went on to become the superior quality music app.

Tidal not only offers the audios and mp3 songs only but it has about 130,000 music videos too in its database. Overall, you are going to have access to 40 million tracks when you will be installing and creating an account in Tidal.

Some of the features of this app are going to remain same as the rest of the Spotify alternative apps like playlists creation, offline mode of streaming, smart recommendations, no ads, no fuzzy images, streaming through songs, artists etc. Apart from all, the quality of the sound is something which you are not going to witness elsewhere.

6). SoundHound

Download Apps: Android, iOS

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If you love apps like Shazam which are great enough to discover the currently playing song somewhere then you would love to use SoundHound too. The only thing which differs in SoundHound is that it provides full-length song but Shazam is not capable to do so and redirects users to some other apps.

Being a wonderful music discoverer I got SoundHound listed in the category of apps like Spotify here. SoundHound is perfect to discover, identify and then stream songs.

SoundHound also allows you to go hands-free to. You just need to say “Ok Hound..What’s that song?” and it will automatically fetch the song playing and will tell you which song it is. Other great options that comes associated with SoundHound are lyrics availability, video playback, music sharing and streaming, history accessing etc.

SoundHound is also counted amongst music download sites but the app provides better accessing. The app is free to use but to download music you would have to buy it otherwise it is perfect to stream music on it.

7). Apple Music

Download Apps: Android

There is no doubt in the fact that iTunes is the largest music library for the iOS users but now you have Apple Music for the android users to access it along with iTunes library. This will give you the benefits of the vast music streaming hub that you will forget using other apps like Spotify completely.

Apples Music is not free to use but you can opt for your trial period anytime you want and cancel your subscription in this time period too.

Apple Music catalog gives you access to a vast library containing more than 40 million tracks belonging to different countries and genres. In this way, you have a lot of options to stream music from. The exclusive features that come along with Apple Music are offline mode of streaming, playlists creation, follow friends, smart recommendations etc.

You are also getting behind the scene videos, personal documentaries of artists under this app too. The app is a power pack collection of everything and anything that you want to be showcased regarding music.

8). Audiomack

Download Apps: Android, iOS

Audiomack is a music streaming app which also supports downloading them too. So basically, this app is all about fulfilling all your music needs with just one tap. Audiomack is a great pick under the category of apps like Spotify.

I would strongly recommend Audiomack to the people who are crazy about listening to mixtapes regularly as their collection is just amazing in that category.

When you are browsing Audiomack then you have the option to browse music on the basis of the different categories and genres like Hip-Hop, EDM, R&B, Rap etc. Thankfully, you get all of these features for free on this app.

Audiomack also serves as a fantastic music album downloader too. This means it is going to keep up with all of your music needs for sure. Some of the features of Audiomack are data free listening, great mixtapes, playlists, ad-free for $1.99 per month, audiosnap, mood and genre-wise songs etc.

9). Music Stream Hub

Download Apps: Android, iOS

Before I describe further about Music Stream Hub, let me tell you that the app is completely and totally 100% free. This means it does not charge any amount for any of the services provided by it. This makes it very few apps like Spotify in this list.

You just need to install the app and then search for your desired song and listen to it peacefully. Music Stream Hub provides you access to all the top songs in different genres.

Other great features of Music Stream Hub are music streaming on the go, search filters, genre wise classifications, save albums and songs, playlist creation and sharing, no sign up required, built-in music player etc.

This app releases a lot of extra issues which you generally get to see in various other apps of the same category.

10). Musicsense

Download Apps: Android, iOS

And finally, the last one in this section of apps like Spotify is Musicsense. This app is a bit different as compared to the other ones. It brings you great music to be streamed through the radio stations. Be it latest tracks or artists, Musicsense gives you access to everyone with just one click.

The app is just like its name and the priority of this app is the taste of the user who is accessing it. It analyze the choices and taste of music and then responds accordingly.

Some of the features which comes under Musicsense are personal music playlist, ad-free accessing, easy user interface, smart recommendations based on choices, like and dislike buttons, offline streaming, etc. You get all these features for free through this app.

Being one of the most reliable Spotify alternative apps, Musicsense has really developed a deep user understanding which most apps lack. You can give it a try and I am sure you would not be disappointed at all.

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Music does not need any language to be perfect and I guess this is the reason you can listen everyone singing Despacito. These apps like Spotify are going to keep you updated with various types of music like country, folk, pop, rap, EDM, soft, workout etc.

You just need to understand the settings first then you can utilize the apps in a better way. Music apps like Spotify are going to help you get suggestions according to your taste along with great features. I am sure this will totally change the way you have ever heard music.

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