10 Best Unblocked Music Sites

If you are tired of looking for unblocked music sites then you have come to the right place. Often you have to see your favorite music site getting blocked in our institutions or offices for some reason. But, it seems to affect your entertainment a lot.

So, here is the list of some amazing music sites that have not been blocked in any part of the world and you can access them whenever you want. In fact, some of them are free too.

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10 Best Unblocked Music Sites

Let’s check out unblocked sites, and enjoy unlimited music without any fee. But below listed some sites offers music after signup.

1. Spotify

Website: https://www.spotify.com/us/

There is no doubt in the fact the Spotify is the world no. 1 music streaming site and surely amongst the unblocked music sites too. Spotify ensures that music should be there for everyone and be working in the same direction, the site remains unblocked in all the institutions and offices and you can browse music through it.

To get started with the site, you would have to create an account and download the software for free or for premium use. The premium plan charges $9.99 per month for one user.

Spotify also offers a special plan for students too which costs $4.99 per month only. You are going to see the vastest music library on this site comprising of millions of songs on it. You can organize them and browse them through categories too.

You are not going to feel any issues while browsing this site for sure. Spotify is all about music, playlists and easy to use interface. It is a sure shot entrant in the list of unblocked music sites so that you can browse it in your school and colleges easily. In many cases, you are not able to install Spotify software in your PC, In that case, you can play music directly by web player which can work with your Internet browsers.

One option you can find very useful if you are living in the family. Spotify offers the premium plan for $14.99/6 people/Month.

2. Slacker

Website: http://www.slacker.com/

Slacker is basically a type of radio site which streams music online deriving it with the help of various stations. This means Slacker ensures that you do not have to give up your entertainment anywhere and hence it is one of the most used unblocked music sites.

First, join the Slacker community for free to get started with the process of streaming music on it. This is a very simple process.

Slacker provides both free and subscription based services to its users. But the motto of both the plans is to provide unlimited music to the users whenever they want and wherever they want. Slacker even has mobile applications for both iOS and Android platforms too.

This is so much of fun to explore such kind of free unblocked music sites to explore as much of music as you want and that too from different sources. There are different artists, playlists, songs to choose from to ensure that you get everything listed easily. Try it out now and enjoy music even in your college.

3. Pure Volume

Website: http://www.purevolume.com/

You must have heard the name of this site called Pure Volume earlier too but little did you know that it is one of the unblocked music sites. This feature gives the advantage to this site of being accessed anywhere and hence a high popularity graph.

The best part about this site is that it not only allows you to stream music online but you can even download whichever songs you want through this site.

In fact, the sign up is also optional on this site, but when you sign up you get the additional features of dashboard and music organizing on this site which can be very much beneficial for you. Apart from music, you also get to browse news from this site as well.

There are various categories on this site through which you can stream music like featured, top songs, top downloads, artists, albums etc. You might have to come across some ads while streaming songs but if you are getting everything for free then I think you can manage these little issues easily. Apart from everything, you would totally love this site.

4. Grooveshark

Website: http://groovesharks.org/

Grooveshark is more of a simple kind of option that you have in the list of unblocked music sites. The reason is that Grooveshark is mostly used in school and colleges and hence they have kept the interface of the site pretty clear and clean, keeping in mind the target audience.

Firstly, you would have to get yourself registered on this site to access all the features of this site. The process is completely free of cost and also simple too.

Now, on the home page of this site, it is going to give you a software kind of feel. There is an option of the search bar on the middle of the home page indicating “I want to listen”. You can search whatever music you want to listen to through this search bar.

With the help of Grooveshark, you can listen to the free music online without downloading it in your system. In fact, you can create various playlists according to your mood on the site itself. All the information will be then saved in your account automatically.

5. SoundCloud

Website: https://soundcloud.com/

If I mention SoundCloud in every possible music category then too it would not be enough. As I have told you many times in my earlier posts that I am a huge fan of SoundCloud and it’s amazingly easy to use platforms. I am using it from a long time and didn’t feel even a bit of issue ever.

SoundCloud also comes under the category of unblocked music sites. This is the reason you can use it wherever you want.

There are two types of subscriptions on SoundCloud which you can own. The first one is, of course, free of cost which requires you to just register on it. The next one is a paid subscription called Pro where you need to pay $7 monthly. The next one is Pro Unlimited which charges $15 monthly.

All the plans have different features and services offered. You can stream like millions of songs on this platform without even thinking twice. Be it old classics and latest hip-hop, R&B, romantic music etc. Unblocked music sites like SoundCloud can be your perfect destination to customize the music options according to your taste.

6. Google Play Music

Website: https://play.google.com/music/listen#/home

Who does not know about the popular add-on that comes with Google services? With various Google tools like drive, sheets, playstore etc. now we have the option of Google Music too. And to be glad, this is one of the unblocked music sites which means no worry of finding its proxy in school and colleges.

Google Play Music is the largest library available to listen to as much music as you want. As you know how big Google is so you can assume that you are going to find every type of music here.

Once you have created an account, things become much simpler for you. This is because each activity of you gets tracked and you get the results accordingly. You can see what songs you have heard earlier and they start giving you suggestions according to your music taste only.

When you upgrade to the subscription then you get additional advantages like digital download, no ads, etc. Now, listen to free music online in the easiest and safest way possible with the help of Google Play Music.

7. Mixcloud

Website: https://www.mixcloud.com/

Mixcloud is basically a type of internet radio where you can not only listen to the best music but also can connect to your friends too. This platform provides best DJs and radio presenters in the world to collaborate on one single source so that users can get the latest tracks of all types.

Mixcloud requires you to start the process by simply signing up with them. This process is thankfully completely free and there are no further subscription charges on it.

Such unblocked music sites like Mixcloud are very simple to operate that even school students can browse them. There are various options available on this platform like selecting the perfect genre in which you want to explore music.

You can also upload appropriate music files on this site which makes the site one open source platform. You can also search for whatever music files you want. Mixcloud is one great addition in this list of unblocked music sites for sure.

8. Pandora

Website: http://www.pandora.com/

Pandora is basically a type of online radio which helps you to stream all types of music stations on a single platform. This is like listening to the best of the songs from throughout the world and trust me it is one of the most popular types of services available in the list of unblocked music sites too.

Pandora is adequate enough to completely revolutionize the way you have ever listen to and discover music before.

You can call this service to be a personalized radio but there is only a slight of change here. Instead of playing just random tracks, it takes care of your taste and hence helps you to stream the music which you like to listen.

There are various options which you can explore like artists, song, genres, etc. through which you can start browsing your favorite music easily. With all these things merging together, you can create a station which will play only your desired categorizes songs only. How cool is that?

9. TuneIn

Website: https://tunein.com/

The next one in this list of unblocked music sites is another internet radio kind of site. Of course, this is not like listening to the actual radio but trust me, it is way more interesting than that. TuneIn literally requires you to tune into the world where there is only music.

To get started with the site, you would have to get registered with them first. The process is completely free of cost but later upgrades are also there.

There are audiobooks, podcasts and music stations available on this site which can be streamed online easily. When it comes to upgrades, there is a paid subscription plan called TuneIn Premium which is going to cost you $7.99 per month. This is completely optional to opt for it.

Apart from music, unblocked music sites like TuneIn also serves you latest news, podcasts, sports, original and live radio facility etc. I think the site is a complete treasure for the music lovers in colleges and offices.

10. BlueBeat

Website: https://www.bluebeat.com/

The last one in this list of unblocked music sites is BlueBeat. This site is most preferred for streaming music online rather than downloading it. It is a completely free to explore site with no types of charges attached to it.

You can create an account on BlueBeat to get started with it. In this way, you can manage your desired music more accurately and easily.

There are various sections on this site like albums, playlists, artists, genres etc. If you want to get started with streaming music then you can select anyone of them to find out your favorite songs. In fact, BlueBeat has its own mobile application too.

Once you have created an account on this site, then make sure that you keep adding the songs in your playlist so that you do not have to search for them again. Streaming music sites like BlueBeat are so good as they are free to use so you do not have to think about the charges at all. I cannot assure you about the old ones, but you will surely find the latest tracks on this site.

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In this world of competition every site wants their users to increase and for which they use different obscene ads on them. This is the reason many of the sites get blocked by official institutions. There is no doubt in the fact that they come up with another domain name but its tiring to look for it.

So, you should better focus on unblocked music sites so that you do not have to worry about it being taken down at all. The sites mentioned above are gonna help you for the same.