20 Songs About Being Lonely

Ever felt like you are being ignored and there is no one you can talk to? Well, songs about being lonely can put your emotions together through their beautiful lyrics at such time. You can listen to such songs at this time when you are feeling quite alone.

20 Songs About Being Lonely

These songs are not there to feel lonelier or more depressed but to soothe your soul with the relatable emotions shared by the writer. I have created a list for the same which is comprised of some really great song that share the pain of being lonely with you.

1). In My Darkest Hour by Megadeth

In My Darkest Hour is a song by Megadeth which was released in 1988 and released under the album So Far, So Good.. So What! This is a type of rock song which falls under this category of songs about being lonely.

This is a song which describes a person being lonely and constantly thinking about the one he loves. He feels that now there is no hope left in his life and probably wants to kill himself to end his sufferings and loneliness.